The Socialist

The Socialist 29 March 2002

Teach Labour A Lesson

Teach Labour A Lesson

Say No To War

Rising Anger At New Labour

Fight The Bosses' Jobs Massacre

Council Housing Under Attack

Biggest Demo In History Engulfs Rome

Wars - The Horror Of Capitalism

Public and Commercial Services union elections: Time For Change


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The Socialist 29 March 2002, Teach Labour A Lesson

spotTeach Labour A Lesson

Trade union action can...: NEW LABOUR were elected promising education would be their top priority. Five years later, schools are in crisis. Poor pay and conditions are driving teachers out of the classroom, writes Linda Taaffe, National Union of Teachers (NUT) national executive, personal capacity.

spotSay No To War

BUSH SAYS "inaction is not an option". Even with war continuing in Afghanistan, he is preparing for military action against Iraq - with Blair trotting loyally behind, writes Christine Thomas.

spotRising Anger At New Labour

ACCORDING TO a Sunday Times poll, New Labour are now just 7% ahead of the Tories - the closest gap since the general election

spotFight The Bosses' Jobs Massacre

THE POST Office bosses' mass redundancy programme must be resisted. 40,000 workers, one-fifth of the total, face the sack because New Labour is letting greedy privateers carve up the postal delivery market

spotCouncil Housing Under Attack

Birmingham: Vote "No" to housing transfers: UNTIL 8 April, Birmingham city council are balloting all their 88,000 council tenant households on whether to transfer the housing stock to new private landlords

spotBiggest Demo In History Engulfs Rome

SATURDAY 23 March will be one of the most memorable days in the history of Italy. Three million people, young and old, made their way towards the heart of the ancient city of Rome, writes Clare Doyle.

spotWars - The Horror Of Capitalism

GEORGE BUSH and Tony Blair's 'war against terrorism' is embroiling the two governments in further military action in Afghanistan and raising the likelihood of a wider conflict against Iraq

spotPublic and Commercial Services union elections: Time For Change

JANICE GODRICH, Left Unity candidate for national president of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) spoke to The Socialist about the main issues in the election and why she is standing