The Socialist

The Socialist 23 August 2002

Public Services Not Private Greed

Public Services Not Private Greed

No To War In Iraq

Earth Summit: Capitalism is Unsustainable

Lewisham 1977: Where the Fascists Met their Match


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The Socialist 23 August 2002, Public Services Not Private Greed

spotPublic Services Not Private Greed

Privatisation is a con, it's official. Parliament's public accounts committee recently warned that it was impossible to tell whether the returns for industry from privatisation...

spotNo To War In Iraq

Opposition to Bush and Blair's warmongering plans for Iraq is mounting. In Blair's own Sedgefield constituency 64 per cent of people are against military action to bring about a "regime change"

spotEarth Summit: Capitalism is Unsustainable

WORLD 'LEADERS' are preparing a global publicity stunt - the World Summit on Environment and Development, writes Manny Thain.

spotLewisham 1977: Where the Fascists Met their Match

Twenty Five years ago - on 13 August 1977 - some 800 members of the fascist National Front (NF) provocatively tried to march through Lewisham, a working-class area with a big black and Asian population, writes Roger Shrives.