The Socialist

The Socialist 12 March 2005

Pensions: 'We're fighting back

Pensions: 'We're fighting back'

NHS: 'Over performing' but under-funded

Oppose Clarke's terror bill

Review: Detention undercover

When is a cut not a cut?

The real cost of war and occupation

Crisis for republicans in Northern Ireland - political alternative needed

Germany: Challenges, dangers and opportunities

Lebanon: A new crisis in the Middle East?

Bush threatens women's rights

Brazil: A bloody week in the countryside


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The Socialist 12 March 2005, Pensions: 'We're fighting back

spotPensions: 'We're fighting back'

Fight back is being organised. PUBLIC SECTOR workers are faced with a huge attack on their pension rights, writes 'We're fighting back'.

spotNHS: 'Over performing' but under-funded

THE NATIONAL Health Service will be one of the big issues in this year's general election...

spotOppose Clarke's terror bill

AS WE predicted in last week's editorial of the socialist, New Labour's draconian anti-terror bill got a rough ride in the House of Lords...

spotReview: Detention undercover

Ten police officers have been disciplined as a result of the BBC documentary The secret policeman which exposed racist views and practice by trainee police officers last year...

spotWhen is a cut not a cut?

THE LABOUR-controlled fire service in London is proposing to cut ten fire engines from central London and close the Manchester Square fire station, near Oxford Street...

spotThe real cost of war and occupation

GEORGE BUSH and Tony Blair say the cost of war in Iraq is a price worth paying. But who is paying it?...

spotCrisis for republicans in Northern Ireland - political alternative needed

THE NORTHERN Bank robbery in Belfast, Robert McCartney's killing and the attempt to cover it up, and then the allegations about the multi-million pound criminal empire run by the IRA have put the leadership of the repub...

spotGermany: Challenges, dangers and opportunities

OFFICIAL UNEMPLOYMENT has reached over 5 million, a new all-time high in post-war German history...

spotLebanon: A new crisis in the Middle East?

ONCE AGAIN the Middle East is in turmoil. As ROBERT BECHERT explains, the 14 February assassination of the former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri...

spotBush threatens women's rights

THE RELIGIOUS right in the US has declared war on women and our reproductive rights...

spotBrazil: A bloody week in the countryside

SIX PEOPLE were killed during a bloody week in the countryside in Brazil. It started with the killing of the American missionary Dorothy Stang on 12...