The Socialist

The Socialist 29 September 2005

NHS in danger

NHS in danger

Labour's great NHS sell-off

Waiting for Gordon

Where are the Lib Dems going?

Anger at occupation of Iraq

Fight for free education

Don't sell off Peabody homes!

Anger grows amongst industrial workers

Morrison's join the 'race to the bottom'

Witch-hunt in Amicus as merger nears

Poland: Right-wing parties win election


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The Socialist 29 September 2005, NHS in danger

spotNHS in danger

Protest and strike back now: IN SPITE of New Labour's propaganda, the NHS is in danger. In their headlong rush to privatise and cut costs, the government are threatening...

spotLabour's great NHS sell-off

SPENDING ON the health service has doubled since Labour was elected in 1997...

spotWaiting for Gordon

BLAIR IS going - and should go - but his replacement as prime minister by Gordon Brown, whether in the immediate or medium future, will bring no relief to working-class people in this country...

spotWhere are the Lib Dems going?

THE LIBERAL Democrat identity crisis was exposed at their conference. Leader Charles Kennedy tried to deflect criticism that the party was...

spotAnger at occupation of Iraq

On the demo. Credit via indymdedia
24 September anti-Iraq war demos: TENS OF thousands took to the streets of London on Saturday 24 September to protest against the occupation of Iraq...

spotFight for free education

EIGHTEEN UNIVERSITIES have been identified as being effectively too middle class and have been asked to investigate why; but we know why!, writes Zena Awad, Socialist Students national co-ordinator.

spotDon't sell off Peabody homes!

PROTESTERS REPRESENTING thousands of tenants from Peabody Trust estates demonstrated on 21 September outside Peabody's HQ in Southwark at Peabody management's plans to sell off its housing...

spotAnger grows amongst industrial workers

THE GATE Gourmet struggle in Heathrow Airport has been a massive issue for thousands of trade unionists this summer...

spotMorrison's join the 'race to the bottom'

SUPERMARKET CHAIN Morrison's was a company in crisis, even before they started antagonising their workforce. Head hunters are apparently looking for a replacement for Bob Stott, the 62 year-old Chief Executive, as the company's performance continues, writes Andy Ford.

spotWitch-hunt in Amicus as merger nears

THREE AMICUS members of staff - Des Heemskerk, Jimmy Warne and Cathie Willis - have been suspended from their jobs in Amicus...

spotPoland: Right-wing parties win election

A COALITION of two right-wing parties has won Poland's first general election since the country joined the European Union (EU) in May 2004...