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The Socialist 5 October 2006

Our NHS not for sale

Our NHS not for sale!

Marching to stop cuts and sell-offs

Action is the only answer to NHS cuts

Fighting the privateers

Health workers told - no money for study

"Our campaign saved our maternity hospital"

Socialist Party fights for:

Fight for a socialist alternative to Blair's Britain

Students seek out socialist ideas

Age discrimination and the minimum wage

Blair more hated than Thatcher

Come to Socialism 2006!

Bush's 'war on terror' fuels terrorism!

MoD hypocrisy on Taliban


Joe Higgins' speech "tore Taoiseach [PM] apart"

Tommy Sheridan - Murdoch's new offensive

Hamas clashes with striking workers


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The Socialist 5 October 2006, Our NHS not for sale

Socialist Party NHS campaign

spotOur NHS not for sale!

Build for the demo and lobby on 1 November: HEALTH CUTS are happening all over the country. According to NHS chief executive David Nicholson, they "will not hurt". But they are hurting, writes Lois Austin.

spotMarching to stop cuts and sell-offs

NHS SOS: "A MATTER of Life and Death", handwritten on a placard. That summed up the message of the 30 September march and rally against the panic cuts and eventual downgrading of hospital services in Epsom, Surrey, writes Nick Kirk Reading Socialist Party and Surrey County UNISON branch.

spotAction is the only answer to NHS cuts

ISSUE AFTER issue of the socialist has featured the crisis in the health service under New Labour. Dozens of hospital trusts have declared cuts as a result of their "going over budget". Newly trained nurses fresh from college are being told there are no jobs for them, as the trusts declare redundancies, closures and cutbacks.

spotFighting the privateers

ON 26 and 27 SEPTEMBER, UNISON members working for NHS Logistics (NHSL) were on strike again. We are fighting the government's hiving off of our vital, award-winning stores and distribution service to DHL/Novation, writes Brian Loader, UNISON NHSL Alfreton, personal capacity

spotHealth workers told - no money for study

STAFF EMPLOYED by Tees Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Trust were recently told that they will not be sponsored to attend training courses that would have given them registered nurse qualifications after three years' university study, writes John Malcolm, chair UNISON Tees and North East Yorkshire health branch, personal capacity.

spot"Our campaign saved our maternity hospital"

Save Stroud maternity banner - demo in June
"IF WE hadn't fought it, it would have gone through", MANDY ROBOTHAM, local midwife and head of the Stroud Maternity Matters campaign, told the socialist...

spot Socialist Party fights for:

Socialist Students

spotFight for a socialist alternative to Blair's Britain

No fees, end student poverty: BLAIR'S 'LEGACY' and Brown's promises for more of the same were applauded at Labour Party conference. But new students across the country are now facing the bleak reality of trying to live and study in New Labour's Britain, writes Matt Dobson Socialist Students national co-ordinator.

spotStudents seek out socialist ideas

UCL and Brunel Socialist Students had a big problem with the student magazine this year - there weren't enough of them at the freshers' fairs, writes Ben Robinson.

spot Age discrimination and the minimum wage

Socialist Party campaigns

spotBlair more hated than Thatcher

Labour conference cheers can't hide...: NEVER BEFORE has the gap between reality and the spinmasters' world of the party conference season been so big, writes Socialist Party deputy general secretary Hannah Sell...

spotCome to Socialism 2006!

LAST WEEK'S Labour Party conference was the last that Tony Blair will attend as party leader and prime minister. Since 1997, Blair's New Labour have overseen massive cuts in the NHS, further privatisation of council housing, writes Greg Maughan.

spotBush's 'war on terror' fuels terrorism!

It's official! A US government report has admitted that the Bush administration-led war and occupation of Iraq has fuelled terrorism. The report was compiled from 16 government agencies back in April but has only now seen the light of day...

spotMoD hypocrisy on Taliban

THE GROWTH of a 'resurgent' Taliban in Afghanistan is bloodily proving that the occupying forces can do nothing to solve the underlying social and economic problems that the poor masses of the country face, writes Greg Maughan.


Big profits, big power, big problems...: IN A follow-up article to his centre-page feature in the socialist 456 on the geopolitics of oil, LYNN WALSH looks at the problems caused by the power of the ruthless oil giants in the economy...

spotJoe Higgins' speech "tore Taoiseach [PM] apart"

Ireland: Ahern's financial scandal puts his political survival in balance: THE IRISH Taoiseach (prime minister), Bertie Ahern, is under huge pressure following revelations that he received "loans" and "gifts" from businessmen when he was a government minister in the 1990s...

spotTommy Sheridan - Murdoch's new offensive

THE NEWS of the World (NoW), which suffered a sensational defeat at the hands of Tommy Sheridan in his defamation case against them in August, has unleashed a massive new offensive against him, writes Philip Stott International Socialists, CWI Scotland.

spotHamas clashes with striking workers

New crisis hits the Palestinian Authority: TWELVE PEOPLE have been killed and over 120 injured in gun battles between Hamas militias and striking government employees in the Gaza strip, writes Amnon Cohen.