The Socialist

The Socialist 10 January 2008

Fight for socialism!

Fight for socialism!

Defeat the pay limit

Feature: Socialism and democracy needed to reshape the world

Postal workers fight to defend the Burslem 12

Scrooge employers attack shop workers

Building workers fight for real union representation

Fighting council cuts

Industrial news in brief

Renationalise the energy industry

Police ballot for industrial rights

Straw provokes POA

Soaring food prices hit world's poor

Big business hands off our NHS!

The privateers are taking over

Pakistan: Mass opposition to Musharraf regime after Benazir killing

Kenya: Stolen election explodes into mass anger and bloodshed

Victory! Tenants beat 1 million sell-off campaign

Obituary: Andrew Glyn

Review: Marx's Das Kapital: a biography, by Francis Wheen


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