The Socialist

The Socialist 7 April 2009

Visteon car workers fight for their rights

Visteon car workers fight for their rights

Reports from Visteon plants in Belfast, Enfield and Basildon

National Union of Teachers Conference: Call national action on workload

Youth march for jobs: This is only the beginning!

NUS leaders out of touch

No solution at London G20 summit

G20 Summit protests: Democratic rights trampled on

The battle to defeat the Poll Tax

EU presses for cuts in public spending

Fast news

Stop the slaughter of Tamils in Sri Lanka

Arundhati Roy indicts the Sri Lankan Rajapakse regime

Egyptian regime: 'Scared that independent unions will succeed; scared a revolution will happen'

Solidarity with Kazakhstan oil workers

Conned by John Lewis

Stockport cab drivers fight deregulation

No cuts to further education in Wales!

Campaign forces suspension of Wirral library closures

Unison elections

Rail workers fight job cuts


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