The Socialist

The Socialist 1 July 2015

Reject EU austerity!

The Socialist issue 862

Osborne's budget cuts will devastate low-income households

The corporate welfare state

Them & Us

Severely disabled funding hit by Tories

Government reneges on rail modernisation pledge

Warrington TUSC councillor slams 'undemocratic' Labour administration

Solidarity with Greek workers! Reject EU austerity

Terrorist attacks: working class people pay the price

How to fight the anti-union laws

Ten years since the London 7/7 bombings

RMT plans transport shutdowns

Britain's biggest union to discuss leaving Labour

Escalate strikes to fight council's 90% sell-off

Scotland ferry 'lifeline' sell-off strike

Workplace news in brief

Pride: we need politics, not just a parade

9,000 tuition fees legacy - debt and slave labour

Block Osborne's Billionaire Budget

Victory against disabled transport cuts in Derby

Victory for anti-fracking movement

Shirebrook: united campaign against danger of division


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