The Socialist

The Socialist 16 September 2015

A new era for the 99%

The Socialist issue 870

Corbyn's leadership victory; A new era for the 99%

NSSN rally calls for mass action to 'Kill the Bill!'

'Socialism is popular' confirms Lord Ashcroft

Ministry of Justice : Stop this privatisation scandal!

Them & Us

Refugee crisis: Imperialist countries bear major responsibility

Northern Ireland Executive crisis

Greek general election

7 out of 8 victory for Doncaster council workers

Parliament protest against the anti-union bill

Support Teesside construction workers: Pay the rate!

Sports Direct's 'workhouse conditions'

Workplace news in brief

Fight austerity in education!

Students join campaign for affordable housing!

Refugee Lives Matter - large turnout for demo

'Save our Island homes'

'Collectathon': Sell the Socialist; and donate!

Twelve hours in the life of a carer

Queen celebrates longest reign - let's make it the last!

Theatre review: 'An angry call for revolt'

Comedy review: Leopardoptera

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