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Lincoln Socialist Party protests against war and occupation, photo by Lincoln Socialist Party

26 September 2012

Afghanistan war: end this 'pointless waste of life'

The Afghanistan war has been a "pointless waste of lives and not worth the billions of pounds it has cost since it started eleven years ago" think 78% of the people in a new poll by the Mirror

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16 November 2011

Poppy mania for bosses...

To cheers from the press, David Cameron and Prince William intervened so the England football team could wear the poppy during their match against Spain...

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3,000 people took part in the Stop the War Trafalgar Square rally on Saturday 8 October to mark ten years of the war and occupation in Afghanistan, photo Paul Mattsson

Stop the War Trafalgar Square rally, photo Paul Mattsson

14 October 2011

Picture slide show: Marking ten years since the invasion of Afghanistan

To mark ten years of the war and occupation in Afghanistan, 3,000 people took part in the Stop the War Trafalgar Square rally on Saturday 8 October...

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14 September 2011

Power and terror

Book review: Matt Dobson reviews Power and Terror: Conflict, Hegemony, and the Rule of Force, by Noam Chomsky...

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7 September 2011

Fast news

Torture Inc.: Unearthed secret correspondence in Tripoli between the Gaddafi regime and western spy networks reveal how US, British and other governments collaborated with the Libyan dictator in the 'rendition' (ie kidnapping) and torture of alleged terrorist suspects...

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9/11: Attack on the Twin Towers of the Wold Trade Centre, photo BBC

9/11 attack

5 September 2011

Consequences of 9/11: a world turned upside down

Ten years after the twin towers came crashing down in New York, Peter Taaffe assesses the changed world situation. In the aftermath of that terrorist attack, US imperialism unleashed mass slaughter in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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27 April 2011

News in brief

Torture camp: The latest tranche of WikiLeaks documents covering prisoners at the US base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, reveals what has long been suspected, ie that many of those incarcerated were completely innocent people, not terrorists...

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23 November 2010

Fast news

Afghanistan war: SEVERAL THOUSAND protesters marched through central London on 20 November against the escalating war and continuing occupation of Afghanistan by Nato forces...

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Demonstrating against war in Afghanistan, photo A Hill

Demonstrating against war in Afghanistan, photo A Hill

17 November 2010

Afghanistan: Withdraw the troops now!

The Nato onslaught on Afghanistan is now in its tenth year. Ten years of horrific brutality inflicted on those who have fought against the invasion and on many thousands of civilians in the areas under...

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23 September 2010

Blair's path to destruction

The publication of Tony Blair's autobiography, 'A Journey', has confirmed just how unpopular he had become, writes Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary. Socialism Today October 2010.

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4 August 2010

Afghanistan: US strategy in disarray

The concerted might of the strongest and largest military force in the world, that of the US, is failing to defeat the disparate and crudely equipped Taliban militias in one of the poorest countries of the world...

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Anti-war demonstration October 2009, photo Rob Emery

Anti-war demonstration October 2009, photo Rob Emery

4 August 2010

Troops out now!

THE LEAKING of 75,000 secret US military documents on the Afghanistan war 'endangers lives', screamed the US Pentagon...

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7 July 2010

News in brief

Looting Afghanistan: FACED WITH an ever-increasing number of deaths of UK soldiers and Afghan civilians, prime minister David Cameron says this is a price worth paying for 'good governance' in Afghanistan...

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Youth Fight for jobs demonstrate against war, terror and racism

Youth Fight for jobs demonstrate against war, terror and racism

30 June 2010

Western strategy on Afghanistan in tatters

ANOTHER GRISLY milestone has been reached in Afghanistan: over 300 British soldiers have now died, since the war began in 2001. The average age of those killed is 22.

No such records are kept of civilian deaths in Afghanistan. It is estimated that thousands of Afghan civilians have been directly killed due to military action, including use of air strikes by the US forces, writes Niall Mulholland.

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23 June 2010

Afghan war

A NEW bloody milestone has been reached in the Afghan war with news that the death of a British soldier last week was the 300th to be killed since the US-led invasion and occupation of the country began in 2001...

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28 April 2010

Debt balloons go up in Brighton Kemptown

Dave Hill, TUSC parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown, released 168 balloons on 24 April, each one representing 1 billion to symbolise the government deficit...

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28 April 2010

"That makes real sense to me"

The Socialist Party's TUSC stall in Woolwich has now become a regular feature for shoppers. Less familiar was the Labour Party stall that made its debut appearance last week. As the TUSC candidate I wasted...

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18 April 2010

Socialists: Fighting back! Environment, War, Racism

Ordinary people have not just accepted the bosses' attacks lying down. Last year cleaners in the HQ of a City broker formed a trade union and fought a successful battle for a pay rise from the minimum...

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Demonstrating against war, photo by A Hill

Demonstrating against war, photo by A Hill

14 April 2010

Afghanistan: Bring the troops back

THE HORRIFIC loss of life in the war in Afghanistan should make it a major election issue. In this human catastrophe, tens of thousands of Afghan civilians have died since the war started in 2001.

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TUSC logo

TUSC logo

17 March 2010

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition General Election launch rally

General Election launch rally: TUSC has been set up in opposition to public spending cuts and privatisation, for investment in publicly owned and controlled renewable energy, for the repeal of the anti-trade union laws, and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

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