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Lincoln Socialist Party against war on Gaza, photo Lincoln Socialist Party

Lincoln Socialist Party against war on Gaza, photo Lincoln Socialist Party

15 September 2009

End the Afghan nightmare now

Death and destruction to prop up rotten regime: 'OPERATION PANTHER'S Claw' was intended to prevent the Taliban from disrupting the Afghan elections, writes Ken Douglas.

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Demonstration against the war, photo Paul Mattsson

9 September 2009

Bring the troops back now!

End the war in Afghanistan: "I JUST don't want anyone else to feel as bad as I feel" said the girlfriend of a soldier killed just five weeks ago as she signed our petition to bring the troops home. Hundreds of people across Wales have been supporting the Socialist Party's campaign to bring the troops home from the futile and unjust war in Afghanistan, writes Alec Thraves and Mike John, Socialist Party Wales.

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26 August 2009

Afghanistan: Withdraw foreign troops


Saturday 24 October, Central London

Called by Stop the War Coalition, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and British Muslim Institute

The August presidential elections in Afghanistan will bring no relief to the Afghan people. A similar government to the previous one is the expected outcome, with even less room to make meagre concessions...

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12 August 2009

Afghanistan: 40 years of failure?

FACED WITH a mounting death toll of civilians and military forces and Nato's failure to build a democratic state, the incoming head of the British Army says that British troops may have to stay in Afghanistan for 40 years...

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12 August 2009

Torturous explanation

DESPITE MOUNTING evidence that Britain's spy agencies colluded with foreign governments in the torture of terrorist suspects, the Labour government and MI5 continue to deny any involvement...

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29 July 2009

Afghanistan - Withdraw the troops

THE BRITISH government is cynically exploiting the tragic deaths of British soldiers to justify the continuing war in Afghanistan, writes Paula Mitchell.

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14 July 2009

Troops out of Afghanistan immediately

Stop US/UK military intervention

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13 May 2009

Imperialism sucked deeper into Afghan quagmire

AS BARACK Obama dispatched 20,000 more US troops to Afghanistan, it was reported that an American airstrike in the west of Afghanistan wiped out over 100 civilians on 4 May, writes Dave Carr.

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25 March 2009

Fast News

Housing crisis: "THE HOUSING crisis is now so great that, unless dramatic action is taken, it may take decades for the nation to recover....

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18 February 2009

Fast news

The company store: AS BARACK Obama spends $2 trillion in a bid to to revive capitalism, the Japanese Panasonic corporation has hit on a more modest 'stimulus package'...

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16 December 2008

Bush humiliated by shoe attack

US President G W Bush humiliated at press conference

In a symbolic epitaph to Bush's rule, journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi became a hero across the Arab world for hurling his shoes at US president George W Bush. Film of the incident, considered a serious insult, made news across the world, instantly hit youtube, while satirical videos hit the internet and cartoons appeared in the newspapers, such as the UK Guardian.

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19 November 2008

USA: Challenging the two parties of big business

LAST WEEK, The Socialist carried an analysis of the US presidential election and the political awakening among the American working class which propelled Barack Obama into the White House and routed the Republicans...

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12 November 2008

Iraq, Afghanistan... End the occupations!

Anti-war protest outside Republican convention, organised by Youth Against War and Racism, a Socialist Alternative initiative, photo USA Youth Against Racism

Anti-war protest outside Republican convention, organised by Youth Against War and Racism, a Socialist Alternative initiative, photo USA Youth Against Racism

LAST WEEK was Remembrance Sunday when we had the spectacle of hypocritical politicians mourning the war dead while condemning more young men and women to tragic, unnecessary deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, writes Tom Baldwin.

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4 November 2008

George Bush's toxic legacy

Bush - the angel of death, cartoon by Alan Hardman

Bush - the angel of death, cartoon by Alan Hardman

Editorial: As George Bush's last term as US president draws to a close he leaves behind a nightmare legacy that includes an economy in recession, a huge public deficit, a wider gap between rich and poor and the quagmire of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...

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15 October 2008

Afghanistan - war without end?

"WE'RE NOT going to win this war", is the frank admission by Britain's commander in Afghanistan that the Taliban insurgency is not being defeated...

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17 September 2008

Middle East: End imperialist aggression!

The brutal occupations and conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Palestinian territories continue, causing great suffering to millions of people. This week Peter Taaffe, the general secretary of the Socialist Party, answers questions posed by The Socialist.

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10 September 2008

End the wars and occupations

Anti-war protest during the USA Republican Party convention organised by Youth Against War and Racism, a Socialist Alternative initiative, photo USA Youth Against Racism

Anti-war protest in USA, photo USA Youth Against Racism

AMERICAN SPECIAL Forces backed by jet bombers killed up to 90 civilians, including many children, on 22 August in Azizabad, Afghanistan, writes Hugh Caffrey, Manchester Socialist Party.

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25 June 2008

Afghanistan - paying the price of western occupation

"THEY HAVE paid the ultimate price, but achieved something of lasting value" is what prime minister Gordon Brown said about the recent nine deaths of armed forces personnel in Afghanistan, writes Jim Thompson.

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17 June 2008

End the occupations

Protest against George W Bush visit to Britain, photo Paul Mattsson

Protest against George W Bush visit to Britain, photo Paul Mattsson

SEVERAL THOUSAND anti-war demonstrators gathered in Parliament Square, London, last Sunday evening to protest against the two-day visit to Britain of US president George Bush...

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14 May 2008

Burma cyclone disaster: Wealth and privilege put before aid

The appalling effects of the cyclone which hit the vast Irrawaddy river delta, have shocked people all over the world, writes Keith Dickinson.

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