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12 March 2008

End the occupation

Five years of hell: The billions wasted on war and nuclear weapons should be spent on improving public services...

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12 March 2008

Iraq, Afghanistan: The bitter fruits of war and occupation

FIVE LONG, bloody years of war and occupation, led by US imperialism, has left Iraq as a dangerous, violent and divided society, despite promises of stability and democracy...

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4 March 2008

$3 trillion Iraq war

The Three Trillion Dollar War, co-authored by Nobel prize-winning economist and former Clinton adviser, Joseph Stiglitz, shows the true economic cost of the war in Iraq...

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1 March 2008

War, the environment and social issues

While economic issues are likely to be key to the development of a new party, they are not the only issues which are having a radicalising effect, particularly on young people...

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27 February 2008

Miliband's extraordinary apology on rendition

"SORRY FOR letting kidnappers and torturers use our territory". This is what foreign secretary David Miliband should have said in his belated apology, writes Dave Carr

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20 February 2008

Troops out of Iraq now!

Five years since the invasion:

Troops out of Iraq now!


Saturday 15 March, Assemble 12 noon, Trafalgar Square, London
Called by Stop the War Coalition, CND and BMI

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12 February 2008

War and occupation in Iraq

Youth Against the War on the Feb 24 2007 anti-Trident demo, photo Pedro

Youth Against the War on the Feb 24 2007 anti-Trident demo, photo Pedro

Five years of death and destruction

NEXT MONTH will see the fifth anniversary of the US-led war against Iraq that started years of bloody, destructive imperialist occupation.

A hellish half decade has seen unending death and destruction for the people of Iraq, writes Niall Mulholland

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6 February 2008

Bush and Brown's Afghan strategy lies in tatters

"MAKE NO mistake, NATO is not winning in Afghanistan." These are the words, not of an anti-war group but of the opening line of a report by think-tank The Atlantic Council of the United States... By Tom Baldwin

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30 January 2008

US elections: The Barack Obama mirage

IT SEEMS on the cusp of being real. For the first time in the US, an African American - Barack Obama of the Democratic Party - has a serious chance of being... By Teddy Shibabaw, Socialist Alternative (CWI, USA)

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22 November 2007

Detention without trial: Defend civil rights

THE BIZARRE and scandalous auction over how long police should be allowed to detain terrorism suspects without charge continues... By Naomi Byron

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11 October 2007

Anti-war movement upholds right to protest

Stop The War Coalition demonstration 8 October 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

Stop The War Coalition demonstration 8 October 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

OVER 4,000 people took part in the 8 October rally in London, organised by the Stop the War coalition and CND against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan... By Chris Newby

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19 July 2007

'Strategic failure' in Iraq and Afghanistan

Editorial: Bush still claims that Iraq under US and British military occupation is making progress towards a stable, democratic society...

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21 June 2007

Withdraw occupation troops!

Iraq and Afghanistan: Many British people hope that, as prime minister, Gordon Brown will hasten the withdrawal of British forces from Iraq...

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7 June 2007

80,000 demonstrate against the G8 summit

G8 demonstration in Rostock, Germany, photo SAV

G8 demonstration in Rostock, Germany, photo SAV

Rostock, Germany: For people watching the television news, the coverage of the anti-G8 protests has been dominated by reports of violent clashes between police and some protesters...

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4 April 2007

In The Line of Fire

Book review: PERVEZ MUSHARRAF, Pakistan's military dictator in presidential clothing, is unlikely to survive in his post much longer...

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29 March 2007

Italy: What future for Prc?

ON A recent visit to Italy, PETER TAAFFE, together with other CWI members, discussed perspectives with workers and activists in the Italian labour movement for the future of Rifondazione Comunista (Prc)...

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26 March 2007

Will Bush bomb Iran?

Iran: Alarm bells have been ringing, left and right. John Pilger, the radical journalist, wrote an article, Iran: The War Begins (New Statesman, 3 February),...

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26 March 2007

Rifondazione Comunista - its future?

Italy: On A recent visit to Italy, Peter Taaffe, together with other CWI members, discussed perspectives with workers and activists in the Italian labour movement for the future of Rifondazione Comunista (Prc)....

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15 March 2007

US continues threats over Iran's nuclear ambitions

TENSIONS BETWEEN the US and Iran became feverish as the United Nations (UN) security council resolution (insisted upon by the US) instructing Iran to suspend its nuclear programme, passed its 21 February deadline...

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8 March 2007

What's Left? - not Nick Cohen!

PETER TAAFFE reviews What's Left? by Nick Cohen and replies to his accusation that the 'left' supported Saddam Hussein because it opposed the invasion...

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