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1 January 1970

Socialism - the weekly Marxist analysis podcast from the Socialist Party

Socialism - the weekly Marxist analysis podcast from the Socialist Party   (Click to enlarge)

Socialism the Podcast: 2020 episodes

Weekly podcast of the Socialist Party. A Marxist approach to the big issues we face in a world of capitalist crisis. Fighting for jobs, homes and public services for all.

From strikes and mass movements through to community campaigns, history and theory. We shine a light on the struggles of workers and young people, and discuss the strategy for a socialist fightback.

Socialism is available on all major podcast platforms, including...

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64. World economic crisis: a Marxist analysis of the coronavirus crunch

10 April 2020

The capitalist economic system is dysfunctional and obsolete.

In the US, 10 million workers filed unemployment claims in the last two weeks of March. In the UK, a million workers filed Universal Credit benefit claims in the last two weeks of March.

Just over a decade after the 'credit crunch' and Great Recession, the Covid-19 pandemic is causing a 'corona crunch' and could pitch the world into a second Great Depression.

But the world economy was heading for a serious downturn even before the virus. In fact, capitalism itself has been growing increasingly weak, unstable and dysfunctional over a long period. Why?

Marxism points out the capitalist system is riddled with contradictions, and today has long outlived its historic usefulness. So what are the main economic features of the current nosedive, and what sort of problems - and solutions - could the Marxist toolbox point us to?

This episode of Socialism takes a short look at the world economic crisis: a Marxist analysis of the coronavirus crunch. Plus: we respond to the Labour Party leadership election results.

Further reading

63. Is this socialism? Coronavirus and state intervention

3 April 2020

Unprecedented state intervention - but still workers suffer?

The British government has pledged hundreds of billions in funding during the Covid-19 pandemic. The US Congress has approved trillions.

Capitalist governments in multiple countries seem to be abandoning privatisation and market competition for nationalisation and central coordination. It looks quite a lot like some of the policies socialists call for.

But corporate profits are being subsidised. The big banks and finance sector are untouched. And workers are receiving too little too late when it comes to income and safety protections. In fact, lack of personal protective equipment is killing frontline health workers in the UK, and 10 million workers have joined the unemployment lines in just two weeks in the US.

What does this U-turn in policy direction by the capitalists, amid a complete failure of their system, say about capitalism - and the socialist alternative?

This episode of Socialism looks at coronavirus and state intervention: is this socialism?

Further reading

62. Workers' rights during coronavirus

20 March 2020

How can workers look after their interests in the pandemic?

Schools in Britain are part-closing, workers in almost every sector are being sent home with or without pay, and there are shortages of equipment for safe and hygienic working everywhere. The day after we recorded this podcast on 19 March 2020, the government was due to announce plans to support workers.

But whatever is promised, the track record so far is that workers everywhere are pulling out all the stops to fight the pandemic - while big businesses and their politicians only seem interested in their bottom lines.

What should workers demand to solve these problems? Was the Trade Union Congress right to declare for 'national unity' with the employers and the government? And how can workers make sure their interests are looked after in this period, whether or not they're in a union?

This episode of Socialism looks at the Covid-19 pandemic: workers' rights during coronavirus.

The coronavirus pandemic is a rapidly escalating global crisis affecting every part of the capitalist system. As well as following this weekly podcast, you should check the Socialist Party's website and our Facebook page, for regular statements on working-class demands, socialist analysis, and reports from the frontline.

Further reading

61. Coronavirus: a socialist response

13 March 2020

How can workers' action help overcome the Covid-19 crisis?

The new coronavirus, Covid-19, is sweeping through the world's population - exposing capitalism for disastrous weaknesses in healthcare systems,social infrastructure, and the global economy. Capitalist politicians and the capitalist state are torn between protecting public health and defending private profit.

The official number of cases in the UK as of 12 March 2020 is 590. But the British government's chief scientific advisor has said the real number could be up to 10,000. The local elections planned for May have been postponed.

Hospitals are facing overload. Workers are facing lost pay. The economy was already heading toward recession. But workers have also fought back with demands and with strike action to force a response in the interests of the majority.

Why did capitalism get us here? What action can workers take to improve things? And how could socialist change resolve the underlying problems?

This episode of Socialism looks at the coronavirus: the socialist response.

Further reading

60. Socialists into City Hall

6 March 2020

What could a socialist campaign for London achieve?

The London mayor and assembly are up for election in May. The Labour Party's Sadiq Khan is the incumbent and Labour's candidate for 2020 - but is a supporter of the pro-big business wing of Labour and an opponent of Jeremy Corbyn's anti-austerity politics.

Low pay, a housing crisis, disappearing council services, knife crime and air pollution are all major issues in Britain's capital. Khan has presided over their continuation.

So how should trade unionists and socialists approach the London elections? How would a socialist Greater London Authority behave? And what could a campaign raising those ideas achieve - whether or not it was elected?

This episode of Socialism looks at the London elections: socialists into City Hall.

Further reading

Re-run: 14. GRA reform

28 February 2020

Trans rights: a socialist programme for united workers' struggle.

Transgender rights have recently become a point of contention in the ongoing Labour Party leadership contest. The Socialist Party fights exploitation, discrimination and oppression in every form.

The workers' movement must fight for the resources necessary to guarantee all sections of the working class a decent life. If it does not, there is a danger that debates can be falsely framed as battles between supposedly irreconcilable competing rights.

By fighting instead to expand the provision of jobs, homes and services for all, the workers' movement can resolve differences on the basis of common struggle and democratic discussion.

The following episode is a re-run of episode 14, first aired on 15 January 2019, on the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) - much of which has now been kicked into the long grass by the Tories. But we think the general approach we lay out here on the question of trans rights is entirely relevant to the debates of today.

This episode of Socialism looks at GRA reform: the fight for trans rights.

Further reading

59. Northern Ireland's strike wave

21 February 2020

Major strikes in the civil service and National Health Service have shaken the capitalist establishment in Northern Ireland. These enormous workers' action followed watershed struggles in the private sector at the Harland and Wolff shipyard and Wrightbus factory.

The rival sectarian parties are required by the Good Friday Agreement to agree to govern together. They had refused to reach such an agreement after a supposed renewable heating scheme collapsed due to incompetence and alleged corruption three years ago. The strikes forced them back into the Assembly to make concessions to the workers.

But having tasted some of the power of collective working-class struggle, will workers allow a return to business as usual? More strikes seem likely. But how about a political alternative to austerity, sectarianism and capitalism?

This episode of Socialism looks at Northern Ireland: the strike wave.

Further reading

58. Britain: the new situation

14 February 2020

Divisions and surprises abound as the main parties eye an angry working class in Britain.

The Tories' decade-long grip on power continues for now - but what about their programme? The government has announced more cuts, but has also promised infrastructure investment. They have restored their majority, but their catastrophic divisions are already re-emerging. In fact, Sajid Javid, the chancellor of the exchequer, resigned in between recording this podcast and it airing.

Meanwhile, the anger in the working class, documented each week in the Socialist newspaper, continues to simmer. The ongoing Labour Party leadership contest is asking: how can Labour win back the confidence of the working class?

So - what is the way forward? This episode of Socialism looks at Britain: the new situation.

Further reading

57. Trade unions: new decade, new challenge

7 February 2020

Do the setbacks in the 2010s mean the unions can't fight today?

The 2010s were a period of major attacks on workers in Britain. But the bosses and their politicians didn't get things all their own way. The trade unions - the basic self-defence organisations of the working class - fought many important battles, shutting down production to try to force the bosses back.

There were many setbacks in those fights, but there were also victories. Marxists try to learn from both.

With a new decade opening up alongside a change of era in politics and world relations for Britain, what are the lessons of the 2010s for trade union struggle in the 2020s?

This episode of Socialism looks at the trade unions: new decade, new challenge.

Further reading

Re-run: 16. Are no-cuts council budgets possible?

31 January 2020

It's budget-setting season again for local authorities in Britain. The Tories in central government have succeeded in making local councils do their dirty work and implement savage austerity for a decade.

In fact, so successful was this strategy, that the lack of any practical distinction between Labour and Conservative at a local level was a significant factor in Jeremy Corbyn's general election defeat in December. From the perspective of many in working-class communities, nothing ever seems to change. So why bother voting for Labour?

But the general election is behind us for now. Council jobs and services are utterly threadbare. And there is major economic uncertainty ahead. Councils have a choice.

Either carry on acting as managers of austerity - as tame local representatives of Tory central government. Or set no-cuts budgets, and demand the stolen millions back from Westminster - as fighting representatives of local workers and residents. This could even paralyse and eventually overturn Johnson's unstable government.

The Socialist Party calls on Labour councils to fight, and for Labour leadership candidates to commit to pushing for such a fight. It's the same road taken successfully by the famous socialist Liverpool Council in the 1980s. Now is the time to take the Liverpool Road once more.

This is a re-run of episode 16 from January 2019. The situation has changed, but the need for council to fight has not. This episode of Socialism asks: are no-cuts council budgets possible?

Further reading

56. How can France's strike win?

24 January 2020

After more than 45 days of strikes, workers in France are still furious about President Emmanuel Macron's attack on pensions. His so-called reform would mean: work longer, get less.

But there's no clear strategy from the union leaders. And there's no clear political alternative to Macron and his politics, including from left-wing political leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Understandably, after almost two months of upsurge, the movement is starting to slow down - for the moment. So what happens next?

Socialism the Podcast was in Paris for events including one of the national days of action, 16 January. We spoke to a striking teacher and member of Gauche Révolutionnaire, the Socialist Party's sister party in France, about the struggle.

This episode of Socialism looks at France: how can the strike win?

Further reading

55. Middle East in turmoil: Iran and Iraq

10 January 2020

After Suleimani's assassination, what prospects for Iran, Iraq and the US?

The year started with Donald Trump ordering the public assassination of a leading Iranian general, Qassem Suleimani, by a drone strike in Baghdad, the capital of neighbouring Iraq.

What are the prospects for the struggle between the US and Iran? Does this mean war? What about the people of Iraq? And what will this mean next for the region's popular uprisings?

This episode of Socialism looks the Middle East in turmoil: Iran and Iraq.

Further reading

54. 2020: a promise of rebellion

3 January 2020

The year is now 2020. Popular uprisings are cascading like chain reactions across the globe. Strongman right-wing leaders lie and cheat their way to power in some countries, and are brought to their knees by mass movements in others.

As a new year opens up, class struggles and capitalist instability will only intensify and spread. This episode of Socialism looks at the year ahead: a promise of rebellion.

Plus: hear clips from the new podcast launched by our South African sister party in the Committee for a Workers' International, the Marxist Workers Party! You can listen to their full episode and subscribe at SoundCloud and YouTube.

Further reading

Re-run: 34. Boris, Brexit and British capitalism

27 December 2019

Johnson took office in July 2019 amid intractable crises - which haven't gone away. In this re-run of episode 34 from August 2019, we remind ourselves of the big problems for the Tories which lie beneath their electoral victory.

Further reading

53. Tories return: stand firm for socialist policies

13 December 2019

Boris Johnson has won a majority in the UK's general election. Many workers and young people will understandably be feeling gloomy and angry. We say the fightback starts here.

How did this happen? What are the lessons? And what does the workers' movement need to do now to stop Tory attacks?

This episode of Socialism responds to the Tories' return: stand firm for socialist policies.

Further reading

52. France on strike

11 December 2019

Millions of workers have downed tools to fight hated President Emmanuel Macron's attack on pensions.

The CGT union confederation reports that 1.5 million protested throughout the country during the 5 December strike, and over 800,000 on 10 December. In between, transport workers have kept communication routes in a state of near-paralysis.

Blocked from ending austerity and privatisation through the rigged electoral system which capitalism offers, ordinary people in France have taken matters into their own hands. First in the heroic movement of the 'gilets jaunes', the yellow vests. Now in what may be France's biggest strike in a quarter of a century.

A factory explosion in Rouen, resisting the far right, the struggles of young people, and the state of the mass left movement 'La France Insoumise' are discussed as well.

Days before Britain's general election could return any kind of new regime, this episode of Socialism looks at workers carrying on political struggle by other means: France on strike.

Further reading

51. How can Corbyn win?

29 November 2019

The Tories are trying to lie and bully their way back to power. How can Corbyn and the wider workers' movement stop them?

With less than two weeks until polling day in the UK, both the Tories and Labour have now released their manifestos. Jeremy Corbyn's programme includes big steps forward for working-class and young people in housing, pay, public services, workers' rights and the environment. Boris Johnson's programme includes next to nothing, and even lies about the extent of that.

There is widespread distrust in Johnson and the Tories. So to counter the threat to capitalist profits, and encouragement for trade union struggle, in Corbyn's anti-austerity pledges, the capitalist establishment has gone into overdrive with smear attacks.

How can Corbyn and the wider workers' movement overcome the bosses' attempts to obscure the issues and demobilise support for pro-worker policies? And if the Tories do lie and bully their way back to power, is that really the end of the story?

Plus: we hear from a lecturer on the picket line during the ongoing national universities strike.

Further reading

50. Northern Ireland: Brexit, borders, sectarianism and struggle

22 November 2019

Northern Ireland faces renewed political conflict as a result of the bosses' Brexit crisis, the collapse of the Stormont government, and underlying it all, huge anger at poverty and oppression. But there is one place where Catholics and Protestants, Nationalists and Unionists are united: the workplace, and so also the trade unions.

Councillor Donal O'Cofaigh is the first elected councillor for the Committee for a Workers' International in Northern Ireland. We talk to him about Brexit, borders, sectarianism and struggle.

Plus the latest on the UK general election, and updates on workers' struggle including the postal strike.

Further reading

49. Scotland and the election: independence and socialism

15 November 2019

How will the struggle for independence and against austerity affect the general election campaign in Scotland? And what lies in store for Scottish workers after 12 December?

Plus: High Court blow to postal strike: where next for the CWU?

Further reading

48. Building fighting, democratic unions: PCS and RMT

11 November 2019

How can the unions win for members and end austerity and Tory rule? We speak to PCS union general secretary candidate Marion Lloyd (in a personal capacity) and RMT union national executive committee candidate Jared Wood.

The trade unions are always areas of fundamental concern for Marxists. Now they are poised to play a pivotal role in Britain's winter election - and the convulsions that will follow.

In 1974, a Tory government lost a general election on the question of "who governs Britain," by posing its programme to attack workers - against a national strike by the miners' union standing up for workers. In 2019, Tory prime minister Boris Johnson could face national strike action during his election campaign too.

And if Jeremy Corbyn wins, what happens then? He will come under huge pressure to water down his programme and leave the capitalist thieves and cutters in place. Should the unions simply cheerlead for Labour, or should they be ready to campaign and strike to force pro-worker policies through - whoever wins on 12 December?

Further reading

47. General election 2019: Tories out!

6 November 2019

SPECIAL: Tories out - Corbyn in with socialist policies! This election is harder to call than perhaps any in British history. But what we can say is that whatever the outcome, tempestuous class struggle will follow.

What is the best outcome for this general election? How can socialists help to achieve it? And what does the workers' movement need to be ready for after the 12th of December?

Watch the full speeches
Further reading

46. Uprising in Chile

1 November 2019

A spontaneous rebellion of revolutionary proportions is unfolding in Chile - a country with a history of revolution and counter-revolution.

The largest demonstration in Chile's history floods the streets of the capital. Protesters in the north march on army barracks - and soldiers withdraw rather than challenge them. The hated neoliberal government of Sebastián Piñera is suspended in mid-air by a mass movement.

A revolutionary wave is washing over the entire continent. The tasks for socialists and the workers' movement are urgent. This episode of Socialism looks at Latin America in revolt: the uprising in Chile.

Plus: Britain finally announces a general election! Can Corbyn win?

Further reading

45. How renters can beat gentrifiers

27 October 2019

In 2016, tenants on the Butterfields estate in east London beat the landlords and banks. How can working-class people fight the housing crisis?

Further reading

44. Kurdish national liberation

18 October 2019

The Kurdish people in the Middle East are facing a catastrophic onslaught. How did it come to this? What is the way out of this life-and-death struggle for the Kurds? And how can the Kurdish people win national liberation?

Further reading

43. Tony Mulhearn, Militant and the city that beat Thatcher

11 October 2019

How did Liverpool defeat the Iron Lady? A political tribute to Tony Mulhearn, a giant of the workers' movement. As part of the Militant Tendency and Socialist Party, Tony helped lead the working-class struggle that defeated Margaret Thatcher, and spent his life fighting for Trotskyist ideas. What can we learn from those heroic struggles in fighting for socialism today?

Further reading

42. The state: a warning to Corbynism

4 October 2019

In the midst of a historic crisis, the state is preparing the ground to sabotage a potential left government. The Supreme Court has delivered a blow to Johnson. But were the Labour leaders right to praise the judiciary as an impartial upholder of democracy? We speak to Socialist Party deputy general secretary Hannah Sell.

Further reading

41. Sri Lanka: socialists fight back

27 September 2019

Sri Lanka is heading into presidential elections in the midst of a government deadlock - and the aftershocks of the horrific terror attack on 21 April. We speak to Siritunga Jayasuriya, secretary of Sri Lanka's United Socialist Party, about what the situation is like on the ground - and what political problems socialists will address in the November elections.

Further reading

40. Race for the White House 2020

20 September 2019

The race to be next president of the United States is hotting up. What's behind the crises in the Republicans? And can the Democrats be a route for change? We speak to Tony Saunois, secretary of the Committee for a Workers' International. Plus - report from the 20 September climate strike in London.

Further reading

39. Fighting for women in Britain today

13 September 2019

The majority of austerity is suffered by women. Meanwhile, rape convictions are down, and domestic violence murders are up. We hear about the struggle to defend women from the cuts, in the home, and at work - and how socialists think we can win the fight for women's liberation.

Further reading

38. Government meltdown: what now?

6 September 2019

The Tory party - and whole Westminster system - is in historic crisis. How can the labour and trade union movement navigate the Brexit impasse, oust the government, and end austerity?

Further reading

37. Hong Kong's revolutionary upheaval

30 August 2019

Millions of people have exploded onto the streets of Hong Kong. The state has responded with outrageous violence.

Where did this movement come from? Could this be the beginning of a revolution? And how can the workers and youth of Hong Kong and China overcome dictatorship and win real improvements to their lives?

Further reading

36. Northern Ireland, August 1969: the Troubles erupt

23 August 2019

50 years ago, workers' action could have stopped the Troubles. Then the British state sent the troops into Northern Ireland. What are the lessons for today?

Further reading

35. Peterloo

16 August 2019

16 August 2019 is the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo massacre. Armed forces charged a peaceful mass protest in Manchester demanding political representation in the fight for bread, jobs and living pay. This bloody response to workers' political organisation in 1819 laid bare the truth that the state is not a neutral body representing the best interests of all classes. It has many lessons for today about the roots of capitalism in Britain - and the lengths the capitalist state will go to when faced with a political crisis.

Further reading

34. Boris, Brexit and British capitalism

9 August 2019

Unpredictable, volatile and unstable: three words which sum up the situation facing new Tory prime minister Boris Johnson. This right-wing populist is quick to make promises. But he's presiding over the same slow-motion car crash of British capitalism and the Conservative Party that destroyed Theresa May. With a snap election ever more inevitable, this episode we ask: what are the prospects for the new PM, and for capitalism in Britain?

Further reading

23. Climate strikes and school student unions

20 March 2019

Socialist Students national organiser Theo Sharieff joins us to discuss ideas on the way forward for the climate strikes movement, including the possibility of establishing school students unions.

Further reading

SPECIAL. Vote Sue Atkins in Southampton Coxford

13 March 2019

We catch up with Sue Atkins, the Socialist Party candidate in the Southampton Coxford council byelection. Sue is standing on a platform of trade union action to reverse all council cuts and privatisation, and using the council's reserves and borrowing pwoers to set no-cuts budgets in the city. Southampton has a recent tradition of rebel councillors beating cuts.

Further reading

22. Honda and socialist nationalisation

12 March 2019

Rob Williams, the Socialist Party's industrial organiser, discusses the threat to the Honda car plant in Swindon and the Socialist Party's demand for nationalisation.

Further reading

21. A turning point for Corbyn's Labour leadership?

7 March 2019

We talk to Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary, about the latest developments in the Labour Party, including the Independent Group split and the suspension of Chris Williamson.

Further reading

20. Is climate change a political issue?

25 February 2019

Chris Baugh, Socialist Party member and assistant general secretary of the PCS civil servants' union (personal capacity), speaks to us about what type of change is necessary to truly combat climate change.

Further reading

19. #SchoolStrike4Climate

18 February 2019

Socialist Students national organiser Theo Sharieff and London Socialist Party youth and student organiser Helen Pattison join us to discuss the recent student climate strikes.

Further reading

18. Socialism: Utopian and Scientific

12 February 2019

Ben Robinson from Socialist Books discusses the latest republication of this classic Friedrich Engels summary of some of the central ideas of Marxism - and why it's so relevant today.

Further reading

17. What's happening in Venezuela?

4 February 2019

CWI secretary Tony Saunois gives analysis of the attempt to remove Maduro from power in Venezuela, and the lessons for left governments and parties internationally.

Further reading

16. Are no-cuts council budgets possible?

28 January 2019

We speak to Clive Heemskerk from the Socialist Party executive committee about a strategy for struggle against local government cuts.

Further reading

15 BONUS. Dave Nellist interview

21 January 2019

Socialist Party member Dave Nellist, former Labour MP, gives a radio interview on Brexit, Corbyn's position and a socialist approach to the EU.

Further reading

15. May's government in crisis

21 January 2019

Socialist Party executive committee member Judy Beishon analyses the latest Brexit developments after the historic defeat of May's deal and the first attempt at a no-confidence vote in parliament.

Further reading

14. GRA Reform

15 January 2019

Sarah Sachs-Eldridge, the Socialist Party's national organiser, discusses the proposed reform of the Gender Recognition Act, and a socialist programme for united struggle for Trans rights.

Further reading

13. 2019

7 January 2019

Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe gives an analysis of the political processes and trends we can expect to see continued and escalated in 2019 - from economic crisis, to Brexit chaos, to shifting world relations.

Further reading

12. The Gilets Jaunes

19 December 2018

Clare Doyle from the CWI and Socialist Student national chair Theo Sharieff join us to discuss the movement sweeping France, what it symbolises and what we can learn from it here.

Further reading

11. Tory Brexit chaos

12 December 2018

We discuss with Hannah Sell following Theresa May being forced to abandon the planned parliamentary vote on her Brexit plan, and the initiation of a vote of no confidence in her from within the Tory Party.

Further reading

10. Economic crisis - ten years on

3 December 2018

Steve Score from the Socialist Party's national committee discusses the financial crash of 2007-08, its causes and implications.

Further reading

9. When revolution ended World War 1

26 November 2018

We speak to Bob Labi from the Committee for a workers' international about why World War 1 ended when it did, and particularly the role of radicalisation and revolution.

Further reading

8 BONUS. Tony Saunois at Socialism 2018

Audio recording of Tony Saunois' introduction to the workshop 'Latin America: lessons for the left in Britain and Europe' at the 'Socialism 2018' event on 11 November

Further reading

8. Who is Bolsonaro and how did he get elected?

19 November 2018

The secretary of the Committee for a Workers' International, Tony Saunois, talks about the election of the far-right president Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, what it indicates, and what can be done about it.

Further reading

7 BONUS. Kshama Sawant

16 November 2018

Audio recording of US Seattle city councilmember Kshama Sawant's introduction to the workshop 'Could Trump win in 2020' at the Socialism 2018 event.

Further reading

7. What is Trumpism?

12 November 2018

We talk to US socialist Bryan Koulouris about the nature and threat of Trumpism.

Further reading

6. What's the big deal about the unions?

5 November 2018

Rob Williams, Socialist Party industrial organiser, talks about the importance of the trade unions, their potential role, and what’s necessary to transform them.

Further reading

5. A socialist view of Brexit

29 October 2018

Clive Heemskerk, the deputy editor of Socialism Today, discusses Brexit, the problems it presents for the capitalist class and what it really means for workers.

Further reading

4. Is the far right on the rise?

22 October 2018

Socialist Party executive committee member Paula Mitchell looks at the nature and relative strength of the far right and the populist right today, and how a movement to defeat them can be built.

Further reading

3. Antisemitism - what it is and how to fight it

12 October 2018

In light of the smears against Jeremy Corbyn, Judy Beishon, a member of the Socialist Party's executive committee, explains the origins of antisemitism, its nature today and what's necessary to end it.

Further reading

2. Politics in Britain today

11 October 2018

After the party conferences this autumn, Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe discusses the trends in politics in Britain at the moment - from two parties in one within Labour to the Tories' Brexit crisis.

Further reading

1. Socialism

11 October 2018

Socialist Party deputy general secretary Hannah Sell discusses what we mean by socialism, what the Socialist Party stands for and why we're launching a podcast.

Further reading

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