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10 May 2007

One big rail union?

A member of the train drivers union, ASLEF, argues the case for one single union in the rail industry....

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22 March 2007

Passenger protests force some improvements

Rail investment: THE GOVERNMENT ann-ouncement that 1,000 new rail carriages are to be provided to ease overcrowding is welcome news for rail travellers and rail workers who are frustrated that the service we provide fails our customers...

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26 October 2006

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Rail privatisation: RAIL PRIVATISATION in the 1990s was an expensive and chaotic disaster. Railtrack has been replaced with Network Rail. Three private firms control all train... By An Aslef member

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21 September 2006

Fighting to save jobs

OVER 100 workers answered the call with just 18 hours notice to a Friday lunchtime rally outside clothes manufacturer Burberry's in Treorchy to begin the fight back to save the 300 jobs threatened by Burberry's announcement of closure of the plant, writes Dave Reid.

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1 June 2006

Drivers strike over tax bills

South West Trains: TWO HUNDRED train drivers, members of ASLEF based at Waterloo station in London, were on strike on 30 May. This was the first of a series of one-day strikes over the removal of tax benefits in kind by their employer South West, writes Chris Newby.

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18 May 2006

Rail unions battle over pensions

THE RAIL network across the whole of Britain looks to be heading for a long hot summer of discontent. The four rail unions, RMT, TSSA, ASLEF and the CSEU have joined forces in an attempt to safeguard their members' pensions, writes Gordon Martin, branch secretary Wishaw and Motherwell RMT, personal capacity.

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27 April 2006

Rail unions unite to defend pensions

"WE WILL take united strike action to defend pensions and we need to do it before 1 July this year." Bob Crow, general secretary of the rail union RMT made this statement at a recent conference of 500 rail workers in central London, writes Bill Mullins.

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19 January 2006

Walk out prompts ASLEF ballot

THE TRAIN driver's union ASLEF are to ballot their 2,200 drivers on London Underground for a series of one-day strikes. The socialist spoke to workers on the Northern Line:...

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15 December 2005

Rail workers fight bosses' offensive

THE RAIL industry remains, despite privatisation, a stronghold of trade unionism...

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9 October 2004

Building Support Amongst Other Trade Unionists

MARION LLOYD, a member of the PCS national executive committee, recently spoke at rail union ASLEF's national conference. Extracts from her warmly received speech follow:...

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2 October 2004

ASLEF: The Battle Continues

SHAUN BRADY who unexpectedly defeated Mick Rix to become general secretary of the train drivers' union ASLEF, has been dismissed from his post. A previous issue of the socialist (issue 362) exposed Brady's links with the bosses and the New Labour...

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18 September 2004

Asleft: Rebuilding The Union

LAST MONTH, Shaun Brady - the right-wing general secretary of the railway union Aslef (Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen) - was dismissed from office by the union's executive committee for gross misconduct...

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25 October 2003

London Underground: How Workers Made The Bosses Listen

ON FRIDAY night, 17 October the Piccadilly Line of London Underground had a cracked running rail that it was estimated had been broken for four or five months...

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9 August 2003

Bosses' Attacks Meet Shopfloor Anger

THE WILDCAT strikes at British Airways, followed by days of tense negotiations sent shivers down the spines of Britain's bosses, writes Ken Smith.

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19 July 2002

Safety Before Profit!

NEW EVIDENCE of the responsibility of private contractors for the Potters Bar rail crash emerges almost daily, but still tube-workers have to walk out on strike to stop the government handing control of London Underground's tracks to the same firms, writes Bill Johnson, RMT.

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24 May 2002

Take Back Rail

OVER A week after the fatal rail crash at Potters Bar, government ministers are still trying to limit the damage to their pro-privatisation policies

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1 February 2002

Solidarity And A Bold Leadership Needed

THE THREAT to sack striking train workers at South West Trains (SWT) by Brian Souter is the most serious development for trade unions in the last decade

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6 April 2001

Tube strike shuts down London

ON 29 March, London Underground was again brought to a halt by striking workers in the Aslef and RMT trade unions, writes Bill Johnson, London Underground worker.

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4 February 2000

Rail strike victory

DRIVERS FOR for Connex South-East railways have won a stunning victory. The drivers, members of rail union ASLEF, forced the employers to concede most of their demands after just one day's strike action...

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