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8 March 2017

Why I joined: "I hope that more and more people are going to join the Socialist Party and the fight to end inequality"

I think the simplest answer to why I joined the Socialist Party is that I saw inequality and wanted to help. I admit though that it was not simple to recognise this inequality, and for a long time I refused to acknowledge it even existed.

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28 September 2016

Newcastle: Socialist Party defies ban to counter the far-right

Socialist Party members from Tyneside defied an outrageous ban imposed by Newcastle Unites (NU) to join a counter-demo against the far-right English Defence league on 24 September. With our Socialist Party banner and placards held high we were the most distinct group on the march.

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27 January 2016

Labour councillor smears TUSC policy as 'BNP'

A right-wing Labour councillor in Tower Hamlets, east London, has accused anti-austerity activists of emulating the far-right, racist British National Party.

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18 February 2015

Shallow look at racist far right

TV review - Angry, White and Proud: Jamie Roberts' Channel 4 documentary claimed to shine a spotlight on Britain's far-right today

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Jobs and homes not racism - stop the BNP! photo S Kimmerle

19 May 2014

Anti-cuts rally defies council ban and BNP

300 people joined Salford Against Cuts for a "Rally on the Lawn" outside the civic buildings

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Anti-EDL demo, East London, 7.9.13 , photo by Paul Mattsson

Anti-EDL demo, East London, 7.9.13 , photo by Paul Mattsson

16 October 2013

Robinson drops EDL but not his bigotry

Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carrol, the two most prominent members of the English Defence League, have unexpectedly resigned from the EDL, writes Ben Roberts.

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Anti-EDL demo, East London, 7.9.13, photo Paul Mattsson

9 October 2013

Workers and youth: Unite against the far right

Unite initiated a demo in Liverpool against the far right

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Protest outside Scotland Yard, 9.7.13, photo N Caffferky

Protest outside Scotland Yard, 9.7.13, photo N Caffferky

4 September 2013

Police spies and the workers' movement

Hannah Sell examines the role and the background to police spy Peter Francis as revealed in the book Undercover: The True Story of Britain's Secret Police.

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Tower Hamlets school students striking on 9 March 1994 against racist attacks, photo by Andy walker

Tower Hamlets school students striking on 9 March 1994 against racist attacks, photo by Andy walker

4 September 2013

1993: BNP racists forced off Brick Lane

Twenty years ago, on Sunday 19 September 1993, 1,000 people gathered on Brick Lane in Tower Hamlets, east London, to stop the racist, far-right British National Party (BNP) from having its regular paper sale.

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24 June 2013

Scandal of attempt to denigrate Lawrence family

The news that an undercover police officer tried to find out information that could discredit Stephen Lawrence's family is terrible and shocking, but unfortunately not surprising

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16 June 2013

Stopping the BNP from meeting

Twice in the last few weeks, the BNP has been prevented from holding public meetings in Salford

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6 June 2013

Condemnation of racist destruction of Muswell Hill Islamic centre in London

The daubing of "EDL" on one of the burnt walls indicates that the forces behind this are supporters of the far right

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Anti-BNP demonstration in central London, 1.6.13, photo S Kimmerle

4 June 2013

Stopping the BNP in London

The BNP was only able to assemble a small and heavily outnumbered group in central London

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Jobs and Homes Not Racism - Youth Fight For Jobs banner on anti-EDL demonstration in Tower Hamlets, London, photo East London Socialist Party

29 May 2013

Unite to fight racism!

Working class unity is needed to end austerity: Aghast, millions of people watched the shaky amateur footage of the brutal killing of a young soldier, Lee Rigby, in Woolwich, south east London

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24 April 2013

20 years after murder of Stephen Lawrence

When mass action and class unity beat back the fascists: Twenty years ago, the black teenager Stephen Lawrence was brutally murdered by five thugs in a racist attack in Eltham, south east London...

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14 January 2013

Fighting Racism and Fascism & Student Work

The issues of racism and fascism, and how to combat them and the far-right British National Party (BNP) - which has, in its leadership, fascist elements - has recently assumed greater importance in Britain...

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Anti-EDL demonstration in Walthamstow 1 September 2012, photo P Mason

Anti-EDL demonstration in Walthamstow 1 September 2012, photo P Mason

24 October 2012

Far right attempts to build support in Leicester

The EDL continues to drag its travelling circus of violent anti-Muslim demonstrations around Britain

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Shake up politics and fight all cuts, photo The Socialist

18 April 2012

On 3 May use your vote to: Shake up politics and fight all cuts!

This is a government of the rich for the rich. That is the inescapable message of the Lib-Con coalition's ultra anti-working class budget and the whole cuts agenda.

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25 January 2012

Greenwich Unite members oppose cuts, privatisation and racism

Unite members in Greenwich, south London, were out in force for the second Saturday running on 21 January, fighting to stop the council privatising the library service, writes Onay Kasab, Greenwich Unite.

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Youth Against Racism in Europe (YRE) and Panther platform in Welling as part of the campaign to drive the racists out after the murder of Stephen Lawrence, photo R. Newton

Youth Against Racism in Europe (YRE) and Panther platform in Welling as part of the campaign to drive the racists out after the murder of Stephen Lawrence, photo R. Newton

11 January 2012

Stephen Lawrence murder - the untold story

On 3 January 2012 Gary Dobson and David Norris were found guilty of the horrific murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence and sentenced to life imprisonment...

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