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Housing / Bedroom tax

The Case for Socialism

The Case for Socialism

10 August 2013

The case for socialism

Introduction: When the Sunday Times first published its annual Rich List in 1989, the combined wealth of the 200 richest people in Britain was 38 billion (80 billion in today's money).
In 2013 it had increased to 318.2 billion. Prolonged economic crisis has meant growing impoverishment for the majority but it has not halted the enrichment of a few at the top of British society...

More ...

5 August 2013

Bedroom Tax: Neighbours form ring of steel

Mirror article reports how local community tries to stop eviction of foster care mum in Kirkby, Merseyside.

More ...

31 July 2013

Anti-bedroom tax campaigning in Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham

The Greater Manchester Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation hit the ground running at an energetic rally

More ...

31 July 2013

The Socialist summer schedule

The fortnightly schedule allows members of the editorial staff to attend the CWI Summer School and also take some holiday

More ...

31 July 2013

Benefits shock: London family on state handouts avoids the benefit cap and bedroom tax

Royal birth deflects from campaigns to save maternity services across the UK

More ...

17 July 2013

Anti-bedroom tax campaign having impact

Last Monday our campaign group lobbied a Nottingham City Council meeting calling for a policy of no evictions for people facing 'bedroom tax arrears'

More ...

17 July 2013

Bedroom tax non-payment soars in Scotland: Stop evictions

The majority of Scottish councils have reported a significant increase in rent arrears since the bedroom tax - a housing benefit cut for under occupancy of 'spare bedrooms' - was introduced in April, writes Matt Dobson, Socialist Party Scotland.

More ...

17 July 2013

Councils: Don't do the Con-Dems' dirty work!

Theo Blackwell calls anti-bedroom tax campaigners "irresponsible" for our "no evictions" call. He accuses protesters of "being more interested in attacking Labour-led councils trying to help people

More ...

17 July 2013

Who are the real criminals?

Desperate poverty drives some people to desperate acts. The Hull Daily Mail reports that 40% more people seem to be stealing food for personal consumption in Hull than last year, writes Mike Whale.

More ...

Bedroom tax - can't pay, won't leave:  Glasgow demonstration against the bedroom tax and austerity 30 March 2013 , photo Jim Halfpenny

10 July 2013

Lifting the lid on the bedroom tax horror

Iain Duncan Smith recently declared the bedroom tax had proven to be "a great success"

More ...

10 July 2013

Birmingham Labour councillors' promises

On 3 July Erdington Anti-Bedroom Tax campaign held its second meeting. Labour councillors Penny Holbrook, Josh Jones and Mick Finnegan fielded questions from the 25-strong audience, writes Mark Caudery, Birmingham.

More ...

8 July 2013

Rent arrears grows in Scotland

The cruel, hated bedroom tax is leading to growing rent arrears

More ...

3 July 2013

Fighting back against hated bedroom tax

Tenants and campaigners unite: Kevin Pattison reports on how anti-bedroom tax campaigners in Leeds are fighting back.

More ...

NSSN 7th annual conference June 2013, photo by Senan

NSSN 7th annual conference June 2013, photo by Senan

3 July 2013

National Shop Stewards Network seventh annual conference

There has been no pause in the Con-Dems' vicious austerity drive. The spending review included a further 11.5 billion of cuts. Councils will face a 10% budget cut from 2015. Automatic annual pay progression

More ...

Part of the audience at NSSN conference, 29.6.13, photo Senan

1 July 2013

NSSN conference - trade unionists discuss strategy to defeat government's austerity

The NSSN conference brought together 400 activists on 29 June. A key topic for discussion was how to make the demand for a 24-hour general strike a reality.

More ...

26 June 2013

Lessons for today from an anti-poll tax bailiff buster

During the mighty anti-poll tax campaign I was a Bailiff Buster. In Gateshead most of us were feisty woman who were determined not to let any bailiff get past us - and they never did!, writes Elaine Brunskill, Newcastle Socialist Party.

More ...

20 June 2013

Bristol council opposes 'bedroom tax' evictions

'No eviction' for bedroom tax victims is now the official policy of Bristol City Council

More ...

19 June 2013

We can beat the bedroom tax - Guide

A 'know your rights' guide printed as a supplement in issue 770 of the Socialist

More ...

19 June 2013

Let's axe the bedroom tax

As the first evictions related to bedroom tax arrears are heard in the courts, campaigners are organising to beat them, writes Campaign stops eviction in Manchester.

More ...

National Shop Stewards Network demonstration and lobby of the TUC 11 September 2011 , photo by Paul Mattsson

National Shop Stewards Network demonstration and lobby of the TUC 11 September 2011 , photo by Paul Mattsson

12 June 2013

Build for mass anti-cuts action

Come to the National Shop Stewards Network conference 29 June
The National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) annual conference is only two weeks away! On Saturday 29 June, trade unionists and anti-cuts campaigners will come together in a vital meeting

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