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Housing / Bedroom tax

Fighting the cuts in Tower Hamlets

3 December 2014

Tower Hamlets: Government attacks local democracy

Tower Hamlets hit the news when Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles threatened to send in government commissioners. How can councils fight the cuts and is the use of commissioners a threat to councils who do fight?

More ...

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition stands for rent control and building council housing, photo Waltham Forest TUSC

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition stands for rent control and building council housing, photo Waltham Forest TUSC

26 November 2014

Housing crisis! What do socialists say?

The housing crisis is hitting everyone in the face. The mainstream press, politicians and economists all feign concern. Not to mention the real concern of those of us actually affected by it!

More ...

19 November 2014

Bedroom farce

When the Con-Dems brought in the Bedroom Tax, they told us it was to get rid of 'surplus rooms' in social housing

More ...

12 November 2014

Flawed maths of the bedroom tax

I have been hit twice with the bedroom tax. The first time was last year when I was in a three bedroom place, as I was having my younger kids stay weekends, along with my older son living with me full

More ...

22 October 2014

Them & Us

Classless Ukip?: Ukip claims to represent 'all social classes'. So what is the commons voting record of Ukip's newest MP, Tory defector Douglas Carswell?

More ...

8 October 2014

Bedroom Tax: Still making tenants' lives hell

'The bedroom tax? Hasn't that been scrapped?' We get comments like this at our campaign stalls now. The Labour Party said it would scrap the tax and the Lib Dems said they no longer support it, writes Cathy Meadows, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Scrap the Bedroom Tax.

More ...

1 October 2014

Housing - a history of class struggle

Housing is one of the most pressing social issues in Britain. Millions are struggling to pay their rents or mortgages. Government policies have resulted in rents and house prices reaching crazy heights

More ...

10 September 2014

Bedroom Tax edges toward its doom

...but tenants still suffer: If a man dives headlong into a cesspool and then clambers out of it, the first thing he will do is find a way to wash his face and hands, writes Dave Murray.

More ...

2 July 2014

The great British housing disaster

Successive Labour and Con-Dem governments, and their local government counterparts, have failed to invest in building sufficient council housing and instead, encouraged profit-taking private developers and landlords to supply housing

More ...

18 June 2014

Birmingham: new Socialist Party branch

The new Birmingham South East branch is up and running. Based in Acocks Green, a working-class suburb of Birmingham , the new branch regularly held local Saturday stalls and established a foothold among

More ...

Ed Miliband confronted by anti-bedroom tax protestors demanding that Labour councils refuse to collect the tax, photo Chris Moore

28 May 2014

Why I didn't rejoin Labour

The Labour Party recently sent me an email asking me to rejoin Labour. I sent back this response, writes Carl Harper.

More ...

28 May 2014

Nottingham: Fighting the Bedroom Tax

Labour dominated Nottingham council issued a claim for a suspended possession order for a bedroom tax tenant who was less than four weeks in arrears

More ...

14 May 2014

Housing evictions - main parties to blame

Evictions in Britain have reached a ten year high. Disgracefully 31,000 possession orders are being applied for by councils, and it's mostly Labour councils that are carrying out this appalling act

More ...

23 April 2014

Why is there a housing crisis?

The Daily Telegraph predicted that 2014 will be another profitable year for homeowners, suggesting that "the spring could be a great time to go for that investment-cum-country-house you have had your eye on."

More ...

23 April 2014

Over 550 TUSC no-cuts candidates in place

The candidate count for the no-cuts challenge in May's elections has grown

More ...

16 April 2014

Beating evictions

Signalling that the bedroom tax is more trouble than it's worth, Basildon council withdrew 35 possession orders listed at the court

More ...

10 April 2014

Bedroom tax eviction respite in Salford

At less than 24 hours notice over 40 people turned up in Walkden, Salford, to prevent an eviction for bedroom tax arrears

More ...

8 April 2014

Anti-bedroom tax demo in Leeds

Around 500 people protested in Leeds on 5th April against the bedroom tax

More ...

2 April 2014

TUSC: No-cuts election challenge grows

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition national steering committee is about to approve the 440th candidate for the challenge in May's local elections. Of 160 councils with elections in May, TUSC already has candidates in place in 76. In 12 councils TUSC will be standing in at least ten seats.

More ...

26 March 2014

Adventures in bedroom tax land

As we are coming up to the first anniversary of the introduction of the bedroom tax I thought it would be a good time to look at my year. I have not made any of this up, writes Karen Fletcher, Barnsley.

More ...

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