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18 November 2015

My struggle for an income I can live on

"Please Sir, can I have a job?": I have multiple disabilities that include mobility post-traumatic stress disorder and dyslexia.

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8 July 2015

ESA under the cosh

The Tories intend to slash Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) by almost £30 a week. ESA, which replaced incapacity benefit in 2008, is paid to disabled people or those too ill to work who have extra needs.

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Scotland Youth Fight for Jobs arrives in Glasgow, 20 October 2012, photo by Matt Dobson

Scotland Youth Fight for Jobs arrives in Glasgow, 20 October 2012, photo by Matt Dobson

27 February 2013

The Work Programme isn't working

20 out of 9,500. That's how many former incapacity benefit claimants were placed in jobs lasting longer than three months

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13 June 2012

From pillar to post: reassessment for ESA

Last September I found myself on incapacity benefit. But just weeks later, the government's Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) told me I had to re-apply for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)...

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18 January 2012

Welfare Reform Bill:- Lords compromise is no victory

On 11 January, the House of Lords rejected the Con-Dem coalition government's proposal in its misnamed welfare reform bill to limit the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) that is contribution-based for disabled and sick claimants to one year, a disabled activist writes.

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9 December 2011

Fighting for disabled people's rights

Following The Hardest Hit campaign's dozen regional marches and rallies on 22 October, its next 'action' on Tuesday 13 December is to send a giant Christmas card to David Cameron

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 Hardest Hit protest:, May 2011, disabled people and their families protest in central London against government spending cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

20 October 2011

Stop the Welfare Reform Bill - fight all cuts to benefits and services

The thousands on this Saturday’s Hardest Hit regional demonstrations know the ugly truth of what the government's plans will mean if the Welfare Reform Bill becomes law

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3 August 2011

Disability rights

Vicious Tory bullies hit...: Government ministers, aided and abetted by the right wing media, have labelled the majority of disability benefit claimants as scroungers after the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said 39% were fully fit for work

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 Hardest Hit Protest: Disabled people and their families protest in central London against government spending cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

Hardest Hit Protest: Disabled people and their families protest in central London against government spending cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

18 May 2011

The Hardest Hit march and rally

I attended the disabled people's protest in central London on Wednesday 11 May as part of a group organised by the Royal National Institute of the Blind, writes Adrian Picton.

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Half-Million strong TUC demo 26 March 2011, photo Dave Beale

Half-Million strong TUC demo 26 March 2011, photo Dave Beale

6 April 2011

Cuts wreck people's lives

Con-Dems declare war on essential services: Like an arrogant bully, the Tory/Lib Dem coalition is pushing ahead with many of its assaults on the lives of working class people...

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27 October 2010

Axeman Osborne slashes disabled people's benefits

WHEN GEORGE Osborne announced £11 billion cuts to welfare spending in June's budget, disabled people and their families were shocked...

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Disabled people protest against cuts, photo S Civi

Disabled people protest against cuts, photo S Civi

14 October 2010

Con-Dem attacks will lead to social cleansing

THE CON-Dem government and their anti-working class press would have us believe that the country is full of lazy, oversized families living the high life off benefits worth tens of thousands of pounds a year, writes North London health worker.

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4 November 2009

Trade unionists must fight for decent benefits for all

Sick and disabled under attack: THE PRO-big business parties, New Labour, Tories and LibDems, vied with each other at their party conferences with zealous plans to make the working class pay for the economic and financial crisis, writes Jim Horton, welfare rights adviser, north London.

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30 January 2008

Incapacity benefit cuts hit the sick

THE GOVERNMENT'S plans for 'welfare reform' are raising concern among people on Incapacity Benefit (IB). Nooshin Shabani spoke to two people on incapacity benefit...

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22 November 2007

New attacks on incapacity benefits

WORKS AND Pensions (DWP) minister Peter Hain has announced new medical 'tests' from next October for people with disabilities to make it harder to qualify for incapacity benefit...

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20 September 2007

Remploy workers fight for jobs

Remploy workers rally against closure threat, photo Chris Moore

Remploy workers rally against closure threat, photo Chris Moore

"If need be, we will take this attitude to the battlefield and with this attitude, we will win"

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9 August 2007

Welfare Green Paper: Making profit out of poverty

THE GOVERNMENT'S Green Paper - Work, Better Off; Next Steps to Full Employment - rolls back many rights and benefits that have formed the basis of Britain's welfare state for 65 years... By Adam Dudley

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20 July 2006

New Labour's attack on the sick and disabled

THERE IS no doubt that Britain's welfare benefits system is complex, unwieldy and hard to understand for those who claim it and those who administer it, writes Carol Williams.

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13 July 2006

Welfare Reform Bill scapegoats disabled people!

THE BLAIR government has brought out a new Welfare Reform Bill that aims to 'save' billions in incapacity and other benefits by forcing disabled people (among others) into poverty...

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16 February 2006

New Labour attacks the sick and disabled

Welfare reform: THE NEW Labour government has plans to get people off incapacity benefit. They claim that "it's healthier to work than be sat at home with nothing to do". Of course it is, but if you can't work why should you be harassed...

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