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18 July 2012

Top-up fees: 50,000 debt leads to to 50,000 less students

'Education is a right not a privilege' was one of the main slogans of the tens of thousands of students who protested in 2010, writes Claire Laker-Mansfield, Socialist Students national organiser.

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13 February 2008

Feature: The great university swindle

Introducing university tuition fees was one of New Labour's first acts in government. Proving their pro-big business and pro-market agenda, they followed up by introducing top-up fees of up to 3,000 a year. But students who are struggling and facing a lifetime of debt must not accept this.

Socialist Students national organiser MATT DOBSON looks at the situation and outlines a programme for fighting for free education.

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8 November 2007

Education, Education, Education

Education for the rich: TONY BLAIR'S rallying cry of the 1997 general election was for "education, education, education", a call that chimed with the aspirations of ordinary people to have the opportunity to learn, develop ideas and understanding...

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1 March 2007

Protesting across the country

Huddersfield Campaign to defeat fees, photo Ian Slattery

Huddersfield Campaign to defeat fees, photo Ian Slattery

Campaign to Defeat Fees: HUNDREDS OF students in many areas took action as part of the Campaign to Defeat Fees (CDF) day of action on 22 February. This ranged from big protests to petitioning and stunts on the issues of student debt and top-up fees.

The action took place in over 40 colleges and universities, with more to follow this week when colleges come back from half term. Matt Dobson, Socialist Students national co-ordinator has compiled reports from the day of action.

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22 February 2007

Students can defeat fees

THE LIES go on! Blair maintains that the introduction of top-up fees has been vindicated and that his critics have been proved wrong. As usual his claims are based on dodgy evidence.

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18 January 2007

Anger against top-up fees grows

Join the national Day of Protest against fees on Thursday 22 February Applications for university places in September 2007 closed this week. These students will be starting in the second year of top-up tuition fees, paying...

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9 November 2006

Campaign to defeat top-up fees

On Sunday 29 October, when around 15,000 students marched on the NUS demo, the chants were loud and clear: "Top-up fees, no way!" It was clear that this was a demo not just to keep the cap on top-up fees, but against all fe... By Sarah Sachs-Eldridge

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2 November 2006

Thousands join fees demonstration

Student protests: ON 29 October, thousands of students showed their opposition to government attacks on higher education by demonstrating against top-up fees... By Michael Pooler Manchester University Socialist Students

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4 December 2004

No top-up fees

National union of students demo: THE NATIONAL Union of Students (NUS) has called a demonstration in Cardiff on 2 December, to protest against top-up fees. New Labour has decided that burdening students with fees of over 1,000 a year and getting rid of grants and replacing them...

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2 October 2004

Students Sign Up for Socialism

WAR AND occupation in Iraq, top-up fees, attacks on education, the BNP, inequality - just some of the issues that have motivated hundreds of students to find out more about socialist ideas at the university freshers fairs...

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28 February 2004

University strike: Why Cardiff closed down

ASSOCIATION OF University Teachers (AUT) members went on strike in Wales on 23 February as part of the rolling programme of strike action against the university employers' pay offer...

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21 February 2004

Socialist Party Councillors Say No To Top-Up Fees

RECENTLY SOCIALIST Party councillors Chris Flood and Ian Page put forward a motion calling on Lewisham council and the three local Labour MPs to oppose top-up tuition fees. Here is part of Chris's speech...

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31 January 2004

Battered Blair Clings On For Now

BLAIR narrowly survived the vote on top-up fees. He saw a massive majority of 161 evaporate to just five, over what he himself called his 'flagship' policy. At the eleventh hour, spineless New Labour MPs bottled it - bullied and bribed into submission...

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31 January 2004

Top-Up Fees - The Fight Goes On

HUNDREDS OF students braved the cold to demonstrate outside Parliament as MPs prepared to vote on top-up fees. Some spoke to the socialist about why they were there...

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24 January 2004

No Fees!

"WE SHOULD go on strike about this!" was a frequent comment made by young people signing our 'No to top-up fees' petition just before Christmas...

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24 January 2004

Top-Up Fees And Blair's Future In The Balance

"I WILL survive" said Blair on a Newsnight special about top-up fees (19 January). But will he?...

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24 January 2004

Make Big Business And The Rich Pay

SOCIALIST PARTY member John Reid was invited along to Newsnight with his daughters Nathalie, a student currently 11,000 in debt, and Stephanie, who is seriously reconsidering whether she can afford to attend university in three years time because top-up fees will saddle her with debts of at least 20,000...

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24 January 2004

Australia: Fees Don't Work

TONY BLAIR has said that the Australian system of university funding proves that top-up fees work. David Murray, a student in Australia spoke to the socialist about his experiences...

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17 January 2004

Stop Top-Up Fees

THE COUNTDOWN to the vote on top-up fees has begun. It's not certain that Tony Blair will get away with this latest attack on our right to a decent education. Labour MPs know that millions of people are outraged at a Bill that will price working-class...

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17 January 2004

Top-Up Fees - Your Questions Answered

Clare James, national coordinator of ISR, looks at what top-up fees will really mean for students and explains why we should organise to stop them...

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