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2 October 2013

Them & Us

Dirty donor: A money broker run by big Tory party donor and former party treasurer Michael Spencer has been fined 55 million for Libor interest rate rigging

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30 August 2013

Con-Dems in crisis - Now bring them down - For a 24-hour general strike

The Con-Dem government has suffered a huge defeat over Syria and its plan for UK involvement in a US-led attack.
After being humiliated in the House of Commons vote, Cameron has conceded that there will be no British military participation in Syria.
This debacle has consequences way beyond Britain's imperialist military adventures

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4 July 2013

Cameron and Blair's support for Kazakhstan regime

The following letter has been printed in the Guardian. It responds to an article about prime minister David Cameron's trade deals with the repressive regime in Kazakhstan

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26 September 2012

Murdoch empire: a whole barrel of bad apples

The media regulator Ofcom have bizarrely concluded that BSkyB is a "fit and proper" company to hold a broadcasting licence, writes Jim McFarlane, Socialist Party Scotland.

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20 June 2012

Leveson inquiry - The 1%: "definitely in this together"

As the prime minister faced questioning at the Leveson inquiry, lead counsel Robert Jay QC read out a text message that Cameron had received from former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks, writes Ben Norman.

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13 June 2012

Leveson: contradictions and a crisis of credibility

Since the Leveson inquiry began in November politicians have taken turns to take the stand, profess a desire to defend press freedom and lament the power of the media tycoons they once courted, before being given the opportunity to re-write history, writes Ben Norman.

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Socialism Today May 2012, picture, Paul Mattsson

Socialism Today May 2012

18 April 2012

The pensions' battle continues

The need for concerted strike action against Con-Dem cuts in the public sector is more urgent than ever. Central to that struggle is the ongoing battle to stop the government forcing workers to work longer, pay more and get less. Peter Taaffe reports.

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We need a voice for the 99%

We need a voice for the 99%

28 March 2012

Tories stand for the 1%... We need a voice for the 99%!

Only one week after the government's budget of new, swingeing cuts in jobs and services, accompanied by huge tax breaks for the rich and big business, it's been revealed that super-rich Tory party donors had earlier wined and dined with the prime minister, David Cameron...

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Socialism Today 156 - March 2012

Socialism Today 156, March

3 March 2012

Striking back in austerity Britain

Arrogant, out-of-touch Con-Dem politicians actually believed they had defeated trade union opposition to their savage austerity measures after last year's strikes. Yet a number of key unions are poised to strike-back on 28 March - and significant private-sector struggles continue. Peter Taaffe writes.

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Jarrow demonstration: we are the 99% Take the wealth off the 1%, photo Paul Mattsson

Jarrow demonstration: we are the 99% Take the wealth off the 1%, photo Paul Mattsson

22 February 2012

What's wrong with capitalism?

In response to the growing opposition to this profit-hungry capitalist system, many of its proponents have argued that not all capitalism is bad. Lynn Walsh exposes the myths proposed by prime minister Cameron as he tries to sell us the idea of 'popular' capitalism.

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18 January 2012

Cameron's attack on Scottish independence referendum backfires

National tensions over the issue of Scottish independence were raised significantly following the recent blundering intervention of David Cameron and the Con-Dem coalition, writes Philip Stott, Socialist Party Scotland.

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11 January 2012

Fat cat pay: empty words from Cameron

Prime minister David Cameron now tells us that he is determined to announce action in this spring's Queen's speech on the phenomenally high pay of 'fat cat' company executives, writes Roger Shrives.

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14 December 2011

Cameron's drugs problems

Readers' comments: David Cameron recently announced plans to fast-track new drugs, making them available to patients more quickly, and before they have completed clinical trials, writes Paul Gerrard.

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N30: millions of public sector workers went on strike on 30 November 2011, photo Senan

Photo Senan

14 December 2011

Tories speak for the rich - not for us

David Cameron was stoutly defending the 'nation'. This is what he claimed after he was humiliatingly defeated by 26 votes to one at the 9 December EU summit and withdrew from participating in discussions over a new EU treaty. But which nation, asks Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary.

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Cameron dunce, placard on the N30 30 November public sector strike, photo by Paul Mattsson

Cameron dunce, placard on the N30 30 November public sector strike, photo by Paul Mattsson

7 December 2011

Tory sleaze is back!

The squeamish should look away now. With 'Murdochgate' ongoing, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has exposed further rotten sleaze at the top of government with claims from Bell Pottinger, a 'lobbying'...

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12 October 2011

Fox takes cronyism to new level

Fox by name, fox by nature it seems. For despite the mounting and overwhelming evidence of cronyism against Tory MP Liam Fox, the defence minister remains in his post

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Youth workers' strike, Witney, 9.9.11, John Gilman

15 September 2011

Youth workers' strike and lobby in Witney, Oxfordshire

Even in the heart of his supposedly leafy constituency, "Disco Dave" is unable to escape the outcry caused by his government's policies

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31 August 2011

'Murdochgate' places Cameron under spotlight

Con-Dem prime minister David Cameron was already up to his eyes in 'Murdochgate' before the latest tranche of revelations, writes Sean Figg.

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31 August 2011

'Broken Britain'...

Welcome to David Cameron's latest wheeze to save 'broken Britain' - the Social Impact Bond. It's got a lot in common with all Desperate Dave's other failed remedies...

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