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11 May 2011

News in brief

Kazakhstan repression: Members of the Socialist Party staged a protest outside the Kazakhstan embassy in central London on Friday 6 May in support of trade union and socialist activists who are suffering repeated attacks and harassment by the Nazarbayev regime...

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24 March 2011

Why are the Con-Dems doing this?

Before the general election David Cameron tried to claim that the Tory party had changed and was no longer the brutal anti-working class party of the 1980s...

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14 February 2011

Socialist Party's Nick Chaffey attacks the Tory 'Big Society' on the BBC's The Big Question

Watch the Socialist Party's Southern region organiser get rounds of applause attacking the defenders of David Cameron's Big Society on Nicky Campbell's The Big Question.

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NHS cleaners employed by Compass Medirest on a 48 hour strike in Southampton and Buckinghamshire, photo Southampton Socialist Party

NHS cleaners employed by Compass Medirest on a 48 hour strike in Southampton and Buckinghamshire, photo Southampton Socialist Party

2 February 2011

Defend the NHS!: Fight the Con-Dem cuts

In his attempt to win support for the Con-Dem health bill, David Cameron was everywhere, rushing around TV and radio stations and newspaper offices, trying to defend the Con-Dems' plans to 'modernise' the NHS in England - straight back into the 1930s...

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26 January 2011

Phone hacking and media spin - the murky world of Andy Coulson

THE NEWS of the World (NoW) phone hacking scandal has claimed the job of Andy Coulson, David Cameron's spin doctor-in-chief, writes Philip Stott, Socialist Party Scotland.

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12 January 2011

The plot thickens at News International

The News of the World's denials that illegal phone hacking was carried out by the newspaper on a regular and sustained basis are rapidly unravelling, writes Philip Stott, CWI Scotland.

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National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) lobby of TUC conference in Manchester 2010, photo Suleyman Civi

National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) lobby of TUC conference in Manchester 2010, photo Suleyman Civi

5 January 2011

We'll resist Cameron's 'hard times'

PRIME MINISTER David Cameron's New Year message told us that 2011 will be a "difficult year". The Con-Dem coalition, he claimed, will take "hard but necessary steps" in the next 12 months, writes Roger Shrives.

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18 August 2010

Private-profit company granted 'snoopers' charter'

PRIME MINISTER David Cameron, using the cover of tackling fraud, is bringing in credit referencing company Experian to challenge the claims of benefit claimants, writes Chris Newby.

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Marching to defend the NHS

Marching to defend the NHS

21 July 2010

Con-Dems propose denationalisation of NHS

Using the cover of 'saving' money by reducing 'bureaucracy', the Con-Dem government is effectively proposing the wholesale privatisation of the National Health Service...

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Only one choice... Fight Back!

30 June 2010

Only one choice... Fight back!

Government's swingeing cuts: Millionaire Tory leaders George Osborne and David Cameron are going to write to every public sector worker in the country to ask where the billions of pounds of public spending cuts should be made, writes Nancy Taaffe, Library worker.

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No to privatisation of services. Swansea Unison workers protest against cuts and privatisation in Wales , photo Socialist Party Wales

No to privatisation of services

16 June 2010

Millionaire ministers savage public services

Bloodbath Budget 22 June: Deeper cuts, faster cuts, tougher cuts. This is what Tory chancellor George Osborne promises in his 'austerity' budget, saying public debt is "worse than we thought"...

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Cameron and Clegg's public spending cuts. Cartton by Suz, photo Suz

Cameron and Clegg's public spending cuts. Cartton by Suz, photo Suz

9 June 2010

Reject these brutal cuts

'There is no alternative to pain'. This is the deafening drumbeat of the capitalist politicians and media. David Cameron claims he has no choice but to take "tough" decisions and to carry out cuts. But the Socialist Party does not accept there is no alternative to public sector cuts. Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary, explains.

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2 June 2010

One Law for the rich...

CHIEF TREASURY secretary David Laws, described as "a genius" by colleagues, inflicted 6.2 billion of cuts in public spending which will hit millions of people...

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26 May 2010

Fast News

A GOVERNMENT for the rich, of the rich. Nothing new in that of course, but the Cabinet in the Tory-Lib Dem coalition with its 18 millionaires weighs in at least 15 million richer than it was in the previous...

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PCS banner - Official Dispute, photo Andrew McCoy

Battles against cuts expected sooner or later

7 May 2010

Electoral deadlock: all capitalist parties 'losers'

In the issue of The Socialist published immediately before the general election, we wrote: "The British electoral system - famed throughout the world for ensuring 'stability' - now acts like a slot machine with the outcome highly uncertain." writes Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary.

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27 April 2010

Heading for a coalition government?

Peter Taaffe, general secretary of the Socialist Party, looks at the options facing the capitalists and their parties following the 6 May general election...

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21 April 2010

TV debate - Party leaders compete for the same policies

The first television debate, on 15 April, between the leaders of the main parties was the first such election debate in Britain, writes Paula Mitchell.

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21 April 2010

Cameron turns back clock on women's rights

DAVID CAMERON'S comments on abortion last week underlined the danger of increased attacks on women's rights if the Tories win the general election...

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7 April 2010

Tories reveal yet more anti-gay bias

THE COMMENTS of shadow home secretary Chris Grayling last week show the continued existence of anti-gay prejudice in the Conservative Party, writes Ian Pattison, Leeds Socialist Party.

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24 March 2010

Striking British Airways cabin crew pickets speak to The Socialist

It's been really heartening to get together like this with all your colleagues. The support has been great, horns are going all the time. The fire brigade beeped us. I believe the public support is there...

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