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No2EU on G20 protest in London, photo Paul Mattsson

No2EU on G20 protest in London, photo Paul Mattsson

12 January 2010

Launch of Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Editorial: After a series of discussions by participants in the 'No2EU-Yes to Democracy' European election coalition there will now be a general election challenge under the newly-registered electoral banner, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

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British Airways

British Airways

17 December 2009

British Airways: Defend the right to strike

Socialist Party statement: On the decision of one judge and at the behest of British Airways bosses, the workers of Britain and their trade unions have been told that the democratic right to strike has been cancelled.

This "disgraceful legal judgment" as the union Unite correctly called it, makes voting in any union ballot almost irrelevant if it does not suit the wishes of the bosses and their friends in the judiciary. Any strike can be declared 'illegal'...

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2 December 2009

BA management get tough

In the last few weeks the industrial dispute between British Airways cabin crew and management has become increasingly bitter, writes Neil Cafferky.

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Michael Moore's film: Capitalism: A love story

Michael Moore's film: Capitalism: A love story

28 October 2009

Film review - Capitalism: a love story

Michael Moore's new film Capitalism: A Love Story opens with a simple message: "Capitalism is evil," and must be replaced with a system that puts the interests of ordinary people over profit, writes Reviewed by Dan DiMaggio, Socialist Alternative, USA.

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14 September 2009

The Experience of the Paris Commune of 1871. Marx's Analysis

1. What Made the Communards' Attempt Heroic?: It is well known that in the autumn of 1870, a few months before the Commune, Marx warned the Paris workers that any attempt to overthrow the government would be the folly of despair...

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14 September 2009

The Economic Basis of the Withering Away of the State

1. Presentation of the Question by Marx: Marx explains this question most thoroughly in his Critique of the Gotha Programme (letter to Bracke, May 5, 1875, which was not published until 1891 when it was printed in Neue Zeit, vol...

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1 August 2009

Defend the Four protest success, pictures

Around 60 supporters attended the lobby to Defend the Four outside the Unison HQ in London on 30th July. See Unison witch-hunt: Defend the Unison Four! for details...

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8 July 2009

Arundhati Roy - politics and literature

London Literature Festival review: The London Literature Festival 2009 opened on 2 July at the Southbank Centre, with Arundhati Roy, introducing her new book Listening to grasshoppers: field notes on democracy...

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1 July 2009

Councils try to gag us

There has been much talk in the wake of the MPs' expenses scandals of the need to make politicians more accountable, extend democracy and empower people and their communities, writes James Kerr, Lewisham Socialist Party.

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5 June 2009

European elections: Putting forward a workers' alternative

London: IN SPITE of the national media news blackout on the 'No2EU-Yes to Democracy' workers' alternative in the European elections, there have been many successful public meetings held around the country, as the following reports show, writes Sarah Sachs-Eldridge.

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5 June 2009

A Question Time carve up

The producers of BBC programme Question Time on 28 May, on the European elections, had decided not to include RMT union leader Bob Crow as a panel speaker from 'No2EU - Yes to Democracy', on the grounds that it was not an important enough party...

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5 June 2009

Tiananmen Square 1989: Counter-revolution crushes China's democracy movement

ON 3-4 June 1989, Deng Xiaoping and other aged leaders of China's so-called 'communist' party, ordered 200,000 troops to crush a two-month long movement of workers and students against bureaucratic rule and for workers' democracy...

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27 May 2009

Fight for real democracy!

"A Very British Revolution," thundered the Telegraph in the aftermath of the ejection from the House of Commons of Speaker Michael Martin, the first time this has happened since 1695. Shades of 'Jacobinism'? Not if you listen to the enraged voices of the 'street', writes Peter Taaffe

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Bob Crow (RMT), Dave Nellist (Socialist Party) and Brian Denny (RMT) explain why they are supporting No2EU

Bob Crow (RMT), Dave Nellist (Socialist Party) and Brian Denny (RMT) explain why they are supporting No2EU

27 May 2009

No2EU - yes to Democracy: Who's standing and why you should vote for them

For the first time since the Labour Party became a capitalist party, there will be a trade union-backed electoral alternative on a national scale for this year's European election...

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Protest at MPs' sleaze - Vote No2EU - Yes to Democracy, photo The Socialist

Protest at MPs' sleaze - Vote No2EU - Yes to Democracy, photo The Socialist

27 May 2009

Protest at MPs' sleaze: Vote No2EU - Yes to Democracy

Bob Crow and Dave Nellist say why you should vote No2EU: The coalition that we've assembled in the last few weeks for this election is campaigning against privatisation, against low pay, against MPs' 'expenses' and the gravy train, writes Dave Nellist Socialist Party councillor, Coventry.

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27 May 2009

Hear No2EU - Yes to Democracy speakers

Meeting Listings

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13 May 2009

No2EU - Yes to Democracy campaign news

No2EU On Thursday 7 May the 'No2EU - Yes to Democracy' campaign declared its full slate of candidates for the 4 June European electon...

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13 May 2009

Wales TUC: For trade union democracy and for trade union rights!

This year's Wales TUC, meeting in Llandudno from 19-21 May, looks likely to be the last annual gathering of the conference, writes Alec Thraves, Swansea trades council delegate.

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12 May 2009

Sweep away the thieves and their system

Editorial: 'Fish rot from the head first'. The stink arising from the outright corruption, outright thievery - to give it its proper name - from the 'public purse', by the overwhelming majority of 'dis-honourable members' of the House of Commons presents a nauseating spectacle...

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