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30 November 2011

Egypt: Millions cast their votes in the first post-Mubarak elections

But military-controlled elections do not signal transition to democracy: Long queues formed at many polling stations, on 28 November, in Cairo and other Egyptian cities and towns, writes Niall Mulholland.

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Friday, Day 14 of w:Occupy Wall Street - photos from the camp in Zuccotti Park and the march against police brutality, walking to One Police Plaza, headquarters of the NYPD, photo by David Shankbone

Friday, Day 14 of w:Occupy Wall Street - photos from the camp in Zuccotti Park and the march against police brutality, walking to One Police Plaza, headquarters of the NYPD, photo by David Shankbone

16 November 2011

Riot cops assault Occupy protesters

Riot police in the USA attacked, arrested and evicted people from the anti-capitalist camps in New York, Portland and in Oakland, California...

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News International Newspapers Ltd, photo Paul Mattsson

Photo Paul Mattsson

11 July 2011

Take over Murdoch's press!

* Nationalise the media to allow full and democratic freedom of discussion and decision-making
'Murdochgate', the News of the World scandal, is Britain's Watergate, writes Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary

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15 June 2011

NHS "listening events" - Flip chart 'democracy'

About 120 people gathered at the Manchester City stadium for the NHS "Listening Event" - we seemed to be a mixture of NHS managers, health workers, voluntary sector and community activists

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8 June 2011

News in brief

A 'good dictatorship': While pro-democracy opponents of Bahrain's monarchy languish in the country's notorious police cells, F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone (23rd richest person in the UK) has given the green light to restage the cancelled Bahrain grand prix later this year...

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'Thank you for fighting for our future' - message from Spanish youth protesting in central Madrid to the thousands gathered against the Spanish government's austerity package , photo by Sarah Wrack

'Thank you for fighting for our future'. Photo by Sarah Wrack

23 May 2011

Spain: this is what democracy looks like!

Members of the CWI in Spain have participated in the Spanish youth movement in eight different cities with a special leaflet calling for unity with the working class and a general strike, for elected democratic committees of workers and young people to prepare such a movement and for a revolutionary socialist policy

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19 February 2011

2. Socialism

In a socialist society the means of producing wealth would be transferred from the hands of an unelected elite, concerned only with making a profit, to the democratic control of ordinary working people...

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16 February 2011

Egypt - the revolution must go on

Mubarak is no more, relegated to "the dustbin of history". He was blown away by one of the greatest mass movements in history. An edited version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Socialist.

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2 February 2011

Defend democracy in the CWU

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) national executive (NEC) has scandalously and without precedent postponed this year's NEC elections until after annual conference in May, writes Socialist Party members in the CWU.

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Egypt: masses arise

Egypt: masses arise

31 January 2011

Egypt: Mass revolt forces Mubarak regime to brink

Hundreds of thousands remain on streets defying repression - For an indefinite general strike!
Mubarak's rotten regime is tottering on the brink. Six days of mass protests have grown into a nation-wide revolutionary wave of defiance.

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26 January 2011

Tunisia: Protesters demand real democracy and social change

Two weeks ago a powerful revolt of the Tunisian masses swept away the dictator, President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, after decades of autocratic rule, growing joblessness and high food prices...

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London anti-cuts demonstration jointly called by the NSSN, RMT, NUT, FBU, PCS and other unions, photo Paul Mattsson

London anti-cuts demonstration jointly called by the NSSN, RMT, NUT, FBU, PCS and other unions, photo Paul Mattsson

19 January 2011

Discussing an NSSN anti-cuts campaign

National Shop Stewards Network conference 22 January: In the debates and discussions that have taken place in the run up to the NSSN special anti-cuts conference on 22 January, a number of assumptions and misunderstandings have been raised in meetings around the country and also circulated on the internet...

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22 September 2010

'Death of democracy' in Sri Lanka

EIGHTH SEPTEMBER 2010 will be marked as a 'Black Day' in the history of the capitalist democratic system in Sri Lanka, writes Siritunga Jayasuriya, United Socialist Party (CWI, Sri Lanka).

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19 May 2010

Thailand's government orders bloody crackdown on protesters

A TWO-month stand-off between Thailand's government and thousands of opposition 'Red Shirt' protesters encamped in the commercial district of Bangkok appears to be heading for a bloody showdown, writes Dave Carr.

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5 May 2010

Tower Hamlets mayoral referendum

Comment: Would having an 'executive Mayor' be more democratic than the way Tower Hamlets council is run at the moment...

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Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT, speaking to the press, photo Paul Mattsson

Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT, speaking to the press, photo Paul Mattsson

7 April 2010

Mobilise to defend the right to strike

Editorial: The rail union democratically agreed and planned an effective strike. Network Rail bosses went running to the courts...

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10 March 2010

Protest against Unison dawn raids 15th March

Don't let Unison democracy go up in smoke!
Join Unison members outside Congress House on Great Russell Street, London, Monday 15 March 6pm onwards - Unison members bring your letters from Unison HQ to burn!

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No2EU on G20 protest in London, photo Paul Mattsson

No2EU on G20 protest in London, photo Paul Mattsson

12 January 2010

Launch of Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Editorial: After a series of discussions by participants in the 'No2EU-Yes to Democracy' European election coalition there will now be a general election challenge under the newly-registered electoral banner, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

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British Airways

British Airways

17 December 2009

British Airways: Defend the right to strike

Socialist Party statement: On the decision of one judge and at the behest of British Airways bosses, the workers of Britain and their trade unions have been told that the democratic right to strike has been cancelled.

This "disgraceful legal judgment" as the union Unite correctly called it, makes voting in any union ballot almost irrelevant if it does not suit the wishes of the bosses and their friends in the judiciary. Any strike can be declared 'illegal'...

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2 December 2009

BA management get tough

In the last few weeks the industrial dispute between British Airways cabin crew and management has become increasingly bitter, writes Neil Cafferky.

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