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12 September 2012

Brent Labour: Making families homeless

Anthony Counihan and Isabel Counihan-Sanchez moved with their five children from Kilburn, London, to Ireland in 2007, to look after Anthony's dad who was sick

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22 August 2012

Justice for Kingsley Burrell!

On Saturday 18 August 200 people marched through Birmingham to demand justice for the family of Kingsley Burrell, writes Nick Hart.

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8 August 2012

Sean Rigg inquest: damning verdict for police

The inquest into the death of Sean Rigg has returned a damning verdict for the police. The jury found the police used "unsuitable and unnecessary force" which contributed "more than minimally" to his death

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25 July 2012

Not-guilty verdict in Ian Tomlinson case

End police violence: "Police officers pelted with bricks as they help dying man" read the Evening Standard's headline on 2 April 2009, writes Claire Laker-Mansfield.

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18 July 2012

Them... & Us

Record breakers: A recent survey of recruitment consultants found that the number of vacancies, both temporary and permanent, had declined at the sharpest rate in three years, writes Paul Callanan.

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11 July 2012

Socialist Party Summer Camp

Epping Forest, Essex. Political discussions in a relaxed atmosphere, fun for children and adults: Walks in the woods • Deer park • Crèche • Cycling (bikes for hire or bring your own) • Games • Barbecues...

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4 July 2012


Tory tax dodging: "Morally repugnant" - that was David Cameron's description of tax avoidance in the midst of the Jimmy Carr scandal...

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27 June 2012

Cuts ignore immense needs

After the 1950s, a network of child and adolescent services, staffed by highly trained, skilful social workers, specialist teachers, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists, was gradually established in specialist centres, writes Jane Ellwood.

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4 April 2012

Tory MPs and church attack gay marriage

The Con-Dem government recently rolled out a consultation about same-sex marriage. Lesbian, gay, and bisexual people can enter civil partnerships that offer the same legal rights as marriage

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30 June coordinated strike action by the PCS civil service union and NUT, ATL and UCU teaching unions, photo Paul Mattsson

Photo Paul Mattsson

7 March 2012

International Women's Day 2012

For more than a century, 8 March has been the day to commemorate and celebrate the fight of working class and revolutionary women for a better deal and a socialist society, writes Remembering the struggles and victories of women workers.

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N30 - Millions strike back at Con-Dem government on 30 November 2011, photo by Paul Mattsson

N30 - Millions strike back at Con-Dem government on 30 November 2011, photo by Paul Mattsson

7 March 2012

International Women's Day 2012

Women, capitalism and the cuts: International Women's Day 2012 falls against the backdrop of ever more cuts being imposed by the coalition, writes Alicia Blackett.

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25 November 2011

Honda convenor Paddy Brennan has suspension lifted

Paddy Brennan, Unite convenor at the Honda car plant in Swindon, has finally had his suspension lifted...

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15 June 2011

Child poverty increasing under the Con-Dems

Review - 'Poor Kids' TV documentary: Three and a half million children in Britain live in poverty. The gap between rich and poor has never been greater. BBC One's "Poor Kids" filmed children in their homes and neighbourhoods

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Pensioners and elderly disabled people protesting against cuts in services outside Waltham Forest council, photo Paul Mattsson

Pensioners and elderly disabled people protesting against cuts in services outside Waltham Forest council, photo Paul Mattsson

11 May 2011

Defend independent living rights

In April, Elaine McDonald, a former prima ballerina with the Scottish Ballet, took her fight to maintain her dignity and stop cuts to her care package to the Supreme Court, an Independent Living Fund user writes.

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Cuts hit disabled people hard, photo Paul Mattsson

Cuts hit disabled people hard, photo Paul Mattsson

4 May 2011

Cuts hit disabled people hard

Benefits slashed: Disabled people and family carers are now experiencing an unprecedented attack. Cuts made and planned by the Tory/Liberal coalition will hit the public and community services they use and the benefits...

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Keep the NHS public! On the 'Save the NHS' march, 3 November 2007 , photo Paul Mattsson

Keep the NHS public! On the 'Save the NHS' march, 3 November 2007 , photo Paul Mattsson

3 March 2011

International Women's Day 2011: Women and the fightback

Build a mass movement against cuts and for genuine equality for women: International Women's Day comes at a time of women's struggles against exploitation and harassment in Asia and Latin America, strikes and demonstrations against cuts in Europe and of course mass movements in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya and elsewhere...

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19 February 2011

Part one A history of women’s oppression
1 Have women always been oppressed?

"Men have broad shoulders and narrow hips, and accordingly they possess intelligence. Women have narrow shoulders and broad hips. Women ought to stay at home; the way they were created indicates this,...

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19 February 2011

3 The family under capitalism

One of the most significant changes to the family as an institution, which in turn had an important effect on the position of women in society generally, came about as a consequence of industrialisation and the rise of capitalism...

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19 February 2011

2 The role of the family

The word 'family' comes from the Latin word 'familia' - meaning the total number of slaves belonging to one man. It's not just the word, however, that can be traced back to Roman slave society (an early form of class society) but many of the laws which have governed the family in capitalist society in Western Europe and elsewhere. In fact, most of the discrimination and oppression which women continue to experience today cannot be fully understood unless placed in that historical context.

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19 February 2011

4 The family and women's oppression today

Today women work in unprecedented numbers outside of the home. In fact, in some of the developed capitalist countries they make up half or even a majority of the workforce. And this 'feminisation' of...

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