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Students / Fees

Young people march for a future, photo Senan

22 January 2014

Stop the student debt spiral - day of action 6 February

Part of a week of action opposing student loan privatisation: The Student Loan Company (SLC) is up for sale.

More ...

27 November 2013

Will angry youth turn to Labour?

Polly Toynbee's recent Guardian column (22 November) contained a damning criticism of the Con-Dems' treatment of young people, writes Ian Pattison, Youth Fight for Jobs.

More ...

National Demo against Sussex University Privatisation, photo Serena Chung

National Demo against Sussex University Privatisation, photo Serena Chung

11 September 2013

Reinvigorate the student movement: Protest, occupy, strike for our education

This autumn's new students will be the second batch forced to pay the Con-Dems' extortionate 9,000 a year price tag for university education, writes Ian Pattison , Socialist Students national chair.

More ...

3 July 2013

Letter to student left groups to discuss joint call for a national demo

This letter has been sent by Socialist Students to other left student groups to begin discussions about calling a national demonstration in the new academic year

More ...

19 June 2013

Student loans threat: Action needed on student debt mountain

'Keep calm about university fees' was the slogan of a government funded advertising campaign aimed at mitigating the effects of fee hikes on application numbers in 2011, writes Claire Laker-Mansfield.

More ...

Young people march for a future: Youth Fight for Jobs and Socialist Students on the 29 January London demonstration against education cuts, photo Senan

14 November 2012

Student demonstration: Escalate the struggle to fight fees, cuts and privatisation

The government's higher education reforms will "put students at the heart of the system", claimed universities minister David Willetts in 2011. To anyone with half a brain, let alone Willetts' famous 'two', this statement is laughable

More ...

31 October 2012

Student demonstration must be just the beginning

10 November 2010 saw more than 50,000 students take to the streets in protest. The government's onslaught was just beginning

More ...

26 September 2012

Scrap student fees

There's a part of me that almost feels sorry for Nick Clegg - trapped between dissatisfied grassroots Lib Dem members and rabid Tory back-benchers, writes Chaz Lockett

More ...

19 September 2012

Interview with NUS vice-president for union development

Building the fight against fees, cuts and privatisation: In 2010, tens of thousands of students took to the streets against the tripling of tuition fees in England...

More ...

8 August 2012

Socialist Students organise to fight fees and cuts

On Saturday 4 August, over 35 Socialist Students organisers met to discuss campaigning in universities and colleges during 2012-13, writes Claire Laker-Mansfield, Socialist Students national organiser.

More ...

18 July 2012

Top-up fees: 50,000 debt leads to to 50,000 less students

'Education is a right not a privilege' was one of the main slogans of the tens of thousands of students who protested in 2010, writes Claire Laker-Mansfield, Socialist Students national organiser.

More ...

21 March 2012

Student walkout: Socialist Students show what could have been

The one thing not lacking on our university campuses, in our schools and at our colleges is anger. We've already seen the Con-Dems triple fees and scrap EMA. Now students face courses cut to the bone,...

More ...

15 March 2012

Fighting Con-Dem attacks on education

Southampton's Tory hypocrite brought to book: Education activists in Southampton confronted universities minister David Willetts on Friday 9 March over his plans to privatise education and the introduction of 9,000 fees, writes Josh Asker, Southampton University Socialist Students.

More ...

Student demonstrations 24 November 2010 against tuition fees rises and the abolition of the EMA, photo by Senan

7 March 2012

No Cuts, No Fees, Bring Back EMA

Walkout 14 March: Students arriving at university in September will be the first to pay the new 9,000 tuition fees and by that time, EMA student payments could be a thing of the past. What can students do to change things?

More ...

7 March 2012

NUS elections - Vote Socialist Students for a fighting student leadership

It's election time for Britain's student unions and once again thousands will be asked to vote 'Joe Bama for president (yes we can!)' or 'Ben Johnson for education - BJ for satisfaction', writes Claire Laker-Mansfield, Socialist Students national organiser.

More ...

9 November 2011

We won't pay 9K! - Scrap tuition fees

Last month it was revealed that as the Ucas university application service opened for 2012, applications were down by 9% on last year...

More ...

5 October 2011

Students join the socialists as fury grows over cuts and fees

Socialist Students has had an excellent response at this year's freshers fairs. Fury is the most frequently displayed emotion whenever the government or bankers are mentioned

More ...

5 October 2011

Campaigners learn the ropes

Leeds Trinity University College was named in some reports as the most likely university to close due to the hike in tuition fees, writes Samantha Garratt, Leeds Trinity Students Against Cuts (LTSAC).

More ...

Fighting fees  - student demonstration in central London, photo Rob Sutton

Fighting fees - student demonstration in central London, photo Rob Sutton

28 September 2011

6,000 uni fees? An offer we can refuse!

Students starting university this year face many obstacles to getting the most out of their time in higher education

More ...

28 September 2011

News in brief

BAE jobs massacre: BAE Systems has announced that it intends to axe 3,000 manufacturing jobs in the UK. The main brunt of the job losses will hit plants in Brough, East Yorkshire, and at Warton and Samlesbury in Lancashire...

More ...

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