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Ahmadinejad (15)

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Alan Greenspan (3)

Albert Einstein (2)

Alistair Darling (11)

Ariel Sharon (23)

Avigdor Liberman (1)

Babeuf (1)

Bashar al-Assad (6)

Benazir Bhutto (3)

Benito Mussolini (1)

Berlusconi (21)

Bertie Ahern (3)

Boris Yeltsin (2)

Charles Darwin (2)

Che Guevara (18)

Cindy Sheehan (9)

Daniel Ortega (2)

David Kelly (4)

Dmitry Medvedev (2)

Donald Trump (38)

Ehud Barak (1)

Eleanor Marx (17)

Fidel Castro (10)

Gaddafi (18)

General Franco (1)

General Suharto (1)

George Best (1)

George Bush (80)

Hilary Clinton (3)

Hitler (20)

Hosni Mubarak (8)

Hugo Chávez (31)

Jacob Zuma (9)

Jacques Chirac (3)

Jean Bertrand Aristide (2)

Jean-Marie Le Pen (3)

John Maynard Keynes (2)

Joseph McCarthy (2)

Junichiro Koizumi (1)

Karl Liebknecht (5)

Lenin (59)

Lula (23)

Mahinda Rajapaksa (5)

Mahmood Abbas (1)

Malcolm X (21)

Mao Zedong (3)

Marine Le Pen (6)

Mikhail Gorbachev (3)

Mugabe (11)

Mussolini (4)

Napoleon Bonaparte (2)

Nicolas Sarkozy (7)

Obama (64)

Osama Bin Laden (2)

Paul Krugman (4)

Paul Wolfowitz (1)

Pervez Musharraf (7)

Pinochet (17)

Pope John Paul II (1)

Recep Tayyip Erdogan (2)

Richard Branson (13)

Robespierre (5)

Romano Prodi (4)

Ronald Reagan (2)

Rosa Luxemburg (13)

Rupert Murdoch (27)

Saddam Hussein (29)

Sarkozy (16)

Silvio Berlusconi (4)

Stalin (41)

Thabo Mbeki (2)

Tim Flannery (1)

Tony Blair (142)

Trotsky (112)

Trump (54)

Vladimir Putin (17)

Yasser Arafat (8)

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14 February 2003

No War For Oil

WAR AGAINST Iraq would be a war for oil and a pretext for the US to assert its economic and military dominance internationally, at the terrible cost of thousands of lives lost and worldwide economic and political instability

More ...

31 January 2003

Preparing For War

"THE QUESTION isn't how much longer do you need for inspections to work. Inspections will not work."

More ...

31 January 2003

Iraq War: Blood For Oil

A US-led war against Iraq will have enormous, political, social and economic repercussions in the Middle East and throughout the world

More ...

15 November 2002

The World Steps Closer To War Against Iraq

BUSH HAS interpreted the mid-term election results in the US as a support for war. In fact only 37% of the population voted and opposition to war is increasing

More ...

11 October 2002

Debunking Bush's Lies

WAR ON Iraq - what team Bush doesn't want you to know by William Rivers Pitt, which includes a lengthy interview with former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, is a concise argument against a US-led war on Iraq

More ...

27 September 2002

Bush Continues Along The Warpath

WITH OR without a United Nations flag of convenience US imperialism seems to be rushing headlong into a military assault on Iraq

More ...

9 August 2002

Iraq Stop Bush & Blair's War

GEORGE BUSH'S war plans against Iraq are now well advanced. US arms manufacturers are working round the clock to build up stocks of deadly cruise missiles; oil reserves are being boosted...

More ...

1 March 2002

Bush Drives Tank Through Social Spending

LYNN WALSH, editor of the Socialist Party's theoretical journal, Socialism Today, looks at the problems facing George W Bush just over a year after he became US President

More ...

25 January 2002

Bush's Human Rights Hypocrisy

WHAT HYPOCRISY! Bush and Blair have tried to justify more than 100 days of bombing the life out of Afghanistan as a war for 'freedom' and 'civilised values'.

More ...

30 November 2001

Western War Coalition: Buying Friends And Influence

GEORGE BUSH'S 'war on terrorism' is a cover to expand the power of US imperialism. Aided and abetted by Britain, the US heads a loose and fragile 'coalition' which includes the G7 countries and Russia,...

More ...

19 October 2001

US War Strategy Under Strain

IMAGES OF death and destruction in the village of Khorum demonstrated the horrific reality of Bush and Blair's 'war against terrorism'...

More ...

5 October 2001

What Socialists Say About Terrorism

THE SOCIALIST has been forthright in its condemnation of those who attacked the World Trade Centre (WTC) and Pentagon. We described their methods as those of "small groups employing mass terrorism".
At the same time, we have not given any support to George Bush or Tony Blair, who call for a 'war against terrorism', yet support state terror against defenceless and innocent people in the neo-colonial world.
PETER TAAFFE, Socialist Party General Secretary, develops further the question of terrorism and socialist attitudes towards it.

More ...

5 October 2001

War is no solution

Starving Afghans face Bush and Blair's bombs: TONY BLAIR has used the platform of Labour Party conference to launch a war...

More ...

28 September 2001

Why is Pakistan at the centre of US war plans?

SUPPORT FOR US military action from Pakistan's General Musharraf has been duly rewarded by George Bush...

More ...

28 September 2001

No To Bush And Blair's War

AS WE go to press, Bush's military machine is preparing for action. Air-strikes against Afghanistan are imminent. The overwhelming majority of people feel that something must be done; that further devastating...

More ...

11 May 2001

Son of Star Wars: Stepping up the nuclear arms race

ANTI-NUCLEAR protesters and millions of working-class people will oppose George Bush's new defence strategy, based on the National Missile Defence system (NMD - dubbed 'Son of Star Wars'), writes Chris Newby.

More ...

13 April 2001

Bush's China Syndrome

AFTER A few months in power US President George W Bush, despite presenting himself as a caring conservative during the presidential elections, is pursuing a more hardline right-wing ideology both at home and abroad...

More ...

6 April 2001

George W reignites environmental anger

IN WHAT constitutes a major slap in the face, not to say a kick in the teeth, for the whole planet new US President George W Bush has rejected the Kyoto environment protocol, writes Guy Baker.

More ...

23 February 2001

Iraq bombing - US imperialism flexes its muscles

JUST WEEKS after his inauguration, US president George Bush has flexed his country's military muscles by bombing Iraq and in so doing has sought to demonstrate his 'decisiveness'...

More ...

20 October 2000

Rallying against corporate capitalism

WHILE THE media circus follows the fortunes of big business-backed presidential hopefuls - Democrat Al Gore and Republican George Bush - they ignore the mass rallies organised in support of independent Left candidate, Ralph Nader...

More ...

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