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Greek workers battle police during two day strike , photo BBC video screen shot

Greek workers battle police during two day strike , photo BBC video screen shot

5 May 2010

Eurozone hit by debt crises

Turmoil reveals limits of European integration: The countries that adopted the euro are facing the most precarious situation for their currency union since they started using the euro in 2002...

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Greek workers demonstrate

Greek workers demonstrate

1 May 2010

Workers' unity across Europe to resist the attacks! "We will not pay for the bosses' crisis"!

Statement of GUE/NGL (United Left) group in the European parliament in solidarity with Greek and all European workers. The initiative for the statement was taken by Joe Higgins, Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) MEP.

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27 April 2010

Greek crisis

PUBLIC SECTOR workers in Greece staged another strike last Friday against the savage austerity measures being imposed on workers by the beleaguered Pasok government...

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31 March 2010

Eurozone crisis: Hanging together or hanging separately

THE WORST capitalist crisis since the 1930s has led to increasing crises, turbulence and change in the world, writes Danny Byrne.

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17 March 2010

Another general strike brings Greece to a halt

ON THURSDAY 11 March, Greece was again brought to a standstill by the third general strike in a few weeks against the government's third draconian austerity package since the start of the year, writes Andreas Payiatsos, Xekinima (CWI Greece), Athens, and Niall Mulholland (CWI).

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3 March 2010

Greece - millions take part in general strike

Greece's 24 February general strike was comprehensive, covering the whole of the public and private sectors of the economy...

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17 February 2010

Capitalist crisis threatens the eurozone project

THE ECONOMIC and political crisis in Greece and other member countries of the eurozone has thrown the single European currency into its deepest crisis since its introduction in 2002, writes Kevin Parslow.

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17 February 2010

Greece: Massive public sector workers' strike against savage austerity plans

HUNDREDS OF thousands of public sector workers took strike action in Greece on Wednesday 10 February, writes Andreas Payiatsos, Xekinima (CWI Greece), Athens.

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10 February 2010

Fast news

Energy price shock: AHEAD OF its expected announcement of an "embarrassingly high" record 540 million profit for 2009, British Gas has announced a small cut in consumer prices of 7%...

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12 January 2010

Greece - on the edge of a volcano

Robert Bechert attended last December's successful congress of Xekinima, the CWI in Greece. This article by him on the present political situation in Greece is based on discussions that took place at that congress.

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2 December 2009

Dubai's house of sand crumbles

STOCK MARKETS and the world financial system have been rocked by the request by investment corporation 'Dubai World', the wholly-owned subsidiary of the Gulf state of Dubai, for a six month moratorium on the repayment of $3.5 billion of loans, writes Kevin Parslow.

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13 October 2009

Greece: Hated ND government booted out in general election

Andros Payiatsos, of Xekinima (CWI in Greece) - which participates in Syriza (Coalition of the Radical Left) - reports on the 4 October general election in Greece...

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7 October 2009

Fast news

Family fortunes: Tory party leader David Cameron has admitted on the Andrew Marr show that his is "definitely a well-off family"...

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9 June 2009

European parliament elections indicate a Europe on the edge

Last week's European elections gave a snapshot, albeit often distorted by low turnouts, of the continent's anxious mood and the distrust, if not hostility, to most governments...

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31 March 2009

Economic crisis turning into political action

CWI European meeting: The European Bureau of the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) took place this week. The CWI is the socialist international to which the Socialist Party is affiliated. The meeting discussed the...

More ...

4 March 2009

Solidarity with Constantina Kuneva

Constantina Kuneva was brutally attacked, in Greece, close to her house last December. The hired assassins threw battery acid in her face and then, in an attempt to ensure she would be killed, forced her...

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15 February 2009

Collapse of British manufacturing

We have chartered in our publications the over years the astonishing collapse of British manufacturing - once the 'workshop of the world' - and its reliance on finance capital, initiated by Thatcher and willingly continued by Blair and Brown...

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10 December 2008

Greece in widespread revolt

Protesters in Greece, photo Xekinima

Protesters in Greece, photo Xekinima

THERE HAS been an explosion of anger across Greece following the fatal shooting of a 15 year-old in Athens by police.The killing has acted as a lightning rod for the pent-up anger among the youth and the working class at a government hit by corruption scandals and rocked by economic crisis. Andros Payiatsos of Xekinima (CWI in Greece) reports on this revolt from below.

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13 November 2008

Videos of Socialism 2008 Rally

Now with mp3 audio

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16 April 2008

Rising class struggles across Europe

French workers demonstrate in 2003, photo Paul Mattsson

French workers demonstrate in 2003, photo Paul Mattsson

Striking workers in Greece and Portugal show the wayRepresentatives from European sections of the Committee for a Workers' International recently discussed events in Europe, particularly Greece, Germany and France.

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