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20 September 2010

The Green Movement Agenda for Sustainability

There are many variations of the Green and environmental movement agenda, so any categorisation must be approximate and recognise that there is overlap between them...

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20 September 2010

The Green Growth Agenda

Green growth proponents can be divided into two camps, those advocating 'hard' and 'soft' sustainability...

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9 September 2010

Russia: Motorway construction through Khimkinsky forest halted

ON 7 August, Russian CWI activist, Igor Yasin, and two other CWI members, were brutally attacked by thugs following a peaceful protest in Moscow over the proposed construction of a major new road through Khimkinsky forest, part of Moscow's green belt, writes Igor Yasin, Moscow.

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Coventry Against the Cuts demands that the Labour Party refuses to implement the cuts, photo by Coventry Socialist Party

18 August 2010

Action now to defeat cuts!

Billionaire tax exile to slash services: A cabinet of millionaires appoints a billionaire to advise them on making cuts to our jobs and services, or as they refer to them - 'efficiencies'. No surprise there!, writes Alistair Tice, Yorkshire Socialist Party.

Pic - protest by Coventry Against the Cuts

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19 May 2010

Initiative for a week of European-wide protests

ON THE initiative of Socialist Party (Ireland) MEP Joe Higgins, an appeal letter (extract below) has been issued by members of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) in the European Parliament to the trade union and labour movement throughout Europe, to coordinate protests against gove...

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12 May 2010

Lewisham elections: socialists will be at forefront of struggle

Ian Page, Chris Flood and Jess Leech won our best votes ever in the council elections for the Telegraph Hill ward of Lewisham, south London, writes Chris Newby, London Socialist Party.

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TUSC logo

7 May 2010

Election results: TUSC stands for socialism, prepares for battles ahead

May 2010 will probably be remembered by history not for the British general election, but as the start of a heroic mass struggle of the Greek working class.

This is a fight to defend their living conditions against the savage onslaught of capitalism. The Greek working class showed their defiance with a gigantic general strike and the biggest demonstrations since the overthrow of the military dictatorship in 1974.

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On the climate change demonstration in 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

On the climate change demonstration in 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

27 April 2010

Can the Greens help provide a left alternative?

The Green Party is standing more than 300 candidates in the general election. It believes it has a chance of getting one of its two MEPs, Caroline Lucas, elected to Westminster in the Brighton Pavilion constituency. Sean Figg and Judy Beishon explain why, fundamentally, the Green Party is not offering a way forward for working class people.

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9 September 2009

Comment: Vestas protest

A few weeks ago some of the 600 Vestas workers who were made redundant from their jobs manufacturing wind turbine blades, decided to take militant action and occupy the factory, writes Nadine Houghton, Battersea and Wandsworth trades council.

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20 August 2009

Edward Carpenter: red, green and gay

Spanning more than 80 years, from the 1840s to the 1920s, Edward Carpenter was involved in the rise of mass industrial trade unions, working-class political representation and the struggle for women's equality. Manny Thain reviews Edward Carpenter: a life of liberty and love, by Sheila Rowbotham.

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Vestas wind turbine plant workers occuping to protest against redundancies demand nationalisation, photo RMT television

Vestas wind turbine plant workers occuping to protest against redundancies demand nationalisation, photo RMT television

4 August 2009

Save our Vestas! Nationalise now!

Socialist Party Bulletin Number Three: Well into the second week of the occupation, the Vestas workers are standing firm. The march through town last Saturday and daily protests at 6pm outside the factory gate show the wide support for the occupation. (4 August 2009)

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23 June 2009

Economy - 'Green shoots' are without real roots

"ARMAGEDDON IS behind us" commented Larry Fink, the owner and chief executive of BlackRock on the prospects for the world economy, writes Ken Douglas.

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Electric cars, but ... (photo Chris Moore)

Electric cars, but ... (photo Chris Moore)

22 April 2009

New Labour's environmental ploy: How green are electric cars?

DESPERATE TO arrest his precipitous decline in the opinion polls, Gordon Brown has announced an incentive scheme to give people up to £5,000 towards the cost of trading in their old car for an electric one, writes Ken Douglas.

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5 February 2009

Iceland: Devastated by global crisis

FOLLOWING ANGRY daily street protests (above and below), Iceland's right wing coalition government, led by prime minister Geir Haarde, resigned on 26 January, paving the way for new elections on 25 April...

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10 December 2008

Wales - the true extent of student debt exposed

On Thursday 4 December, members of Bangor Socialist Students organised a 'Wall of Debt', writes Laurence Winch-Furness.

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10 December 2008

Lewisham's Greens and the BNP 'supporters list'

ONE of the Green Party candidates who stood in Telegraph Hill ward, south London in the 2006 local elections appears on the list of alleged BNP supporters recently leaked to the media, writes Clive Heemskerk.

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3 December 2008

Our planet not their profit

Climate change demo December 2007, photo by Paul Mattsson

Climate change demo December 2007, photo by Paul Mattsson

Everyone on the march against climate change on Saturday 6 December agrees on one thing: the planet is in danger.
Climate scientists argue that critical processes, such as the melting of polar sea ice, are happening much faster than previously predicted.
The march will demand a 'Green New Deal', Paula Mitchell writes.

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26 November 2008

Socialist 'deal' for environment needed

BARACK OBAMA put the environment at the centre of his US presidential election programme by pledging to bring in a 'Green New Deal' that could tackle the threat of climate change while generating many new jobs to combat the growing economic recession, writes Pete Dickenson.

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25 November 2008

Socialist 'deal' for the environment needed

Climate change demonstration, photo by Paul Mattsson

Climate change demonstration, photo by Paul Mattsson

BARACK OBAMA put the environment at the centre of his US presidential election programme by pledging to bring in a 'Green New Deal' that could tackle the threat of climate change while generating many new jobs to combat the growing economic recession.
An urgent programme to tackle climate change is clearly desperately needed, writes Pete Dickenson.

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19 November 2008

USA: Challenging the two parties of big business

LAST WEEK, The Socialist carried an analysis of the US presidential election and the political awakening among the American working class which propelled Barack Obama into the White House and routed the Republicans...

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