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28 June 2003

Support Colombian Trade Unionists - Boycott Coca-Cola

International Socialist Resistance (ISR) is campaigning in support of the international boycott of Coca-Cola products, writes Clare James, ISR national coordinator.

More ...

28 March 2003

ISR / Youth Against the War: A guide to action:

Getting everyone together is the first and most important thing...

More ...

7 March 2003

Anti-War Reports

IN LEICESTER, young people are ready to join the strike against the war at both Universities and several schools around the city, School Students And Students write.

More ...

7 March 2003

School and College Student Action Friday 7th March

A number of successful student actions took place today, organised by ISR. News of walk-outs and protests are still being received, and will be covered more fully in the forthcoming The Socialist. They

More ...

28 February 2003

Strike And Protest Against The War

ON 15 February over 30 million people internationally demonstrated against Bush and Blair's war for oil in Iraq, writes Sarah Sachs-Eldridge, London ISR.

More ...

21 February 2003

Youth Against The War

MILLIONS JOINED the huge anti-war demonstrations across the world on 15 February. Many were young people, travelling from schools and colleges across the country to take part in Britain's biggest-ever

More ...

14 February 2003

BP Protest - no blood for oil

"WE HAVE to let it be known that the thing we would like to make sure, if Iraq changes regime is that there is a level playing field for the selection of oil companies to go in there..."

More ...

14 February 2003

Building The Resistance

OVER THE past few months, many of those getting involved in the growing anti-war protests have been young people, writes Clare James, ISR representative, Stop the War Coalition.

More ...

7 February 2003

Youth against the war

EVERY DAY more and more young people are getting involved in the anti-war movement. International Socialist Resistance (ISR) and Socialist Party members and supporters have been helping organise school

More ...

7 February 2003

ISR day of action against BP oil giant

ON 8 February, International Socialist Resistance (ISR) groups will protest at British Petroleum (BP) garages across England and Wales to highlight the opposition to Bush and Blair's plans to go to war for oil and to bring attention to Blair's real priorities - the profits of big business, writes Sarah Sachs-Eldridge.

More ...

24 January 2003

ISR - Protest Against BP

"We have to let it be known that the thing we would like to make sure, if Iraq changes regime is that there is a level playing field for the selection of oil companies to go in there..."

More ...

17 January 2003

No To Bush And Blair's War

There are only five weeks to go until the national demonstration on 15 February against war on Iraq, called by Stop the War Coalition, writes Clare James, ISR-Youth Against the War representative on Stop the War Coalition steering committee.

More ...

22 November 2002

ISR - Fighting For Socialist Change

The past year has seen hundreds of thousands of young people take to the streets alongside other workers and trade unionists across the world, writes Clare James.

More ...

14 June 2002

Anti-Capitalist Protest At EU Summit

ON 21-22 June, the European Union's (EU) political elite will hold a summit in Seville, Spain. Outside their sumptuous surroundings, thousands of anti-capitalist protesters will be demonstrating against

More ...

15 March 2002

ISR day of action

No Education Cuts: THIS FRIDAY, 15 March, the European Council, part of the European Union (EU), is meeting in Barcelona. It will discuss the future of our education system throughout Europe, writes Amrita Huggins.

More ...

8 March 2002

Education - A Right Not A Privilege

ON FRIDAY 15 March thousands of students worldwide will join the International Socialist Resistance (ISR) day of action against education cutbacks, writes Clare James.

More ...

8 March 2002

ISR Day Of Action

THE INTERNATIONAL Socialist Resistance (ISR) day of action on 15 March against cuts in education will see many activities throughout England and Wales, writes Clare James.

More ...

1 March 2002

Strike back at privateers

15 March - ISR education day of action: ON FRIDAY 15 March International Socialist Resistance (ISR) has called an international day of action against cuts and privatisation in education

More ...

15 February 2002

Resisting Exploitation

LAST SATURDAY Coventry ISR hit the streets for its first public activity, with a stall campaigning against low pay and for a mass socialist/anti-capitalist movement

More ...

4 January 2002

Brussels demos: Marching Against Capitalism And War

ON 13, 14 and 15 December 2001, workers and young people from all over Europe converged on Brussels in their thousands to protest at the European Union (EU) summit, writes Rob Crowhurst.

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