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5 July 2007

Iran: Riots over petrol rationing

ON 26 June, the Iranian regime implemented its secret plan of rationing petrol and increasing the price...

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21 June 2007

Palestinian infighting blows apart 'national unity' government

AFTER BLOODY clashes with Fatah militias linked to Palestinian President Abbas, the Islamic organisation Hamas took control of the Gaza strip on Thursday 13 June....

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7 June 2007

The Arab-Israel 1967 war: repression and bloodshed continues

40 years since the Arab-Israel 1967 war: THE START of a six-day war on 5 June 1967 between Israel and its neighbouring Arab states resulted in an overwhelming military victory for Israel...

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3 May 2007

Russia April 1917: Lenin returns from exile

2007 is the ninetieth anniversary of the 1917 Russian revolution. To mark this, the socialist is running a series of articles looking at the events of...

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4 April 2007

Iran - Sailors fall victim to imperialist policies

Editorial: CLAIM AND counter-claim from the Iranian and British governments has followed the Iranian government's capture and release of fifteen British marines and sailors, allegedly for trespassing into Iranian waters...

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26 March 2007

Will Bush bomb Iran?

Iran: Alarm bells have been ringing, left and right. John Pilger, the radical journalist, wrote an article, Iran: The War Begins (New Statesman, 3 February),...

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22 March 2007

Blair (and Tories) get their Trident vote

WITH THE help of the Tories, Blair got his plans to start the 'renewal' of Trident, Britain's nuclear submarine system, passed through parliament on 14 March...

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22 March 2007

"Bush out of Iraq and Lula out of Haiti"

IN BRAZIL, the biggest protest was on 8 March in S‹o Paulo, where President Lula received Bush...

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22 March 2007

End Iraq hell

Bush and Poodle Blair: Get out of Iraq, photo Alan Hardman

Bush and Poodle Blair: Get out of Iraq, photo Alan Hardman

Four years of occupation: FOUR YEARS on from the invasion of Iraq, and what have the Iraqi people got...

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1 March 2007

Congress to build the forces of socialism

Socialist Pary congress 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

Socialist Pary congress 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

The Socialist Party's 2007 national congress took place during the three days 17-19 February...

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22 February 2007

Iraq 'surge' doomed to failure

Only workers' unity and a struggle for socialism offers a way out: NEWSPAPER REPORTS this week reveal that US General Tommy Franks met with his top officers in August 2002 to review their invasion plan for Iraq...

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22 February 2007

North Korea: Talks achieve new accord

Another US retreat?THE POTENTIAL breakthrough reached in Beijing last week in talks over North Korea's nuclear programme, involves significant concessions by US imperialism....

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22 February 2007

No to Trident!

RIDING PILLION behind Bush, Blair has embroiled Britain in disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...

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18 January 2007

"We're moving towards a socialist republic of Venezuela" - Hugo Chávez

IN A televised speech after swearing in his new Cabinet, Chávez announced the nationalisation of Electricidad de Caracas, Venezuela's largest private electricity firm and the telecommunications giant, CANTV...

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4 January 2007

Saddam Hussein: Barbaric hanging deepens divisions

Saddam's execution: THE HANGING of Saddam Hussein on 30 December had nothing to do with obtaining justice for his victims or the working people of Iraq and everything to do with satisfying the agenda of the elite Iraqi Shia-dominated government ...

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7 December 2006

Bush and Blair still in denial

Iraq meltdown: AS IRAQ descends further into sectarian violence, ethnic cleansing, corruption and poverty, Western leaders Tony Blair and George Bush continue to be in a state of denial over the country's impending collapse...

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7 December 2006

Chávez re-election - a set-back for the right

Venezuela: : IN CONTRAST to any other President or head of state in the world today, Hugo Chávez , has been re-elected for a third term by a landslide...

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7 December 2006

Britain's Muslims under siege - which way forward?

The debate between Seyyed Ferjani of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) and Jim Hensman from Coventry Socialist Party was one of the highlights of Socialism 2006...

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26 November 2006

US rages but Ortega's victory is no revolution

Nicaragua elections: Politicians in the US have petitioned secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, demanding that remittances sent by Nicaraguans living in the US back to their families should be blocked...

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16 November 2006

Iraq, corruption and wealth gap send Republicans into a tail-spin

But corporate Democrats offer no real alternative: THE REPUBLICANS and Bush have suffered a 'thumping' political defeat. Bush himself admitted it, adding, "I didn't see it coming. But what would I know?"...

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