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4 November 2008

George Bush's toxic legacy

Bush - the angel of death, cartoon by Alan Hardman

Bush - the angel of death, cartoon by Alan Hardman

Editorial: As George Bush's last term as US president draws to a close he leaves behind a nightmare legacy that includes an economy in recession, a huge public deficit, a wider gap between rich and poor and the quagmire of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...

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17 September 2008

Middle East: End imperialist aggression!

The brutal occupations and conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Palestinian territories continue, causing great suffering to millions of people. This week Peter Taaffe, the general secretary of the Socialist Party, answers questions posed by The Socialist.

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17 September 2008

Interview with Cindy Sheehan: "Some kind of populist uprising needs to happen"

WHEN CINDY Sheehan's son, Army Specialist Casey Sheehan, was killed in Iraq in 2004, she quickly became one of the country's most high-profile anti-war activists...

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10 September 2008

End the wars and occupations

Anti-war protest during the USA Republican Party convention organised by Youth Against War and Racism, a Socialist Alternative initiative, photo USA Youth Against Racism

Anti-war protest in USA, photo USA Youth Against Racism

AMERICAN SPECIAL Forces backed by jet bombers killed up to 90 civilians, including many children, on 22 August in Azizabad, Afghanistan, writes Hugh Caffrey, Manchester Socialist Party.

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23 July 2008

Political impasse in the Kurdish region of Iraq

THE KURDS of northern Iraq saw the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq and the autonomy that was granted to them by the US-backed Iraqi government, as a path to achieve freedom and independence, writes Rozh Ahmad.

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2 July 2008

Big oil returns to Iraq

OVER FIVE years since the US invasion of Iraq four of the world's biggest oil companies have signed agreements for repair and technical support in major oilfields in Iraq, writes Chris Newby.

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17 June 2008

End the occupations

Protest against George W Bush visit to Britain, photo Paul Mattsson

Protest against George W Bush visit to Britain, photo Paul Mattsson

SEVERAL THOUSAND anti-war demonstrators gathered in Parliament Square, London, last Sunday evening to protest against the two-day visit to Britain of US president George Bush...

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11 June 2008

Fast news

Permanent occupation: AHEAD OF November's presidential election, the Bush administration is attempting to establish 50 permanent US armed bases in Iraq...

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11 June 2008

Oil price shock - the chaos of capitalism

Years of frenzied speculation on commodity markets: We have been hit by a tsunami of energy price rises. A flood of speculative activity in oil markets has produced a huge bubble that will inevitably collapse in coming months. Lynn Walsh investigates.

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11 June 2008

Will Obama win?

AFTER THE final state primaries, Barack Obama has effectively secured the Democratic nomination for the presidential election in November. The fact that the contest was between an African-American and a woman symbolises deep social changes in the US...

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21 May 2008

Ireland: Vote no to Lisbon Treaty and EU militarisation!

THE TREATY of Lisbon was signed on 13 December 2007 at a summit in Lisbon, Portugal and is due to come into force in 2009, if successfully ratified by all EU member states...

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14 May 2008

Burma cyclone disaster: Wealth and privilege put before aid

The appalling effects of the cyclone which hit the vast Irrawaddy river delta, have shocked people all over the world, writes Keith Dickinson.

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7 May 2008

Album review: The Bright Lights of America

To me Anti-Flag have always been the quintessential anti-war band. In September 2001 they were half-way through recording an album when the 9/11 events...

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2 April 2008

USA elections: Break with the two parties of big business!

ON 24 February, Ralph Nader declared he was running for President to challenge the corporate stranglehold over US politics, writes Philip Locker, Socialist Alternative, USA.

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25 March 2008

World events and their repercussions

Two extracts from a summary of the present world situation and world relations, written by Peter Taaffe for a meeting taking place this month of representatives from European sections of the Committee for a Workers' International...

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25 March 2008

Iraq: five year nightmare

On the 15 March 2008 anti-war demonstration, photo Paul Mattsson

On the 15 March 2008 anti-war demonstration, photo Paul Mattsson

George Bush has said the invasion of Iraq "will forever be the right decision", writes Bob Severn.

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19 March 2008

Interest in socialist ideas on anti-war demo

International Socialist Resistance on the 15 March 2008 anti-war demo , photo Paul Mattsson

International Socialist Resistance on the 15 March 2008 anti-war demo , photo Paul Mattsson

THE 15 March national anti-war demonstration in London, marking five years since the invasion of Iraq, attracted 30,000-40,000 people, writes James Kerr

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19 March 2008

Profit motive and the whispering wind

This is a pilgrimage to cemeteries, graves, monuments and plaques commemorating pioneers, martyrs and countless anonymous fighters of the US workers' movement...

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12 March 2008

End the occupation

Five years of hell: The billions wasted on war and nuclear weapons should be spent on improving public services...

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12 March 2008

Iraq, Afghanistan: The bitter fruits of war and occupation

FIVE LONG, bloody years of war and occupation, led by US imperialism, has left Iraq as a dangerous, violent and divided society, despite promises of stability and democracy...

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