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15 March 2007

Iraq war: Convicted Bush official is 'fall guy' over WMD scandal

IN THE most politically charged trial in the US since Irangate in the 1980s and Watergate in the 1970s, a senior official of the Bush administration - Lewis "scooter" Libby - was convicted of obstructing justice, perjury an...

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15 March 2007

Kurdish asylum seekers living in fear

THE DAYS of worrying, of not feeling safe and secure, are starting again. News of Kurdish asylum seekers being arrested in their houses, workplaces and...

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8 March 2007

What's Left? - not Nick Cohen!

PETER TAAFFE reviews What's Left? by Nick Cohen and replies to his accusation that the 'left' supported Saddam Hussein because it opposed the invasion...

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1 March 2007

Make anti-war movement an unstoppable force

Demonstration against Trident Feb24 2007, photo Pedro

Demonstration against Trident Feb24 2007, photo Pedro

After 24 February demo: THE TENS of thousands streaming through central London and Trafalgar Square on Saturday 24 February had a clear message: 'No to Trident...

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1 March 2007

Congress to build the forces of socialism

Socialist Pary congress 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

Socialist Pary congress 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

The Socialist Party's 2007 national congress took place during the three days 17-19 February...

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22 February 2007

Bush & Blair: Get out of Iraq

Anti-War demonstration 19 March 2005, photo Paul Mattsson

Anti-War demonstration 19 March 2005, photo Paul Mattsson

A group of Iraqi teachers visiting Britain have described how their normal life in Baghdad includes seeing 'corpses and flying body parts' as they travel to work...

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22 February 2007

Iraq 'surge' doomed to failure

Only workers' unity and a struggle for socialism offers a way out: NEWSPAPER REPORTS this week reveal that US General Tommy Franks met with his top officers in August 2002 to review their invasion plan for Iraq...

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22 February 2007

North Korea: Talks achieve new accord

Another US retreat?THE POTENTIAL breakthrough reached in Beijing last week in talks over North Korea's nuclear programme, involves significant concessions by US imperialism....

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22 February 2007

No to Trident!

RIDING PILLION behind Bush, Blair has embroiled Britain in disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...

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15 February 2007

Bush threatens Iran over Iraq insurgency

GEORGE BUSH'S administration has stepped up its threats against Iran, accusing the Islamic regime of supplying sophisticated roadside bombs to Shia groups in Iraq which have killed US soldiers....

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15 February 2007

Angry refugees protest

Leicester: EVEN BUSH'S government now admits that Iraq is in a civil war, but Britain's Home Office considers Iraq a safe place for refugees fleeing the bloodshed to be forcibly returned to...

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1 February 2007

Iraq - build for 24 February demo

HUNDREDS OF thousands of people protested in cities across the USA last Saturday, 27 January against Bush's escalation of the war in Iraq and to demand that the troops be brought home now...

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1 February 2007

CWI World Congress: Building the forces of socialism worldwide

The ninth world congress of the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) took place in Belgium in mid-January...

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25 January 2007

Iraq: build for 24 February protest

Iraq: SINCE US president Bush announced that he will send 21,500 extra troops to Iraq, there have been more terrible bombings in Baghdad, killing hundreds more people...

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18 January 2007

Iraq: Bush continues his dangerous blunder

"THE MOST dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam" were the words Chuck Hagel, a Vietnam war veteran used to describe Bush's latest revised Iraq strategy...

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18 January 2007

Blair's vision: 'wars without end'

TONY BLAIR'S political failures in Iraq and Afghanistan - which have cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians and nearly 200 UK service personnel deaths - has not stopped the megalomaniac prime minister envisagin...

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18 January 2007

The Trial of Tony Blair

Review: "IT'S 2010, Hillary Clinton's in the White House, Gordon Brown's in No 10 and Tony Blair is in the dock at The Hague." Thus ran the promotion for More 4's latest attempt at satirical drama from Alistair Beaton, author o...

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11 January 2007

The war for oil profits

Iraq: AS WE go to press, President Bush is due to tell the US Congress his plans for Iraq...

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4 January 2007

Saddam Hussein: Barbaric hanging deepens divisions

Saddam's execution: THE HANGING of Saddam Hussein on 30 December had nothing to do with obtaining justice for his victims or the working people of Iraq and everything to do with satisfying the agenda of the elite Iraqi Shia-dominated government ...

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4 January 2007

Fighting the bosses' offensive

2007 - a new year of struggle worldwide: As the new year begins, Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe looks at the challenges lying ahead for socialists in 2007

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