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No Attack on Syria

28 August 2013

No to imperialist intervention in Syria

A flood of bloody images and reports of the unbearable suffering inflicted on the Syrian masses has been broadcast around the world

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12 June 2013

Syria threatens sectarian middle east war

Urgent need for independent working class socialist organisations: The capturing of the strategically important city of Qusair by pro-government forces, including Hezbollah and Iraqi Shias, marks a new stage in the bloody quagmire of Syria and is likely to have wide ramifications, writes Peter Taaffe

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23 May 2013

No to terrorism! No to racism! No to war!

Statement from Greenwich Socialist Party on the Woolwich killing:The unprovoked and barbaric murder of an unarmed soldier in Woolwich was a horrific event and an appalling tragedy for the victim, and the victim's family and friends.

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20 March 2013

Iraq: Ten years after 'shock and awe'

Imperialism's bloody legacy: Ten years ago, under the banner, 'Operation Iraqi Freedom', the US-led 'coalition of the willing' attacked Iraq

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Huge anti-war demonstration in London in 2003, photo Paul Mattsson

Huge anti-war demonstration in London in 2003, photo Paul Mattsson

13 February 2013

15 February 2003: A million on the streets to stop the war

10th anniversary: It was the day that shook the world. From cold, grey, sub-zero London to sunny Sydney, a vast tide of humanity marched in every continent in the most momentous display of mass solidarity ever seen

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11 January 2012

Them & Us

Feast like an MP: When was the last time you had seared breast of pigeon with aubergine purée and spiced couscous? How about risotto of pea and broad bean with Golden Cross goat's cheese? Well that's the kind of cuisine...

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14 September 2011

Power and terror

Book review: Matt Dobson reviews Power and Terror: Conflict, Hegemony, and the Rule of Force, by Noam Chomsky...

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7 September 2011

Fast news

Torture Inc.: Unearthed secret correspondence in Tripoli between the Gaddafi regime and western spy networks reveal how US, British and other governments collaborated with the Libyan dictator in the 'rendition' (ie kidnapping) and torture of alleged terrorist suspects...

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9/11: Attack on the Twin Towers of the Wold Trade Centre, photo BBC

9/11 attack

5 September 2011

Consequences of 9/11: a world turned upside down

Ten years after the twin towers came crashing down in New York, Peter Taaffe assesses the changed world situation. In the aftermath of that terrorist attack, US imperialism unleashed mass slaughter in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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18 May 2011

Iraq war: Labour's lie machine

A former British senior intelligence officer claims that Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair's former spin doctor, 'sexed up' the Labour government's 'dodgy dossier' in 2002 to include the bogus threat that the Saddam Hussein regime could launch weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against British interests within 45 minutes.

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5 April 2011

Blair Must Go

New Labour is a capitalist establishment party and cannot be 'reclaimed' for working people and their families...

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5 April 2011

Iraq: Opposition To US/UK Occupation Mounts

The deaths of Saddam Hussein's sons has not stopped the attacks on coalition forces. Some 77 US armed forces personnel have been killed in Iraq since George Bush declared the war was over on 1 May. The...

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5 April 2011

Hutton Enquiry: No trust in Blair

Blair has admitted that people don't trust him or his government. At a press conference full of evasion and condescension, Blair appeared unrepentant about the death of Dr Kelly - then jetted off to Barbados...

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5 April 2011

Kelly Death Deepens Blair's Crisis

COMING ON top of the controversy surrounding weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), the death of scientist Dr David Kelly has brought about the most serious crisis that New Labour has faced since coming to power in 1997...

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17 November 2010

Fast news

More jumpers: PRIVATISED ENERGY giant British Gas has dropped its charm offensive of lower prices to customers with a 7% rise in gas and electricity bills this winter...

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27 October 2010

Franchising torture

The US army logs released by WikiLeaks paint a brutal picture of the torturing and killing of innocent Iraqi civilians in a war fought to boost oil profits and defend western power and prestige, writes Keith Whitehead.

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23 September 2010

Blair's path to destruction

The publication of Tony Blair's autobiography, 'A Journey', has confirmed just how unpopular he had become, writes Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary. Socialism Today October 2010.

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Trade union backed Save the Welfare State and Public Services demo, called by the National Pensioners Convention , photo Paul Mattsson

Save the Welfare State and Public Services demo, pic Paul Mattsson

19 May 2010

Action needed to save our services

The budget deficit grew by over 400% after the bank bailouts, but instead of clawing money back from the banksters, the new Cabinet will spell out in detail where its axe will fall on public services, meaning enormous suffering for the mass of the population...

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24 March 2010

New workers' party needed

THE CAMPAIGN for a New Workers' Party (CNWP) has condemned more sleaze revelations on former PM, Tony Blair:...

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10 March 2010

Anti-war campaigner Joe Glenton gets nine months

ANTI-AFGHANISTAN war campaigner Joe Glenton, a Lance-Corporal in the logistics corps, was found guilty of going absent without leave at a court martial and jailed for nine months...

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