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24 February 2010

Iraq: All eyes on the oil prize

IT IS nearly seven years after the US-led invasion of Iraq. US imperialism had hoped for a quick war, the Iraqi oil industry under the control of US companies and a compliant, stable regime. However, the...

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3 February 2010

Chilcot Inquiry: Millionaire Blair has no regrets

WHILE HUNDREDS of anti-war protesters gathered outside the conference centre in Westminster, inside, Tony Blair gave his 'evidence' to the Chilcot inquiry on 29 January, writes Chris Newby.

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3 February 2010

Betrayed - PTSD casualties of war

With over 250 UK servicemen and women tragically dead on Afghan soil since 2001, generals, politicians and tabloid editors regularly weep crocodile tears for the 'fallen heroes' - but they say much less about the damage suffered by the survivors, writes Paul Gerrard.

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Death reaches out to Tony Blair from Iraq - cartoon by Alan Hardman

Death reaches out to Tony Blair from Iraq - cartoon by Alan Hardman

27 January 2010

Prosecute the war criminal Blair

Iraq Inquiry: Tony Blair: war criminal! That would be the outcome of any genuine inquiry into the Iraq war. Tony Blair took us to war in Iraq on the basis of a lie. Now, Liar Blair has been called to give evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry...

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19 January 2010

Spinning the war

THE TEDIUM of the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war was briefly interrupted when Tony Blair's former spin doctor, Alistair Campbell, was summoned to testify...

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6 January 2010

Chilcot inquiry: Blair - a willing warmonger

IF ANYONE still believes that Tony Blair had to sanction the US-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003 to protect us from Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), then the ex-prime minister's recent comments to the BBC would have dispelled that myth...

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2 December 2009

Chilcot inquiry: Put the warmongers on trial!

PUBLIC ANGER at the blatant spin and lies used to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq by those with blood on their hands - messrs Blair and Brown - has resulted in the Chilcot Inquiry, writes Matt Dobson.

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25 November 2009

Fast news

Flipping cheek: 'Vampires in charge of the blood bank' comes to mind with news that two MPs on the parliamentary standards and privileges committee have made dubious expenses claims...

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7 October 2009

Foreign aid - chaining the world to capitalism

AS SRI Lanka's Tamil population fled from the bloody and bitter fighting after the recent civil war, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband promised Britain would send aid, writes Ben Norman.

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30 June 2009

Total's fat fingers in every pie

THE CONSTRUCTION workers at Lindsey won a magnificent battle for the working class. They managed to turn back the cost-cutting plans of Total, the multinational energy giant rated as one of the world's...

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26 June 2009

Turning Point In Iraq

AN ITV news reporter in Iraq described the bizarre scene at a press briefing in Baghdad by the US military forces...

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24 June 2009

Iraq war inquiry

THE 2003 invasion of Iraq and continuing occupation by the US-led coalition forces was and remains massively unpopular amongst workers and youth, writes Sean Figg.

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18 February 2009

Fast news

The company store: AS BARACK Obama spends $2 trillion in a bid to to revive capitalism, the Japanese Panasonic corporation has hit on a more modest 'stimulus package'...

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21 January 2009

Obama takes power: What change will the Democrats bring?

OBAMA'S VICTORY in the 2008 election was historic. It signified a clear rejection of the Bush administration and its war on Iraq and ultra-free market policies. Voters also made history by electing the first black president in a country that was built on slavery and racism, writes Ramy Khalil, Socialist Alternative, USA

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16 December 2008

Bush humiliated by shoe attack

US President G W Bush humiliated at press conference

In a symbolic epitaph to Bush's rule, journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi became a hero across the Arab world for hurling his shoes at US president George W Bush. Film of the incident, considered a serious insult, made news across the world, instantly hit youtube, while satirical videos hit the internet and cartoons appeared in the newspapers, such as the UK Guardian.

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19 November 2008

USA: Challenging the two parties of big business

LAST WEEK, The Socialist carried an analysis of the US presidential election and the political awakening among the American working class which propelled Barack Obama into the White House and routed the Republicans...

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19 November 2008

In brief

Appledore: The well-supported strike at Appledore shipyard is currently suspended pending negotiations currently taking place between the unions and Babcock Marine...

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19 November 2008

Fast news

Gender inequality worsening Women working full time will be paid 369,000 less over their working life than their male counterparts according to government figures...

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12 November 2008

A political awakening propels Obama to victory

US president Barack Obama supporters, photo Paul Mattsson

US president Barack Obama supporters, photo Paul Mattsson

THE REIGN of George W Bush, the most hated US president in modern history, is over. On top of that, the election of an African-American as president of the United States, less than 50 years since legal racial segregation ended, is being greeted with widespread euphoria. Ty Moore and Tony Wilsdon, Socialist Alternative (CWI in USA) write.

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12 November 2008

Iraq, Afghanistan... End the occupations!

Anti-war protest outside Republican convention, organised by Youth Against War and Racism, a Socialist Alternative initiative, photo USA Youth Against Racism

Anti-war protest outside Republican convention, organised by Youth Against War and Racism, a Socialist Alternative initiative, photo USA Youth Against Racism

LAST WEEK was Remembrance Sunday when we had the spectacle of hypocritical politicians mourning the war dead while condemning more young men and women to tragic, unnecessary deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, writes Tom Baldwin.

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