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20 November 2004

Ireland: Socialist Party MP attacks Irish Government

Joe Higgins is a Socialist Party Deputy in the Irish Parliament. He made a statement in Parliament taking up the Irish government's statements that it "shared values" with the US government, after the EU summit of 4...

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23 October 2004

Socialist MP Fights Sell-Off Fiasco

THE FIANNA Fail-led coalition government in Ireland had plans to privatise the country's state airline Aer Lingus. The airline's management (publicly appointed officials running a state-owned company) announced that they wanted to compete for...

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4 September 2004

Joe Higgins: Speaking Tour Of Australia

JOE HIGGINS, Socialist Party (SP) member of the Dail (Ireland's Parliament) and one of the SP members recently jailed for defying the "bin tax" levy on Dublin householders, has spoken to thousands of workers in a very successful visit to Australia...

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22 November 2003

CWI - Building Socialism Worldwide

THE SOCIALIST Party is a member of the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) which has sister organisations in more than 36 countries across the globe, writes Tanja Niemeier.

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15 November 2003

Ireland: Fighting The Bin Tax

DUBLIN'S HIGH Court jailed six residents last week for three weeks and each were fined 1,500 for protesting against the bin tax, writes Kevin McLoughlin, Dublin.

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25 October 2003

"Proud, Unrepentant, Defiant And More Determined": Joe and Clare after their release from Mountjoy prison

Socialist Party TD (MP) Joe Higgins and Socialist Party councillor Clare Daly were released from Dublin's Mountjoy jail last Saturday after serving a one-month jail sentence for defying a high court injunction...

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18 October 2003

More Jailings But Deeper Anger

"WHEN I get out of prison, the first thing I'm going to do is stand in front of another bin truck," said Declan Mahon only hours before being imprisoned in Mountjoy jail, Dublin, writes Stephen Boyd, Dublin.

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18 October 2003

Greater Dublin City Bin service shut down!

The campaign against the Bin Tax took a massive step forward today [14 October]. All of Greater Dublin's bin service was shut down during the day by pickets of bin depots organised by the four anti-bin...

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11 October 2003

Anti-bin tax campaign: A Decisive Stage In The Struggle

KEVIN MACLOUGHLIN of the Socialist Party in Ireland spoke to the socialist on the escalating anti-bin tax struggle and the campaign to free Socialist Party representatives Joe Higgins TD (MP) and councillor Clare Daly, jailed for their part in the movement...

More ...

4 October 2003

Free the bin tax two

TWO SOCIALIST Party members in Dublin - Joe Higgins TD (MP) and Dublin North Socialist Party councillor Clare Daly - are currently serving one-month prison sentences in Mountjoy prison, Dublin...

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4 October 2003

Joe Higgins and Clare Daly - jailed over the bin tax

DUBLIN WEST Socialist Party TD (MP), Joe Higgins and Dublin North Socialist Party councillor, Clare Daly have been sentenced to a month in prison and are currently serving their sentence in Dublin's Mountjoy prison, writes By Peter Hadden.

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27 September 2003

Anti-bin tax protesters Jailed for defending the poor

SOCIALIST PARTY TD (MP) Joe Higgins and councillor Clare Daly have been sent to Mountjoy Prison, Dublin for one month. Their 'crime' is defending the poor in the fight against the bin tax...

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20 September 2003

Press Release: Joe Higgins TD (MP) and Councillor Clare Daly Jailed

Appeal for Letters of Support: THE SOCIALIST Party in Southern Ireland are in the middle of a massive community battle against the government's plans to extend local taxation...

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28 February 2003

Italy: Direct Action Against War

LAST WEEKEND saw dramatic scenes of direct action in Italy to stop the movement of US military supplies in the country

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24 May 2002

Irish election: Socialist Party Scores Spectacular Successes

IRISH SOCIALIST Party TD (MP) Joe Higgins was resoundingly re-elected to the Dail (Parliament) from his Dublin West constituency on 17 May

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3 May 2002

Socialist Challenge in Irish Election

THE SOCIALIST Party (SP), Ireland, is contesting five seats in the forthcoming general election to be held on 17 May

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30 June 2000

Left win in Tipperary

SEAMUS HEALY, a left-wing candidate, has topped the poll in the Tipperary South parliamentary by-election in Southern Ireland, decisively defeating the right-wing Labour candidate...

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