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15 April 2015

US: Kshama Sawant on Democracy Now

Socialist Alternative (co-thinkers of the CWI in the US) member and Seattle City Councillor Kshama Sawant took part in a debate about the presidential candidacy of Hilary Clinton on Democracy Now

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15 April 2015

Dysfunctional system

44. Britain effectively now has a five party system, excluding Scotland and Wales. In terms of the balance of power in Westminster, it will be a six party system, as the SNP could be the third biggest

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1 April 2015

US: Seattle gets a raise!

Workers celebrated in Seattle in the run up to 1 April when tens of thousands of workers received a pay rise

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'Last November I heard Kshama Sawant at Socialism 2014', photo Paul Mattsson

'Last November I heard Kshama Sawant at Socialism 2014', photo Paul Mattsson

4 February 2015

Why I joined the Socialist Party

I come from a small mining village in Kent, so I was quite politically aware while growing up. I often had conversations about politics with my parents, writes Beth Sutcliffe, Lewisham Socialist Party.

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The St Mungo's strike victory shows we can beat low pay, photo Paul Mattsson

The St Mungo's strike victory shows we can beat low pay, photo Paul Mattsson

12 November 2014

We can win 10 an hour

Pay victories celebrated at Socialism 2014: Socialist Seattle city councillor Kshama Sawant brought the house down at Socialism 2014 in London on 8 November.She spoke about her election victory and the successful campaign she led to win a $15 an hour minimum wage in Seattle

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Kshama Sawant

Kshama Sawant

29 October 2014

Building a political alternative in Seattle

"Poll shows Sawant polarising, but with impressive favourable rating" is the title under which a confirmation of the politics of Kshama Sawant and her organisation, Socialist Alternative (co-thinkers of the Socialist Party in the US), was published

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Five million low paid workers are robbed every day

Five million low paid workers are robbed every day

29 October 2014

Millions robbed by greedy bosses

Come to the Rally for Socialism 2014: Stop thief! Five million robbed every day! It's organised crime

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24 October 2014

Rally press release

Russell Brand speaks up for people who need a voice in a society run for the 1%. We're told there is 'no alternative' to austerity - but there is. The 'Socialism 2014' rally has speakers with incredible records of struggle and victories for the 99%

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GMB members on strike, photo S O'Neill

GMB members on strike, photo S O'Neill

15 October 2014

We need YOU to join the Socialists!

The trade unionist: I became involved with the Socialist Party over a period of time. It became obvious to me that the system does not work for most people

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Fast Food Rights campaigners in Leeds on 28 August 2014, photo Erika Sykes

17 September 2014

10 NOW!

Workers' action to raise the minimum wage: Every day we are bombarded by new facts and figures showing that the cost of living has gone up

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Seattle $15 Now campaigners

Seattle $15 Now campaigners

16 September 2014

Inequality and fightback in the United States

A wave of strikes by fast food workers and the election of Kshama Sawant to Seattle city council are indicators of the change taking place in the US. Peter Taaffe reports on his recent visit.

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20 August 2014

Jess Spear election success

Hot on the heels of socialist Kshama Sawant's earth shattering election victory in Seattle and the game changing success of the '$15 Now' end low pay campaign, comes Jess Spear

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18 June 2014

Kshama Sawant to speak at Socialism 2014

Capitalism has created a world in which just 85 people have as much wealth as the poorest half of humanity. While the rich get richer we are made to pay for a crisis of their system

More ...

Workers Can Win

4 June 2014

Victory for $15 campaign in Seattle

"We did this. Workers did this. Today's first victory for $15 will inspire people all over the nation," said socialist Seattle city councillor Kshama Sawant. She was speaking after the 2 June meeting of the city council which voted to adopt a minimum wage of more than double the federal US rate

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15 Now has won a $15 an hour minimum wage in Seattle

4 June 2014

US: How Seattle won a $15 minimum wage

Seattle is the first major US city to pass a $15 an hour minimum wage. 100,000 workers will be lifted out of poverty, and millions will be inspired all over the country and around the world

More ...

Protesting against zero-hour contracts in Lewsham, photo Jim Jepps

Protesting against zero-hour contracts in Lewsham, photo Jim Jepps

14 May 2014

Fight back to scrap junk jobs

From Britain to Seattle to Brazil: Britain is no country for young people. Journalists have invented a new term to describe a special 'phase' of life which our generation experiences - we're all going through a 'quarter life' crisis

More ...

Kshama Sawant on a 15 Now demonstration in Seattle, photo by Alex Garland

Kshama Sawant on a 15 Now demonstration in Seattle, photo by Alex Garland

7 May 2014

$15: Seattle shows what a movement can achieve

But Kshama Sawant says "Our work is far from done": Under intense pressure from the movement for a $15 an hour minimum wage, Seattle's establishment was forced to come forward with a proposal to significantly increase the wages for 100,000 low-paid workers

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15 Now demonstration in Seattle, USA, photo 15 Now

30 April 2014

USA: reviving working class traditions

Fighting for $15 an hour and for socialism: 15Now hosted what can only be described as a marathon of a conference which ran from 11am to nine at night, write CWI reporters.

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