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24 August 2016

International news in brief

Short stories from other sections and co-thinkers of the Committee for a Workers' International. Socialist Students launched in the United States; Hong Kong multinational take socialist to court; Canadian socialists join World Social Forum.

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1 April 2015

Tunisia: thousands demonstrate

CWI members took part in the demonstrations at the recent World Social Forum in Tunis where thousands of young people, women, unemployed people and activists came together

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6 April 2006

World Social Forum in Karachi

CWI banner and stall at World Social Forum
ON SATURDAY 25 March the World Social Forum (WSF) began in Karachi, Pakistan, with some 5,000 to 8,000 present, CWI reporters in Karachi write.

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26 January 2006

Venezuela: Nurses protest in Caracas

"WE WANT the president's ear and the health minister's head". Over 50 nurses were protesting outside the Miraflores - President Chavez's palace in Caracas, Venezuela. They had blocked the road and were faced...

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12 February 2005

Huge crowd cheers Chavez's radical speech at World Social Forum 2005

THE ANTI-GLOBALISATION World Social Forum (WSF) met last week in Porto Alegre, Brazil...

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5 February 2005

World Social Forum: Lula's betrayal of poor sparks anger

"LULA TRAITOR", "Lula your place is in Davos"*. These were just some of the chants on the 3,000 strong protest which greeted Brazilian...

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22 January 2005

World Social Forum - the challenge for 2005

OVER 100,000 workers, youth and others exploited by capitalism are expected to attend the 2005 World Social Forum (WSF) in Porte Allegre, Brazil between 26-31 January...

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31 January 2004

Workers Speak Out at World Social Forum

AS WE reported in last week's issue of the socialist, over 120,000 people, mainly from the Indian sub-continent and other Asian countries, attended the fourth World Social Forum in the Indian city of Mumbai...

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24 January 2004

NGOs Provide No Solutions For The Exploited

World Social Forum 2004, Mumbai: OVER 120,000 people attended the World Social Forum (WSF) in Mumbai, India. The majority came in their tens of thousands from the most poverty stricken areas of India as well as other countries in Asia such as Pakistan, South Korea, Tibet...

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31 January 2003

World Social Forum: For A Socialist Alternative

AS REPRESENTATIVES of global capitalism assembled for their annual World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, last week an alternative 100,000-strong World Social Forum (WSF) gathered in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

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8 February 2002

World Social Forum: Another World Is Possible - Socialism

AS THE world's rich and powerful gathered in New York to discuss their plans for the capitalist new order (see above), 100,000 anti-capitalists, trade unionists, socialists and environmentalists met at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil

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23 February 2001

World Social Forum

PORTO ALEGRE, state capital of Rio Grande do Sul, was the venue for the first World Social Forum from 25-30 January...

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