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London May Day demonstration, photo Jules Mattsson

London May Day demonstration, photo Jules Mattsson

5 May 2010

Workers celebrate May Day: Marching together against the bosses' attacks

IN MANY countries around the world, socialists and trade unionists marched to celebrate international workers' day on 1 May. This year in particular, in the teeth of attacks by capitalists on jobs, wages and public services, international working class solidarity is a vital necessity.

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31 March 2010

May Day march in Hull: Rebuilding traditions of struggle

Hull Youth Fight for Jobs will call a march through the city centre to mark May Day. It has been many years since May Day was last celebrated in Hull and the demonstration is the culmination of the efforts...

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17 February 2010

Celebrate May Day this year with The Socialist

The Socialist appeals to all its readers to support the 2010 May Day greetings appeal, helping the paper to celebrate International Workers' Day, writes Bob Severn.

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May Day demonstration 2009, photo Paul Mattsson

May Day demonstration 2009, photo Paul Mattsson

6 May 2009

Workers look for alternative to bankrupt capitalism

CWI May Day statement: THE COMMITTEE for a Workers' International (CWI - the socialist international organisation to which the Socialist Party is affiliated) sent May Day greetings to workers, youth and the oppressed everywhere...

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6 May 2009

Widespread protests in Pakistan

May Day reports: Hundreds of thousands of workers took to the streets across Pakistan to celebrate May Day. Workers from different sectors of the economy, nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and religions marched together...

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6 May 2009

Thousands demonstrate in Hong Kong

A total of 7,000 people took part in this year's May Day demos in Hong Kong, the only place (along with Macau) in China that international workers' day can be celebrated, writes reporters.

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6 May 2009

Bigger May Day demos in Sweden this year

May Day demos in Sweden were bigger than in the last few years. The dual fear of the economic crisis, as well as the new danger that the right wing government will not be defeated next year, were the major...

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15 April 2009

G20 Summit death: Bring the cops to account

THE DEATH of Ian Tomlinson, a bystander at the G20 summit protests, at the hands of a baton wielding officer of the London Metropolitan police is a scandal...

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7 April 2009

G20 Summit protests: Democratic rights trampled on

YET AGAIN the right to protest is under attack. Last week's anti-G20 demonstrations were greeted with a violent and heavy handed response by the police. Protesters were hit with truncheons and contained...

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7 May 2008

May Day marches

STRIKING WORKERS from Shelter led London's May Day march, followed by members of rail union RMT, local trades councils and Turkish and Kurdish groups...

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28 April 2005

Why we celebrate May Day

MAY DAY (1 May) has historically been celebrated as a day of international working-class solidarity and struggle...

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2 April 2005

Judge backs false imprisonment of May Day protesters

THE JUDGEMENT in the May Day case, delivered on 23 May, made it a sad day for democratic rights...

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12 February 2005

May Day Greetings

The Socialist prints May Day greetings from socialists, trade unions, youth and student organisations, from around the world...

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8 May 2004

Strikes in Italy: Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

THIS YEAR'S May Day came at a time of heightened tension in Italian society and of some of the most dramatic strike struggles in Europe. CLARE DOYLE reports...

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1 May 2004

2004 May Day Greetings

Some of the greetings we have received:...

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26 April 2003

May Day - Protest Against Capitalism

ON MAY DAY, there will be protests around the world against the US/British occupation of Iraq and the war that has been waged in the interests of big business, writes Clare James.

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10 May 2002

Massive Anti-Fascist Protests in France

ACCORDING TO the police about 1.3 million French people demonstrated on May Day against Le Pen and the Front National, writes Geert Cool, LSP/MAS Belgium..

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26 April 2002

Celebrating May Day

MAY DAY has historically been a day of international working class solidarity and struggle. This year May Day takes on a more urgent and significant role for the present generation of workers and young

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26 April 2002

May Day 2002 Fight For A Socialist Alternative

MAY DAY is international workers' day. All over the world workers and young people will be demonstrating against attacks on workers' rights, poverty and inequality, war and the destruction of our environment.

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