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13 December 2017

Trump's incendiary Jerusalem statement reignites Israeli-Palestinian conflict

There was a wave of protest around the world following Trump's declaration of recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital

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17 May 2017

Palestinian prisoners on mass hunger strike protest

Israel/Palestine: The Strike of Freedom and Honour is the name given to an indefinite mass hunger strike of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, which started on Palestinian Prisoner Day, 17 April.

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12 October 2016

Shimon Peres - a wolf in sheep's clothing

Most mainstream media obituaries described Shimon Peres, the recently deceased former president of Israel, as a 'peacemaker statesman' who constrained the settlerist, nationalist policy of prime minister Netanyahu's rule. In reality, Peres was a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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11 May 2016

John Mann's Israel hypocrisy

The letter the Guardian wouldn't print: That the serious issue of anti-Semitism is being used as a proxy charge against Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party is confirmed by the high-profile role of John Mann MP.

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29 October 2015

Israeli government fans the flames of conflict

This has been the deadliest month in the national conflict since the war on Gaza in summer 2014.

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8 April 2015

Israel/Palestine: Palestinian Land Day

Members, both Palestinian and Israeli, of Socialist Struggle (CWI Israel/Palestine) took part in the 39th Palestinian Land Day, commemorating the first mass revolt of Palestinian people inside Israel against the expropriation of Palestinian land for Jewish settlements

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25 March 2015

Israel-Palestine: Likud election victory

New coalition will face chain of unresolved crises and bitter struggles

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25 June 2014

Israel: Nationalist thugs assault CWI members

Protest in Tel Aviv against military raids: On 21 June dozens of protesters - Jews and Arabs, including Socialist Struggle Movement (SSM) activists - held a demonstration in front of the defence ministry in Tel Aviv

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9 November 2011

Israel: General strike over job security

A general strike took place in Israel on Monday 7 November, with workers in the civil service, public transport, universities, airports, sea ports and local authorities among those striking

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21 September 2011

Youth protest movement grows in Israel

On Saturday 3 September 430,000 Israeli youth and workers marched through the major cities of Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa, as part of an ongoing youth-led protest and 'tent city' movement, writes William Andrews.

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17 August 2011

Israel: Mass movement erupts against the rule of capitalism

300,000 people flooded the streets of Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and other cities in Israel on 6 August 2011 roaring: "The people demand social justice!"

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Video: Stop Israeli state terror: demonstration in London against the killings on the aid flotilla

Video: Stop Israeli state terror: demonstration in London against the killings on the aid flotilla

29 July 2010

Stop Israeli state terror

Demonstration in London 5 June 2010 after Israeli state killings on Gaza bound aid flotilla

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Demonstration against the murder by Israeli commandos of civilian aid volunteers on aboard a ship attempting to bring aid to Gaza , photo Jules Mattsson

Demonstration against the murder by Israeli commandos of civilian aid volunteers on aboard a ship attempting to bring aid to Gaza , photo Jules Mattsson

9 June 2010

Marches show opposition to Israeli state terror

THE BRUTAL murder by Israeli commandos of nine civilian aid volunteers aboard a ship attempting to bring humanitarian relief to besieged Palestinians in the Gaza strip was met with furious opposition internationally, writes Sean Figg.

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2 June 2010

Joe Higgins MEP challenges US Ambassador on IDF killings

Israel/Palestine: "An act of piracy in international waters":, website of the committee for a workers' international, CWI 01/06/2010...

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31 May 2010

Israel/Palestine: "Unarmed activists slaughtered" by IDF paratroopers

From, website of the committee for a workers' international, CWI, posted 31/05/2010, writes Irish Socialist Party MEP calls for solidarity demonstrations with activists and Gaza.

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31 May 2010

Gaza: Stop the killing of demonstrators, lift the blockade immediately

Ed: this is a rough translation of a initial article posted on, which is the website of the sister party of the Socialist Party in Israel, the Socialist Struggle Movement, (the Committee for a Workers' International in Israel)...

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13 January 2010

Israel: Instability, class polarisation and socialism

LAST MONTH, over 130 Israeli Jews and Arabs participated in 'Socialism Conference 2009', held in Tel Aviv in Israel and organised by the Socialist Struggle Movement in Israel, writes Socialist Struggle Movement, (CWI in Israel) reporters.

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17 February 2009

Israel: Election results indicate a deepening political crisis

LESS THAN a month after the end of the last bloody onslaught on the residents of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank was put under a military closure, as the election for Israel's 120 seat Knesset (parliament) began, writes Shahar Ben-Khorin, Maavak Sozialisti, (CWI, Israel).

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21 January 2009

Gaza war paves way for further conflict

Demonstrating against war on Gaza, photo Sarah Mayo

Demonstrating against war on Gaza, photo Sarah Mayo

Editorial statement `One thousand two hundred and fifty confirmed dead, with the numbers still rising as bodies are dug out of the rubble...' This is what the Israeli government calls 'achieving its aims'.

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13 January 2009

Stop the Israeli state terror

Stop the Slaughter in Gaza: London demo, photo Paul Mattsson

Stop the Slaughter in Gaza: London demo, photo Paul Mattsson

"Terrified, starving, traumatised, thirsty, desperate", was how the United Nations humanitarian coordinator in the Palestinian territories described the Gazan people...

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