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25 September 2013

Rotten, wasteful capitalism has to go - the case for a socialist alternative

The pioneer of the NHS in Britain, Aneurin Bevan, drove the bill through parliament to establish what became a treasure of the British people, particularly for the working class and the poor writes Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary.

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10 August 2013

Nationalisation under democratic workers' control

We support taxing the rich and big corporations, but we also recognise that the 'markets' - that is capitalism - will never meekly accept dramatically increased taxation and regulation

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15 May 2013

Give us jobs, not Tory lies

We've been hearing this rubbish for years - British workers are lazy - and now Eton-educated Tory London mayor Boris 'the bankers' friend' Johnson has stepped in, accusing British workers of sloth

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Argentina's Peronist president Cristina Kirchner, photo by BBC

25 April 2012

Argentina: Nationalisation provokes wrath of imperialism

Shrieks of protest have been unleashed against the partial nationalisation of YPF, the Argentinean subsidiary of the Spanish petrol multinational Repsol, writes Tony Saunois CWI.

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7 December 2011

When workers planned production: the Lucas Aerospace plan

The south east region of the TUC recently showed a film about the Lucas Aerospace shop stewards' committee who, 35 years ago, produced a plan to make socially useful products instead of the weapons of mass destruction they made for their employer, writes Bill Mullins.

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10,000 marched against job cuts on Saturday 23 July in the biggest demonstration in Derby for decades, backed by the RMT and other unions, photo Paul Mattsson

10,000 marched. Photo Paul Mattsson

28 July 2011

Nationalise Bombardier to save jobs

Train manufacturer Bombardier has announced the loss of 1,400 jobs following the government decision to award the Thameslink rail project to German company, Siemens. Around 10,000 marched against job cuts on Saturday 23 July in the biggest demonstration in Derby for decades...

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9 February 2011

Jobs massacre at Pfizer

On 1 February it was announced that 2,400 workers at Pfizer's research and development facility in Sandwich, Kent, will be made redundant after the company's decision to close the site completely...

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7 July 2010

When the financial wizardry lost its magic

Steve Appleton reviews: Whoops! Why everyone owes everyone and no one can pay, by John Lanchester, published by Allen Lane, 2010, writes 20.

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16 June 2010

Northern Rock throws workers on the dole

Northern Rock workers are stunned to hear that the bank is now planning another round of job cuts. Last week workers were hit by a redundancy bombshell of 650 job losses out of 4,500 staff. This works...

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9 June 2010

Why public sector cuts are not inevitable

Editorial: The Tories claim that massive cuts are necessary because of New Labour's excessive public spending on services and welfare. This is a giant con trick, which every capitalist party - including New Labour - is colluding in. Nothing could be further from the truth...

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24 February 2010

How to stop cuts and defend public services

Nationally civil servants are facing an attack by the government on their 'compensation scheme' - their redundancy rights...

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Corus workers protest, photo Paul Mattsson

Corus workers protest, photo Paul Mattsson

9 December 2009

Socialist nationalisation - the only way to save manufacturing jobs and end the bank bonus scandal

Editorial: The year 2009 is ending as it began. Thousands of workers are losing their jobs in factory closures while bankers rescued by government intervention and money from working class taxpayers continue to rake...

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9 September 2009

Vestas workers: Stop the blades

Vestas workers are continuing their fight for nationalisation and jobs on the Isle of Wight (IOW), building for a national day of action on Thursday 17 September...

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Vestas occupation, photo Marc Vallee

Vestas occupation, photo Marc Vallee

29 July 2009

Vestas - build mass action for victory

Editorial 29 July: As we go to press workers at Vestas Blades on the Isle of Wight, the only wind turbine plant in Britain, have been occupying the plant for over a week to try to prevent its closure. The twenty five workers inside the occupation have faced repeated threats of sacking, legal action, and removal of redundancy payments to try to force them to end the occupation.

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27 May 2009

Delegates' anger at Public and Commercial Services union conference

The Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union conference met against a background of the worst recession since the 1930s and in the wake of a budget statement that set out the government's strategy to "deal with the economic crisis" they themselves have created, writes John McInally, PCS vice president, personal capacity.

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The Socialist Party's 'Grim Reaper' joins the Keep Our NHS Public 'Defend our health service' protest outside the Department of Health on the 60th anniversary of the founding of the health service, photo Paul Mattsson

The Socialist Party's 'Grim Reaper' joins the Keep Our NHS Public 'Defend our health service' protest outside the Department of Health on the 60th anniversary of the founding of the health service, photo Paul Mattsson

11 March 2009

Scrap PFI Now!

In yet another humiliating blow to its pro-big business economic policy the New Labour government is providing state 'loans' of up to 2 billion to prop up the Private Finance Initiative (PFI), writes Adrian O'Malley, Unison health service group executive Yorkshire and Humberside (personal capacity).

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4 March 2009

RBS pension scandal: Not a penny for these fat cats!

RESEMBLING SOME kind of feudal payment in perpetuity, sacked Royal Bank of Scotland boss Sir Fred Goodwin's 693,000 annual pension is absolutely outrageous, writes Pete Mason.

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Unison Local Government strike 16-17 July in London, photo Paul Mattsson

Unison Local Government strike 16-17 July in London, photo Paul Mattsson

3 March 2009

Bosses get pay-offs, workers get layoffs

THE CAPITALIST economy is going deeper into recession. 320,000 jobs could be destroyed in Britain in the next three months, 'business advisers' now predict. Over two million people are already out of...

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24 February 2009

Where's the bailout for us?

For millions of working class people, however, the urgent question is: where is the bailout for us? For thirty years governments have told us that the only option is privatisation of public services, and...

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15 February 2009

Paralysis of the banking system

The banks and financial system remain paralysed. 'Throw everything but the kitchen sink' at the problem is a British saying. Now, some Keynesian capitalist economists urge the 'kitchen sink' should...

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