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27 May 2009

Hear No2EU - Yes to Democracy speakers

Meeting Listings

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22 May 2009

Videos: No2Eu - Yes to Democracy , part two

Socialist Party members Dave Nellist and Onay Kasab explain why they are supporting No2EU. Onay Kasab is Unison branch secretrary in Greenwich representing 3000 council workers...

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We need workers' MPs on a worker's wage

We need workers' MPs on a worker's wage

20 May 2009

We need workers' MPs on a worker's wage

House of Thieves: WORKING CLASS people are furious about MPs' huge 'expenses'. On Thursday 4 June, elections take place for the European Union, which for many members of the European Parliament (MEPs) is an an even bigger gravy train than Westminster.

More ...

North-West No2EU - Yes to Democracy

North-West No2EU - Yes to Democracy

20 May 2009

Why socialists oppose the EU

THE RMT-led coalition for the European elections, 'No2EU-Yes to Democracy', is receiving a very favourable response as a workers' alternative to the rotten establishment parties...

More ...

20 May 2009

Ruthless EU is Thatcherism writ large

Below is a letter by European election No2EU candidate for the West Midlands, Dave Nellist. It was published in the Birmingham Post...

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13 May 2009

No2EU - Yes to Democracy campaign news

No2EU On Thursday 7 May the 'No2EU - Yes to Democracy' campaign declared its full slate of candidates for the 4 June European electon...

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13 May 2009

No to the EU gravy train

MPs' expenses are in the news! MEPs in the European parliament are on the gravy train too. How much has each Euro MP made in the last five years? We should be told! It is a gravy train, writes Dave Hill, No2EU -Yes to Democracy candidate for the European elections, southeast region.

More ...

13 May 2009

NSSN - fight the bosses' offensive

THE NATIONAL Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) steering committee held its latest meeting on 9 May. Amongst issues discussed were the sacking by his employer of Rob Williams, NSSN vice-chairperson, the struggle at Visteon and the No2EU European election campaign.

More ...

12 May 2009

Sweep away the thieves and their system

Editorial: 'Fish rot from the head first'. The stink arising from the outright corruption, outright thievery - to give it its proper name - from the 'public purse', by the overwhelming majority of 'dis-honourable members' of the House of Commons presents a nauseating spectacle...

More ...

11 May 2009

"We've got the BNP on the back foot"

Press release from North West NO2EU: Speaking after clashes in Carlisle on Saturday between union-based left-wing Euro-elections party No to EU - Yes to Democracy and the far-right racist British National Party, Carlisle-based No2EU - Yes to Democracy candidate Craig Johnston said:...

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6 May 2009

Support for No2EU at Usdaw conference

Socialist Party members at Usdaw conference this year got a lot of support, with shopworkers flocking to congratulate Robbie Segal on her 40.6% result in the general secretary elections earlier in the year, writes Alex Gounelas.

More ...

Bob Crow, RMT general secretary, photo Paul Mattsson

Bob Crow, RMT general secretary, photo Paul Mattsson

29 April 2009

European elections: Build support for a workers' alternative to Labour

As convenor of No2EU - Yes to Democracy, I recently visited the Visteon factory in Basildon currently being blockaded by the sacked workforce, writes Bob Crow, General Secretary, RMT

More ...

24 April 2009

Euro elections: Challenging big business and the far-right

In this yearís European elections working-class people have a positive alternative to vote for. A new electoral alliance, No2EU-Yes to Democracy, has been launched to oppose the EUís big-business agenda. It will also mount a challenge to the divisive, anti-working class, far-right BNP which has, in the past, benefitted from the protest votes in Euro-elections. HANNAH SELL reports on this important initiative.

More ...

22 April 2009

No2EU - yes to democracy

NUT fringe meeting: Reflecting the interest this electoral initiative has sparked, over 70 people packed into a meeting room to hear the case for the No2EU - yes to democracy campaign...

More ...

No2EU - Yes to Democracy press launch. Bob Crow, Brian Denny, Dave Nellist, photo Suzanne Beishon

No2EU - Yes to Democracy press launch. Bob Crow, Brian Denny, Dave Nellist, photo Suzanne Beishon

22 April 2009

European elections: a workers' alternative to New Labour takes shape

THE No2EU-Yes to Democracy electoral coalition, led by the RMT rail workers' union, took a big step forward last week when the national steering committee met to discuss the campaign's candidates for June's European elections...

More ...

No2EU - Yes to Democracy press launch, photo Suzanne Beishon

No2EU - Yes to Democracy press launch, photo Suzanne Beishon

15 April 2009

European elections: Why No2EU?

The Socialist Party is backing the No2EU-Yes to Democracy coalition in June's European elections. The European Union's directives and rulings, enthusiastically implemented by the New Labour government, are linked to the avalanche of job losses, wage cuts and continued privatisation that we face, Clive Heemskerk explains.

More ...

7 April 2009

EU presses for cuts in public spending

LAST WEEK'S summit of European Union (EU) finance ministers gave the British government six months to come up with plans to cut public spending...

More ...

NO2EU on the 'Put People First' demo, photo Paul Mattsson

NO2EU on the 'Put People First' demo, photo Paul Mattsson

31 March 2009

No2EU - Yes to Democracy

The No2EU-Yes to Democracy electoral coalition, headed by Bob Crow, the general secretary of the RMT transport workers' union, will be contesting seats in June's European elections...

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