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28 January 2015

NI Water workers' victory

Despite efforts by Stormont politicians and many in the Northern Ireland media to vilify them, striking NI Water workers have won significant concessions from management

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A striking Belgian firefighter

10 December 2014

Europe: a new wave of workers' struggle has begun

Once again workers are in revolt against "elderly and haggard" European capitalism - as the Pope accurately described it. Six years into 'the Great Recession' austerity and mass unemployment have become permanent continent wide

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Benny Adams (left)

Benny Adams (left)

5 November 2014

Benny Adams

Benny Adams died after a long illness on 6 October, aged 65. Benny was active in Militant, the Socialist Party's forerunner, in Northern Ireland from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s

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Bill Webster speaking in 1984, photo Dave Sinclair

Bill Webster speaking in 1984, photo Dave Sinclair

29 October 2014

Bill Webster 1941-2014

William (Bill) Webster died in August after a long illness, aged 73

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The British army was sent to Northern Ireland, not to defend beleaguered Catholics but to defend private property and British imperialism

The British army was sent to Northern Ireland, not to defend beleaguered Catholics but to defend private property and British imperialism

29 October 2014

Film review: On the streets of Belfast in 1971

This film, on general release, shows what it was like for a newly sent over British soldier during a few days in Belfast in 1971

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Iain Paisley in 1987, photo Dave Sinclair

Iain Paisley in 1987, photo Dave Sinclair

17 September 2014

Ian Paisley: Peacemaker or warmonger?

Obituary: How will hard line unionist Ian Paisley, who has died at the age of 88, be remembered?

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5 March 2014

Northern Ireland rocked by 'on the runs' crisis

The past continues to haunt the present in Northern Ireland. In the last week of February a major crisis rocked the Northern Ireland Executive and almost brought it crashing down

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19 June 2013

Them & Us

A façade, literally: In preparation for the G8 meeting in Northern Ireland, £2 million was spent on tackling dereliction. Not by building or renovating new houses or services...

More ...

London support for protests ion Turkey

12 June 2013

No to G8 austerity

End the rule of big business, poverty and war: The leaders of the most powerful nations in the world will soon descend on Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, for the 17-18 June G8 Summit, writes Niall Mulholland, Committee for a Workers' International (CWI).

More ...

22 May 2013

March against the G8

At this year's G8 summit in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland on 17-18 June, heads of the largest capitalist economies will discuss how they can further the interests of the super-rich, big business and the bankers.

More ...

16 January 2013

Northern Ireland: Flag issue turmoil illustrates failure of the 'peace process'

Trade unions must offer a clear cross-community, anti-sectarian class alternative: Turmoil over the issue of the flying of the union flag has now continued across Northern Ireland for six weeks, writes Ciaran Mulholland , CWI Northern Ireland.

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15 January 2013

Northern Ireland: Turmoil over flag dispute continues

Turmoil over the issue of the flying of the union flag has now continued for six weeks

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23 May 2012

Youth Fight for Jobs Northern Ireland launched in Belfast

Almost one in five 18-24 years olds in Northern Ireland are not in education, training nor employment, writes Neil Moore.

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21 May 2012

Youth Fight for Jobs Northern Ireland launched

Saturday 12th May saw a launch rally and gig for Youth Fight for Jobs - Northern Ireland, in the heart of Belfast, writes See:.

More ...

18 January 2012

1972 Derry - "this was murder"

Forty years ago, on Sunday 30 January 1972, members of the Parachute Regiment (the Paras) shot 27 unarmed civilians, (14 of whom died) on a protest through the barricaded Bogside area of Derry in Northern Ireland...

More ...

6 July 2011

East Belfast riots: Only united working class action can prevent further attacks

The rioting in the Catholic enclave in the predominantly Protestant east Belfast, Northern Ireland, on 20 and 21 June - the worst in recent years - did not appear from a blue sky

More ...

18 May 2011

Northern Ireland: The 'no change' elections

On 5 May elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly and local councils saw the further consolidation of the two largest parties, the loyalist Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and the republican Sinn Féin, writes Socialist Party (CWI, Northern Ireland).

More ...

27 April 2011

TUSC election challenge: vote socialist to stop the cuts

Round the country: Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts (TUSC) candidates in Bristol are standing in 16 seats across Bristol in the local elections...

More ...

16 March 2011

Northern Ireland: Broad left gains in union elections

Northern Ireland's largest trade union, NIPSA, has completed elections for its executive body, the general council, writes Padraig Mulholland, NIPSA Public Officers' Executive and Socialist Party (CWI Ireland) member, Belfast.

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