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18 August 2010

Northern Ireland: Belfast Stop the Cuts Alliance established

At a meeting in Belfast on 16 August, socialist and trade union activists agreed to form the Stop the Cuts Alliance in order to build opposition to the cuts from Westminster and Stormont, writes Gary Mulcahy, Socialist Party (Northern Ireland).

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Bloody Sunday Mural in Derry, Northern Ireland, photo by Jérôme Sautret

Bloody Sunday Mural in Derry, Northern Ireland, photo by Jérôme Sautret

23 June 2010

Bloody Sunday: Innocent protesters murdered by the British army in 1972

THE PUBLICATION of the Bloody Sunday inquiry report, known as the Saville inquiry, has brought to light, once again, the brutal lengths the British capitalist state is prepared to go in defence of its interests, writes Gary Mulcahy, Socialist Party, Belfast.

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18 June 2010

Bloody Sunday: Innocent protesters murdered by the British Army

Bloody Sunday Saville Inquiry: Posted 17/6/10 on the website of the Committee for a Workers' International at

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16 June 2010

Bloody Sunday report appears 38 years late

THE SAVILLE Report into the shooting dead of 14 unarmed protesters and bystanders by members of the British parachute regiment at a civil rights demo in Derry, Northern Ireland, on 30 January 1972, has finally been published...

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Peter Hadden, 1950-2010, photo Paul Mattsson

Peter Hadden, 1950-2010, photo Paul Mattsson

19 May 2010

Peter Hadden - an inspiring life for socialism

Obituary: PETER HADDEN, Northern secretary of the Irish section of the Committee for a Workers International (CWI), the Socialist Party, sadly died at the age of 60, in Belfast, on 5 May after a three year battle with cancer, writes Niall Mulholland.

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10 February 2010

Northern Ireland: An agreement to cement division

ON 5 FEBRUARY the DUP and Sinn Fein agreed a deal on policing, justice and parades. The deal was announced in triumph as a "historic breakthrough" by First Minister Peter Robinson of the DUP and his...

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19 January 2010

Non jury trials undermine democratic rights

THE FIRST crown court non-jury criminal trial in England and Wales has begun, marking a serious departure from a fundamental principle of justice, writes Ray Burr.

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12 January 2010

Corruption scandal grips Northern Ireland

THE JAWDROPPING seq-uence of events surrounding Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) MP Iris Robinson soliciting £50,000 from two millionaire property developers has opened a Pandora's Box of corruption. Gary Mulcahy, Belfast Socialist Party (CWI Ireland), reports.

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9 September 2009

Northern Ireland: Councillor joins Socialist Party

SINN FEIN councillor Domhnall O Cobhthaigh has announced his resignation from the party at a press conference in order to join the Socialist Party to "build a cross-community opposition to the right-wing economic policies of the Assembly Executive"...

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12 August 2009

August 1969: Northern Ireland explodes - 'the troubles' begin

THE EVENTS of August 1969 were an historical turning point for Northern Ireland that echo down to this day. The first deaths of 'the troubles' occurred in 1969.

Ciaran Mulholland of the Socialist Party in Northern Ireland explains how the situation rapidly escalated to the brink of civil war and what lessons can be learnt from these events.

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24 June 2009

Racists in Northern Ireland threaten socialist for defending Romanian community

THE SOCIALIST Party in Northern Ireland (part of the Committee for a Workers' International) has played a central role in organising protests to oppose a spate of racist attacks on Romanian families living in Belfast, writes Socialist Party members, Northern Ireland.

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Visteon workers, photo Paul Mattsson

Visteon workers, photo Paul Mattsson

5 May 2009

Visteon workers show: Action gets results

Sacked workers at the three closed Visteon UK plants in Enfield (London), Basildon (Essex), and Belfast (Northern Ireland) have won a momentous victory, a substantial financial package from their bosses.
They will end their pickets and occupations as soon as the money is in the bank. Frank Jepson, Unite union convenor of Visteon Basildon, spoke to The Socialist

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11 March 2009

Northern Ireland: Sectarian violence returns

Working-class people in Northern Ireland have been shocked by the shooting dead of army and police personnel by dissident Republican groups, writes Ciaran Mulholland, Socialist Party Northern Ireland.

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15 October 2008

Defend and extend abortion rights

Around 300 women and trade unionists attended a meeting last week in parliament in defence of abortion rights and a woman's right to choose organised by Abortion Rights (AR)...

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8 October 2008

Fight against the Unison witch-hunt

Pat Lawlor, a convenor at Belfast Royal Victoria Hospital, was expelled from Unison at a Belfast disciplinary hearing on 3 October...

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31 July 2008

Passport staff strike

Workers at the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) were out on a three-day strike from 23-25 July. Elaine Brunskill reports from the Durham office...

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11 June 2008

"Anti-terror" laws are no solution

THE GOVERNMENT'S proposal to increase the period that "terrorism suspects" can be detained without charge from 28 days to 42, comes before parliament as we go to press, writes Roger Shrives.

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11 June 2008

Unison witch-hunt hits Northern Ireland

THE WITCH-HUNT of members of the Socialist Party in Unison has now extended to Northern Ireland. Pat Lawlor, Unison convenor for nursing in the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast, who has continually campaigned for Unison members in opposition to low pay, cuts in services and privatisation, is currently under 'investigation' by the union's national executive, writes Eileen Keenan, Northern Ireland Unison member in education, personal capacity.

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9 April 2008

Ireland: "The most cunning and devious of them all" finally goes

AFTER 11 years as Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Bertie Ahern has announced his resignation for 6 May this year, writes Paul Murphy.

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27 February 2008

Sleaze in Northern Ireland: Keeping it in the family

THE RESIGNATION of Ian Paisley junior as a Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) minister in the Northern Ireland Executive, follows months of intense speculation over the nature of his relationship with Seymour Sweeney, a milliona, writes Gary Mulcahy, Socialist Party Belfast

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