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25 October 2007

Pakistan: Suicide bombings at Bhutto rally

UP TO 150 people were killed and 600 injured when suicide bombers attacked Benazir Bhutto's procession, following her return to Pakistan from eight years of self-imposed exile on 18 October...

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5 July 2007

Pakistan: Union activist has suspension withdrawn following protests

AZAD QADRI, Deputy General Secretary of the Lion's Unity Union, suspended by the management of the privatised Pakistan Telecommunications company, has won reinstatement after a protest campaign by trade unionists in Pakistan...

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10 May 2007

Musharraf hangs on in Pakistan while poverty and oppression multiplies

Thousands of police and military throughout Pakistan were mobilised during March and April to brutally repress and beat lawyers and judges who had taken to the streets to protest against the suspension of Iftikhar Mohammad Ch...

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4 April 2007

In The Line of Fire

Book review: PERVEZ MUSHARRAF, Pakistan's military dictator in presidential clothing, is unlikely to survive in his post much longer...

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22 February 2007

No to Trident!

RIDING PILLION behind Bush, Blair has embroiled Britain in disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...

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5 October 2006

MoD hypocrisy on Taliban

THE GROWTH of a 'resurgent' Taliban in Afghanistan is bloodily proving that the occupying forces can do nothing to solve the underlying social and economic problems that the poor masses of the country face, writes Greg Maughan.

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6 April 2006

World Social Forum in Karachi

CWI banner and stall at World Social Forum
ON SATURDAY 25 March the World Social Forum (WSF) began in Karachi, Pakistan, with some 5,000 to 8,000 present, CWI reporters in Karachi write.

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24 November 2005

Demo opposes deportations

AROUND 500 people joined the demonstration called in Manchester by unions and asylum support groups...

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27 October 2005

The politics of relief: political manoeuvres begin

Asian earthquake disaster: THERE HAS been a vigorous response by working class people in Pakistan and Kashmir to help the victims and those affected by the devastating earthquake in these regions...

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20 October 2005

Poorest areas of towns and villages suffer most

Asian Earthquake disaster: I HAVE been in Bagh, a city in Jammu and Kashmir. I arrived with a truckload of aid from workers and trade unionists in Lahore. This is just one of five...

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13 October 2005

Asian earthquake disaster: Poor abandoned again

THE RECENT disasters of Hurricane Katrina, the Asian Tsunami, and now the earthquake affecting Pakistan, Kashmir and India have one thing in common...

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13 October 2005

Socialists killed in Kalam

Rising anger at Musharraf's regime: On Monday 10 October the socialist spoke to Khalid Bhatti from the Socialist Movement Pakistan (SMP, the counterpart of the Socialist Party), in Lahore, before he set off to visit the earthquake-affected...

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13 October 2005

Appeal from the Trade Union Rights Campaign

MANY AID agencies will be collecting funds over the next weeks. Unfortunately this will be distributed by the same corrupt government whose...

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21 July 2005

al-Qa'ida: US imperialism's deadly legacy

THE LONDON bombings have drawn attention to the Islamic terrorist training camps operating in the Afghanistan/Pakistan border areas...

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30 June 2005

Capitalism means poverty and exploitation

FOR YEARS, the majority of Pakistanis, like many people throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America, have seen their living standards slashed by their government's 'neo-liberal' policies - encouraged by Western imperialism...

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23 June 2005

Pakistan Telecom workers' strike ends but opposition to privatisation continues

FOLLOWING ALMOST three weeks of struggle against privatisation most Pakistan Telecommunication (PTCL) workers have returned to work...

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16 June 2005

Pakistan: Government clamps down on telecom protesters

LAST WEEKEND, the Pakistani government started a crackdown against telecommunications workers, following the refusal of the nine union-strong Action Committee to be bullied into privatisation...

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9 June 2005

Pakistan: Strike resists Telecom privatisation

ONLY WEEKS before the G8 summit, Pakistan telecom workers, through all-out struggle, have shown how to fight privatisation - one element of the 'neo-liberal' policies promoted by the likes of Bush and Blair...

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2 June 2005

"Struggle or death" - Pakistan telecoms workers fight privatisation

"THIS IS the biggest challenge to President Musharraf of Pakistan from the trade unions on the question of privatisation since he came to power in 1998."...

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26 May 2005

Telecom workers' strike against privatisation

THE MUSHARRAF government has launched a massive new privatisation campaign worth $1.7 billion...

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