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Protest against the Israeli government's attacks on Gaza 24 November 2012, photo Paul Mattsson

Protest against the Israeli government's attacks on Gaza 24 November 2012, photo Paul Mattsson

28 November 2012

Gaza - London march

Over 10,000 people demonstrated and marched in London on Saturday 24 November to condemn the Israeli bombardment of Gaza...

More ...

Stop the War demo assembling, London 24th November 2012, photo JB

24 November 2012

Demonstrations: End the seige of Gaza!

Over 10,000 people marched in London to condemn the Israeli bombardment of Gaza.

More ...

Gaxa protest Nov 12, photo by Neil Cafferky

21 November 2012

Stop Israeli state terror! No more slaughter in Gaza

Men, women and children from one end of the Gaza strip to the other have been subjected to abject terror as bombs hit this narrow piece of land from the air and sea

More ...

Protest against attack on Gaza, London, 15.11.12, photo by Suzanne Beishon

18 November 2012

Protests against strikes on Gaza

As the Israeli army's brutal onslaught on Gaza continued into its fourth day, thousands protested outside the Israeli embassy in London.

More ...

6 July 2011

Sabotage on ship to Gaza

The Irish ship to Gaza in Palestine, part of the Freedom Flotilla 2, has been sabotaged whilst sitting in Dublin harbour preparing to sail.

More ...

16 March 2011

Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories: "We'll struggle like in Egypt"

How the recent movements in the Arab countries are affecting political consciousness in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories...

More ...

16 February 2011

Mark Thomas: Extreme rambling

Mark Thomas's comedy is always original and his latest show is no exception. This time he recounts his experience of walking the length of the Israeli wall that imprisons the Palestinians of the West...

More ...

2 June 2010

Joe Higgins MEP challenges US Ambassador on IDF killings

Israel/Palestine: "An act of piracy in international waters":, website of the committee for a workers' international, CWI 01/06/2010...

More ...

31 May 2010

Israel/Palestine: "Unarmed activists slaughtered" by IDF paratroopers

From, website of the committee for a workers' international, CWI, posted 31/05/2010, writes Irish Socialist Party MEP calls for solidarity demonstrations with activists and Gaza.

More ...

10 March 2010

Palestine: 'The Wall Must Fall!'

ONE THOUSAND people demonstrated on 19 February, in the Palestinian village Bil'in, in the occupied West Bank, writes Report from Socialist Struggle Movement, (CWI in Israel/Palestine).

More ...

20 May 2009

End Gaza blockade

SEVERAL THOUSAND people demonstrated in London on 16 May, to mark the 61st anniversary of the Palestinian 'Naqba' (catastrophe)...

More ...

13 May 2009

Gaza: the nightmare continues

THREE MONTHS after Israel's war against Gaza that killed nearly 1,400 people, 314 of them children, and wounded thousands, conditions in the strip remain appalling and are worsening rapidly, writes Niall Mulholland, Committee for a Workers' International (CWI).

More ...

28 January 2009

Israel: Thousands march in Jaffa against Gaza massacre

SHORTLY BEFORE the Israeli government decided to finish its onslaught on the Gaza Strip for the time being, thousands of Jews and Arabs marched in Jaffa, on 17 January, against the massacre, the siege, the occupation and against racism, writes Shahar Ben-Korin, Socialist Struggle Movement (CWI in Israel).

More ...

21 January 2009

Gaza war paves way for further conflict

Demonstrating against war on Gaza, photo Sarah Mayo

Demonstrating against war on Gaza, photo Sarah Mayo

Editorial statement `One thousand two hundred and fifty confirmed dead, with the numbers still rising as bodies are dug out of the rubble...' This is what the Israeli government calls 'achieving its aims'.

More ...

21 January 2009

Readers' comment: media reporting on Gaza

When it comes to reporting on Gaza the conservative and liberal news media and the United Nations seemed to be lapping up the sour milk offered to the world by Egyptian president Mubarak and France's Nicolas Sarkozy, as if it were the only viable opinion on offer, writes Richard Bell, Bristol ISR and Socialist Party.

More ...

13 January 2009

Stop the Israeli state terror

Stop the Slaughter in Gaza: London demo, photo Paul Mattsson

Stop the Slaughter in Gaza: London demo, photo Paul Mattsson

"Terrified, starving, traumatised, thirsty, desperate", was how the United Nations humanitarian coordinator in the Palestinian territories described the Gazan people...

More ...

7 January 2009

Stop the slaughter in Gaza

London protest against war on Gaza, photo by Paul Mattsson

London protest against war on Gaza, photo by Paul Mattsson

Editorial: Mass struggle needed for liberation: Missiles from F-16 fighter planes screaming down on children sleeping or cowering in crowded homes and basements; this is state terrorism of the most brutal kind, raining terror onto a trapped population that doesn't even have enough fuel, water and medicines to treat the injured...

More ...

5 January 2009

IDF out of Gaza (update 2)

Stop the Slaughter in Gaza demonstration, photo Socialist Party

Stop the Slaughter in Gaza demonstration, photo Socialist Party

Mass struggle needed to defeat Israeli army attack
More than 1.5 million people live in the 'open air prison camp' that is Gaza.
For the last 16 months the blockade of the Israeli regime has intensified the nightmare - a majority of the population are unemployed and suffering from malnutrition.
Now the horror has reached its nadir with the Israeli invasion of Gaza - resulting in the deaths of many hundreds of Palestinians, including children.

More ...

29 December 2008

Gaza - end the bloodshed!

While details differ since this Socialist Party editorial of 12 March 2008 was written - the situation today is even worse - it applies in essentials.

More ...

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