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Anti-war / Palestine

20 November 2004

Palestinians mourn Arafat but struggle for liberation will continue

Obituary: Yasser Arafat: MANY PALESTINIANS will view the death of Yasser Arafat with a mixture of sadness and a wish that the Palestinian Authority he led, had done much more to end the poverty and oppression that blights their lives...

More ...

9 October 2004

Troops, Bulldozers And Resistance

Palestine / Iraq: WATCHING THE TV news last weekend, it was difficult trying to identify whether the tanks and helicopter gunships blasting buildings were Israeli or US, and whether the location was the Palestinian Gaza strip or the cities of Samarra and Fallujah in Iraq...

More ...

22 May 2004

A Working-Class Alternative Is Needed in Israel/Palestine

ON 15 May, after a week of bloodshed in the Gaza strip, around 200,000 demonstrators filled the main Tel Aviv square and the nearby streets. ...

More ...

24 April 2004

Bush Gives Green Light To Ariel Sharon

AS SOON as Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, returned home from a triumphalist meeting with US President Bush, he turned his mind to the assassination of the newly appointed leader of the Islamic Palestinian organisation, Hamas...

More ...

17 January 2004

Sharon Pushes For Annexation

Israeli/Palestinian conflict: THE END of 2003 saw a renewal of bloodshed in the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel. In the final two weeks of 2003 and first week of 2004 Israeli Defence Force (IDF) attacks killed 17 Palestinians, and a Palestinian suicide bombing in Israel...

More ...

22 November 2003

Israel/Palestine: Cracks Widen In Sharon's Camp

PUBLIC SPLITS have emerged amongst Israel's ruling class as Ariel Sharon's right-wing coalition government continues to repress Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza strip...

More ...

11 October 2003

Syria Bombing Ratchets Up Middle East Tensions

ISRAELI AIRCRAFT bombed an abandoned Palestinian militia camp deep inside Syrian territory last weekend...

More ...

27 September 2003

Renewed Bloodshed As Palestinian State Becomes Distant Prospect

THE DEMISE of the US-promoted 'road map' for a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, has brought with it the return of daily bloodshed, writes Judy Beishon.

More ...

13 September 2003

Abu Mazen Resignation Ends Bush's 'Road Map'

GEORGE BUSH'S 'road map' for a resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the creation of a Palestinian state by 2005 lies in shreds...

More ...

6 September 2003

Israel/Palestine: Ceasefire collapses as Sharon targets Palestinian leaders

THE CEASEFIRE announced by Palestinian militias at the end of June was called off following the first assassination of a Hamas political leader, Ismail Abu-Shanab, by Israeli forces on 21 August, writes Judy Beishon.

More ...

9 August 2003

Israeli/Palestinian conflict: Coming Unstuck - George Bush's Peace Plan

AS PREDICTED in the socialist, the journey along George Bush's 'road map' to end the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is now decidedly 'off-road'...

More ...

5 July 2003

Israel/Palestine: What's Behind The 'Ceasefire'?

PALESTINIAN MILITIAS have declared a three month suspension in armed attacks against Israel and the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has withdrawn from parts of the Gaza strip...

More ...

31 May 2003

Israel/Palestine: Behind Sharon's 'Change Of Heart'

"THIS is not a happy decision," said Israel's right-wing prime minister Ariel Sharon last Sunday in Jerusalem...

More ...

17 May 2003

Israel/Palestine conflict: Palestinian State Halted By Sharon Roadblock

GEORGE BUSH'S recently published road map to ending the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and achieving a 'viable Palestinian state' by 2005, already looks set for failure...

More ...

3 May 2003

Israel/Palestine: 'Road Map' Will Not Bring Peace

PUBLICATION OF George Bush's long-delayed 'road map' to a Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement and an independent Palestinian state by 2005, was inched forward last week, writes Dave Carr.

More ...

27 September 2002

No Capitalist Solution To Israel/Palestine Conflict

A SIX-WEEK lull in the Israeli/Palestine conflict came to an end with further Palestinian suicide bombings and the Israeli Defence Force using brutal force in Ramallah - a renewed attempt by Ariel Sharon to humiliate Yasser Arafat

More ...

17 May 2002

Israel/Palestine: Stop Sharon's Bloody War

THE ISRAELI army may have withdrawn from towns in the West Bank following its series of brutal invasions but Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's stranglehold on the occupied territories is far from over, writes Judy Beishon.

More ...

3 May 2002

Israel/Palestine: The War Of Occupation Continues

ISRAELI PRIME Minister Ariel Sharon has continued his brutal military offensive against Palestinian towns in the West Bank with an onslaught on Hebron, in which nine Palestinians were killed on the first day alone, writes Judy Beishon.

More ...

12 April 2002

Israel / Palestine: Who Can Live Like This? Who Can Die Like This?

THE WORSENING situation in the West Bank has horrified millions of people around the world

More ...

5 April 2002

Sharon Escalates War Against Palestinians

"THE STATE of Israel is at war", declared Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Not that anyone could be in any doubt as Israeli Defence Force (IDF) tanks rolled back into the Palestinian areas of the West Bank

More ...

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