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25 September 2013

Book review: Militant Liverpool - A City on the Edge

Between 1983 and 1987 Liverpool's Labour council, then led by socialists, refused to transfer the burden of Tory government cuts, introduced by Margaret Thatcher, onto the backs of Liverpool's working people

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25 September 2013

Rotten, wasteful capitalism has to go - the case for a socialist alternative

The pioneer of the NHS in Britain, Aneurin Bevan, drove the bill through parliament to establish what became a treasure of the British people, particularly for the working class and the poor writes Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary.

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14 August 2013

Come to the Socialist Party Summer Camp

Programme of events and activities, including: World in turmoil - a Saturday evening report from the discussions at the European school of the Committee for a Workers' International by the Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe.

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12 June 2013

Syria threatens sectarian middle east war

Urgent need for independent working class socialist organisations: The capturing of the strategically important city of Qusair by pro-government forces, including Hezbollah and Iraqi Shias, marks a new stage in the bloody quagmire of Syria and is likely to have wide ramifications, writes Peter Taaffe

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Protests at Thatcher's Funeral, photo Paul Mattsson

Protests at Thatcher's Funeral, photo Paul Mattsson

24 April 2013

Break with Thatcher's legacy! - Socialist policies needed

"We are all Thatcherites now," declared Tory leader David Cameron on the day of Thatcher's funeral. "Oh no, we're not!" roared back the working class in Goldthorpe, where over 1,000 protested, in Liverpool, Glasgow and London.
Feature by Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary.

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Liverpool city council's struggle in 1983-87 for more funding from the Thatcher government was an inspriation to workers, photo Dave Sinclair

Liverpool city council's struggle in 1983-87 for more funding from the Thatcher government was an inspriation to workers, photo Dave Sinclair

17 April 2013

Meeting and exhibition marking 30 years since the election of Liverpool's socialist council

Saturday 27 April, 10.30am
Adelphi Hotel, Lime Street, Liverpool

Speakers include: Unite general secretary Len McCluskey, PCS president Janice Godrich, Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe, Liverpool Labour Party president (1980-85) and 'Liverpool 47' surcharged councillor Tony Mulhearn, former Labour MP Tony Benn and 'Liverpool 47' surcharged counc...

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11 April 2013

Peter Taaffe speaks on BBC radio

The Socialist Party's general secretary was interviewed by BBC Radio on whether there should be protests at Thatcher's funeral

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6 March 2013

Video: Peter Taaffe opens Socialist Party congress session

The Socialist Party held its annual congress as the world crisis deepened. Video of Peter Taaffe opening the Socialist Party congress session on the world economic and political situation.

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6 March 2013

Audio recordings from Socialist Party congress 2013

MP3 audio recordings of the opening introductions of the first two sessions of Socialist Party congress 2013

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14 January 2013


Once again, many thanks to Kevin Parslow who has researched and typed this material ready for publication...

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Karl Marx: Profit is 'the unpaid labour of the working class'

Marx: Profit is 'the unpaid labour of the working class'

15 March 2012

Capitalism isn't working: Time to fight for socialist change

Unless you are part of the richest 1% then life under austerity is getting increasingly difficult. Peter Taaffe looks at the nature of capitalism

More ...

Socialism Today 156 - March 2012

Socialism Today 156, March

3 March 2012

Striking back in austerity Britain

Arrogant, out-of-touch Con-Dem politicians actually believed they had defeated trade union opposition to their savage austerity measures after last year's strikes. Yet a number of key unions are poised to strike-back on 28 March - and significant private-sector struggles continue. Peter Taaffe writes.

More ...

18 February 2012

'Capitalism fails the poor' agree Oxford University students!

The world famous Oxford Union was the setting for a debate on the proposition: "This House Believes That Capitalism has Failed the Poor"

More ...

World in Turmoil

4 January 2012

A world in turmoil

In this special new year feature, Peter Taaffe looks back at 2011, a year of crisis, struggle and revolution. This article is based on a statement prepared for the Committee for a Workers' International, the world socialist organisation to which the Socialist Party is affiliated.

More ...

N30: millions of public sector workers went on strike on 30 November 2011, photo Senan

Photo Senan

14 December 2011

Tories speak for the rich - not for us

David Cameron was stoutly defending the 'nation'. This is what he claimed after he was humiliatingly defeated by 26 votes to one at the 9 December EU summit and withdrew from participating in discussions over a new EU treaty. But which nation, asks Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary.

More ...

26 March TUC demonstration, photo by Senan

21 November 2011

Capitalism is crisis - there is an alternative - fight for socialism!

The titanic 30 November strike will display the colossal power of the working class to resist the savage cuts demanded by the capitalists and Con-Dems, writes Peter Taaffe, General Secretary, Socialist Party.

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Socialism Today cover - Preparing for a showdown

Socialism Today, Nov 2011

18 October 2011

Preparing for the showdown

November 30 and beyond
The one-day public-sector strike on 30 November is expected to involve nearly four million workers - the biggest single day of industrial action in Britain's history, writes Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary.

More ...

Xekinhma, Greek section of CWI, on massive general strike in Greece on 15 June 2011 , photo Xekinhma

Xekinhma, Greek section of CWI

3 August 2011

Eurozone and USA - Debt crisis

The price of capitalist failure: Governments in Europe and the US are making working class people pay for the crisis caused by the bankers and the capitalist system.
The Greek bailout, welcomed by the European ruling classes, will do nothing for the Greek masses

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