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photo Senan

photo Senan

13 May 2015

Organising resistance to Tory cuts starts now!

Public sector workers will be at the sharp end of more austerity but also at the centre of the opposition against it, writes Rob Williams, National Shop Stewards Network.

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Over 1,000 people marched in Leeds on Saturday 28 April in defence of the NHS , photo Iain Dalton

22 April 2015

Stop NHS cuts!

30bn NHS funding shortfall: Like a tiny plaster over a gaping wound, promises to improve the NHS made by the establishment parties are worthless

More ...

15 April 2015

Public sector wage restraint - myth and reality

In 2012 Policy Exchange, the Tories favourite think tank, produced a paper - 'Local pay, local growth' - which argued that holding down public sector wages and pensions and bringing them into line with 'equivalent' jobs in the private sector would save 6.3 billion a year.

More ...

13 March 2015

Northern Ireland public sector strike against austerity

Tens of thousands of workers have today united in a one-day public sector strike across Northern Ireland

More ...

11 March 2015

Northern Ireland public sector general strike

A Northern Ireland public sector general strike, organised by Nipsa and other trade unions, is taking place on 13 March in opposition to austerity

More ...

10 February 2015

Defend the PCS - Solidarity to defeat union-busting

The government plans to render PCS incapable of defending and representing its members, and to silence its opposition to cuts and privatisation, writes John McInally

More ...

28 January 2015

NI Water workers' victory

Despite efforts by Stormont politicians and many in the Northern Ireland media to vilify them, striking NI Water workers have won significant concessions from management

More ...

16 October 2014

POA hospital workers join public sector strike wave

POA general secretary Steve Gillan explains why secure hospital workers are striking on 24 October

More ...

15 October 2014

Mark Serwotka: Building a strong, fighting union

The socialist-led Public and Commercial Services civil servants' union is due to have an election for its general secretary. Bob Severn spoke to the current general secretary, Mark Serwotka, who is standing for re-election

More ...

On the 26 March TUC demonstration - 24 hour General strike now!, photo Paul Mattsson

15 October 2014

Fight for mass action to end cuts and low pay

Britain needs a pay rise: How can we get it? When the TUC first organised their 'Britain Needs a Pay Rise' demonstration on 18 October, it is hard to believe that they saw it as an integral part of a campaign of co-ordinated strike action

More ...

8 October 2014

Public sector: why we have to strike

The October week of action is not before time: we have all suffered under a massive onslaught of job cuts and pay cuts since this Con-Dem government of the rich for the rich came to power

More ...

At the London Traflagar Square strike rally on 10 July 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

8 October 2014

We can beat the pay freeze!

Vice president of the PCS, John McInally, speaks about the 13-15 October strikes

More ...

26 September 2014

Local government pay: Reject employers' proposal

Build October strikes to move them further: It appears that the local government employers have made a set of new proposals in the pay dispute to the unions - Unison, Unite and the GMB, writes Build October strikes to move them further.

More ...

TUSC NHS 'credit card': The Health & Social Care Act Means: NHS Privatisation

TUSC NHS 'credit card': The Health & Social Care Act Means: NHS Privatisation

18 September 2014

The struggle for decent social care - a personal account

Much of the social care system has been sold off to the private sector. Ann Parkes describes her desperate struggle to gain decent care for her husband

More ...

17 September 2014

TUC congress: Reject Carney's 'equality of sacrifice'

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) met on 7-10 September off the back of the longest continuous decline in working class living standards in 100 years, writes Neil Cafferky.

More ...

Workers' action can stop NHS cuts and privatisation, photo Paul Mattsson

Workers' action can stop NHS cuts and privatisation, photo Paul Mattsson

3 September 2014

Strike to save the NHS

Health workers balloted to join 14 October public sector action: While NHS bosses hold secret meetings with private health companies looking to get their greasy hands on 1 billion worth of public money, NHS workers have seen their pay fall by 15% in real terms since 2010

More ...

Striking in Hackney, London, on 10 July 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

6 August 2014

Unite to fight pay robbery

- Lobby the TUC on 7 September
- Coordinate strikes on 14 October
- Join the TUC London demo on 18 October:

Workers in Britain have been hit by the biggest fall in pay since 1880. Increasingly, work simply does not pay! But as incomes drop, the anger is rising

More ...

6 August 2014

Labour policy forum: continuing Tory austerity

The Labour Party leaders have repeatedly promised to continue this government's policy of cuts. If pro-capitalist Labour wins the next election they guarantee we will face more public sector job losses

More ...

Picketing Hackney Town Hall on 10 July 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

16 July 2014

J10 strike success: Now build movement to end low pay

"Work should pay, not keep you in poverty." After the 10 July strike of over one million workers, no one could be in any doubt that low pay is a major issue in Britain

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