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18 November 2008

Videos of the debate between the Socialist Party and the SWP

Debate about where the Socialist Party and the SWP disagree on policy and tactics but also on what basis it would be possible to collaborate in the future.

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25 June 2008

Unison Service Group Executives - socialists elected

AnalysisUNISON MEMBERS have just elected their service group leaderships (SGEs), the bodies that oversee pay and conditions of service negotiations in service groups including local government, health, higher education and energy.

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11 March 2008

The PCS, the CWU dispute, and the struggle for public sector workers' unity

New Labour's co-ordinated attack on the public sector has not, to date, been met by co-ordinated action by the public sector unions, despite the best efforts of the left-led PCS civil servants union. PCS national executive committee member JOHN MCINALLY replies in a personal capacity to allegations published by the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) that the PCS leadership blocked the possibility of public sector unity in the recent CWU postal workers' dispute. This article was first published in Socialism Today March 2008.

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27 February 2008

Building the Campaign for a New Workers' Party

Campaign for a New Workers

Campaign for a New Workers' Party conference 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

Debate: Pete McLaren, national secretary of the Socialist Alliance and press officer of the Campaign for a New Workers Party (CNWP), joins the debate began by PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka in The Socialist newspaper.

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29 June 2006

SWP / Respect conference: Flawed perspectives

TRADE UNIONS are presently being circulated with an invitation to attend a conference of 'rank and file trade unionists' later this year on the theme of 'anti-union laws, privatisation, deregulation, job losses and the crisis of political representation' initiated by Respect and the Socialist Workers' Party (SWP), writes Peter Taaffe Socialist Party general secretary.

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11 May 2006

Germany: 'Unity' at the expense of the working class

In recent months political and social activists in Germany have been gripped by the widely publicised open debate in the WASG (Election Alternative for Work and Social Justice, the anti-neo-liberal party that developed in 2004), writes Robert Bechert, cwi, Berlin, Germany.

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16 March 2006

Socialist Party discusses with Respect

LAST YEAR the Socialist Party wrote to Respect, asking for a meeting to discuss how our two organisations could best collaborate in the task of overcoming the lack of political representation for the working class...

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26 February 2005

Scottish Socialist Party conference report

PHILIP STOTT of International Socialists (CWI Scotland) continues his report of the 2005 Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) conference which took place on 12 and 13 February...

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17 July 2004

The Socialist Party And The United Left

AT THE United Left (UL) meeting at UNISON conference, Socialist Party members in UNISON announced that they were withdrawing from the UL. They give their reasons for this decision below...

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31 January 2004

Socialist Party And The Respect Convention

LAST SUNDAY, 25 January, the founding convention of Respect took place and agreed to launch an electoral campaign across England and Wales, headed by George Galloway MP, for the June European and Greater London Authority elections...

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17 January 2004

Respect Unity Coalition - what we think

THE RESPECT unity coalition (RUC) is an initiative from George Galloway MP, the Socialist Workers' Party (SWP) and others, centred around standing in the June European and Greater London Authority elections...

More ...

8 November 2003

Galloway Takes Road Of 'Popular Unity'

Editorial: What We think: ON WEDNESDAY 29 October around 1,400 people came to a meeting in London entitled 'British politics at the crossroads'...

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1 November 2003

Where Now After Galloway's Expulsion?

GEORGE GALLOWAY, MP for Glasgow Kelvin, has been expelled from the Labour Party for sticking to his principles and opposing Bush and Blair's war against Iraq...

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18 October 2003

Socialist Alliance Trade Union Convention

The socialist - what we think: MANY TRADE union branches recently received letters from the Socialist Alliance (SA) calling for support for their February 2004 conference entitled: 'Convention of the trade union left'...

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7 March 2003

SSP Conference: Scottish Socialists Debate The Way Forward

THE 2003 Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) conference met recently against the backdrop of a likely war in Iraq and two months before the Scottish parliament elections

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7 March 2003

A New Alternative To New Labour?

ON 3 March a meeting entitled "Where is New Labour going?" took place in London. Around 500 attended, predominantly left activists. This meeting marked a significant development in the positions of all

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1 November 2002

Socialist Party Leaves Welsh Alliance

AT A special all-Wales meeting on Sunday 20 October, Socialist Party Wales members unanimously agreed to withdraw from the Welsh Socialist Alliance (WSA)

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7 December 2001

Socialist Alliance conference setback

THE SOCIALIST Alliance (SA) conference on 1 December was a setback for socialist unity. With a narrow overall majority, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and a handful of allies pushed through a new constitution...

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30 November 2001

Socialist Alliance Conference: The Issues At Stake

THE SOCIALIST Alliance (SA) meets this weekend for a critical conference to discuss its future structure...

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