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23 February 2011

Victory in Renfrewshire and Welfare Reform unmasked

Following a huge mobilisation of parents, teachers and the community the SNP-led Renfrewshire Council have been forced to back down over planned cuts to teachers jobs

More ...

Social care workers on strike in Scotland, photo Duncan Brown

Social care workers on strike in Scotland, photo Duncan Brown

10 February 2011

Scottish Unison members oppose leadership's sell-out

Just days before councils across Scotland meet to slash public services, the February meeting of Unison Scottish Council was presented with a paper for debate entitled The Public Sector Workforce Framework, writes A Scottish Unison member.

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Scottish TUC supported anti-cuts demonstration in Edinburgh, photo Ray Smith

Scottish TUC supported anti-cuts demonstration in Edinburgh, photo Ray Smith

2 February 2011

Scottish Anti-Cuts Alliance established

An historic step was taken on Saturday 29 January when the Scottish Anti-Cuts Alliance (SACA) was established at a conference in Glasgow. An edited version of this article appeared in issue 656 of The Socialist.

More ...

8 December 2010

Scotland: Unison votes for fighting cuts strategy

Unison's Scottish council, made of delegates from all branches in Scotland, voted on 3 December to raise with the other public sector trade unions the need for a Scottish industrial action strategy beginning with a one-day Scottish public sector strike to fight the cuts, writes Brian Smith, Glasgow Unison branch secretary and Socialist Party Scotland member.

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Anti-cuts demonstration in Edinburgh, photo Ray Smith

Anti-cuts demonstration in Edinburgh, photo Ray Smith

11 November 2010

Scotland: potential to build a mass movement against cuts

A very positive meeting of anti-cuts campaigns and trade unionists took place in Glasgow on Saturday 6 November, writes Philip Stott, Socialist Party Scotland.

More ...

25 August 2010

Privatisation and cuts in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Council is set to continue its attempt to sell off vital and key services to private contractors...

More ...

16 June 2010

NHS Scotland - ConDemned to terminal decay

Two days after the coalition of Liberals and Tories came to power, health authorities across Scotland announced budget cuts of up to 5,000 jobs in the next two years, writes Alan Manley, Unison Scottish Health committee, personal capacity.

More ...

2 June 2010

Socialist Party Scotland to be launched

The Scottish section of the Committee for a Workers' International - the International Socialists - is changing its name to Socialist Party Scotland...

More ...

2 June 2010

Minority representation in Scotland for Westminster coalition of cuts

The formation of the so-called "liberal - conservative" coalition will open up a period of instability and class conflict not seen in Britain for decades, writes Philip Stott.

More ...

12 May 2010

Scotland: Meetings show enthusiasm for socialism

All four areas where CWI members stood as Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (STUSC) candidates have reported a friendly and sympathetic response to the central theme of our campaign; no cuts in public services, public ownership not privatisation, and that the bankers and bosses should...

More ...

28 April 2010

STUSC candidates speak

Scotland: At the TUSC launch in Dundee, Solidarity co-convenor and STUSC candidate for Glasgow South West, Tommy Sheridan said: "Whilst the bookies and the chattering classes speculate on who will win the next general election it is already clear who the losers will be...

More ...

24 February 2010

Scottish Defence League defeated: Working class political alternative urgently needed

THE SCOTTISH Defence League (SDL) tried to carry out a major show of strength in Edinburgh on Saturday 20 February, but it ended in farce and humiliation for the fascists and racists, writes Philip Stott, CWI Scotland.

More ...

9 December 2009

Scotland: The national question and the general election

THE SCOTTISH National Party (SNP) government in Scotland marked St Andrew's day - 30 November - by presenting a 'white paper' which sets out its case for a fully independent Scotland, writes Philip Stott, International Socialists, CWI Scotland.

More ...

29 July 2009

Kilmarnock: Anger over Diageo's jobs massacre

ON 26 JULY, 20,000 people took to the streets of Kilmarnock, west Scotland, to defend the 900 whisky jobs due to be cut by multinational drinks company Diageo, writes Leah Ganley, Youth Fight for Jobs, Scotland.

More ...

24 June 2009

Fight for a Scottish parliament with full powers

ON 1 July 1999, a Scottish parliament was convened for the first time since its controversial dissolution in 1707, writes Philip Stott, International Socialists, Scotland.

More ...

28 January 2009

Scotland: Step up opposition to cuts

THE IMPACT of the cuts in local government spending signalled by both the UK and Scottish governments in late 2008 is beginning to show, writes Brian Smith, branch secretary, Glasgow city Unison (personal capacity).

More ...

12 November 2008

Scotland: Victory for the Vale of Leven Four

The SNP-led West Dunbartonshire council has dropped an investigation into four teachers from Vale of Leven Academy who refused to cross a picket line during recent industrial action by local government workers in pursuit of a decent wage settlement, writes a West Dunbartonshire council worker.

More ...

15 October 2008

Local government Scotland: Reject the pay offer!

The three local government trade unions are recommending that the 200,000 council workers in Scotland reject the employer's latest offer of 3% in 2008 and 2.5% in 2009, writes Brian Smith.

More ...

10 September 2008

Scotland: Council pay battle at critical stage

Scotland's council workers are entering a key phase in their campaign to secure a decent wage rise. The magnificent day of action on 20 August saw almost 200,000 workers strike across the three trade unions...

More ...

27 September 2007

Salmond's first hundred days

THE SCOTTISH National party (SNP) government recently marked its first 100 days in power in Scotland... By Philip Stott, Dundee

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